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Quick Skinny Tips

by Lauryn Evarts, posted to Food & Drink

Food modifications and substitutions

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Just A Little Monday Motivation

The Skinny Confidential gives advice on achieving your goals.


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Wait What? Cotton Candy Ice Cream. Ya. I Know, Right?!

The Skinny Confidential makes clean desserts.


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The Truth About Blended Chemicals AKA Crappuccinos

The Skinny Confidential talks Frappuccinos.

The real deal…!

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Talking Post-Baby Bods With My Hottie Best Friend & Her Amazing Mother in Law

Jackie Becerra and Erica Becerra talk skinny tips and diet tricks.

My BF shares her diet tips with her mother-in-law! x.

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Why I’m a Cold Brew Coffee-Whore

Seaworth and The Skinny Confidential.

Love this cold brew coffee!!

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Yummm: Rolled Oats with Homemade “Five Second Jam”

A low-calorie, healthy version of oatmeal.

Skinny recipes!

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Oh GEEZ, Can We Please Talk About This Annoying-Ass Subject?!

Family members who eat like shit!

Check it out!

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Want a New Hobby? Try Oil Pulling.

The Skinny Confidential talks oil pulling.

Why I'm obsessed with oil pulling!

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Mega Babe Sydney Wheeler On Squats, Modeling, & Coconut Oil

Top model Sydney Wheeler talks modeling, fitness, & health.

Fitness tips from a model!

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Mini DeLites: Valentine’s Style

Things that make me happy!


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Lil Pretty, Sparkly Be Mine Cookies

Cookies for Valentine's Day by The Skinny Confidential.

Valentine's treats! <3

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Ciao Egg Whites! Why I’m Totally For Team Yolk

The Skinny Confidential talks eggs.

Why I love egg yolks.

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Let’s Get Real & Talk About Fitness

How to bust your ass! Welp…someone had to say it.

Fitness tips & tricks.

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How to Style a Living Room…TSC-Style

How to style a living room.

Tips for home decor!

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5 At-Home Ab Workouts…In Zella

Zella x The Skinny Confidential

Why I love Zella!

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Blogger & Suja Co-Founder, Annie Lawless on Candida ( WTF Is That? Click to Find Out! )

Annie Lawless and Lauryn Evarts talk diet and fitness.

Deets on Candida!

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Ready To Have Your World Rocked? Zucchini Pasta. Ya. I Know, Right?!

Skinny recipes by The Skinny Confidential.

Love this fake pasta recipe!

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TSC + Van De Vort: All Black Everythanggg

Lauryn Evarts blogs about fashion and beauty.

A lil fashion!

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Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

Favorites for 2014.

Fitness favorites!

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TSConf ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass’ Playlist

The Skinny Confidential Holiday Playlist.


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Amy Catherine:

 I think going to blog this today. Great stuff. Thanks

Lauryn Evarts:

 Thanks Larissa : ) xoxo


 Thanks for all the great tips, keep 'em coming!