SkinnyScoop Etiquette

We're proud to be a platform that allows individuals, bloggers and businesses to share the things that they know and love, and to engage with one another in a fun and authentic manner. Use SkinnyScoop to create lists of product recommendations, parenting tips, favorite recipes, books, apps or anything else you're passionate about (heck, we even have a tribute list to all things bacon!). When you're done, share your lists with friends through e-mail and social media or by embedding a version of your list onto your own website or blog. We've created this set of community guidelines to help you navigate SkinnyScoop and get the most out of your experience.

Happy listing!

Appreciate Other Views

Everyone has different interests and strong opinions. Keep an open mind and appreciate the different viewpoints of others. You just might learn something new.

Share Your Sources

Don't forget to share the love and give credit where it's due. Each item you add to a SkinnyScoop list has a special place for a content source. If you're posting from your own blog, feel free to include a link to your own content. If you're adding an item from someone else's website, be sure to link to the right place.

Avoid Self-Promotion

We want everyone to be able to share the things they know and love. If there's a product or project you want to share, we'd love to see it on your list. We do, however, discourage using SkinnyScoop solely as a place for link baiting and self-promotion. A good way to create well- rounded lists is to share related content alongside your own. For a great example, check out this Oscar Cocktails List by BevMo.

Help Us Make SkinnyScoop a Powerful, Fun Resource

SkinnyScoop is a place to share and compare relevant information. If you see something that's disturbing or offensive, please report it to us immediately.

Share Your Insight

SkinnyScoop is still new, so we're always working to improve and we love hearing your feedback. Please feel free to reach out to the team anytime.