Cutest Things To Say To Your Crush – A Guide to the Right Words

Things to say to your crush are usually words that promote companionship and mutual affection. These are heartfelt words that seek to help you verbalize that feeling of romantic love, also called puppy love, that often go unexpressed.

Whether we like it or not, we want people to like us; this desire heightens when you have a crush. You want to make the cutest comment that gets your crush to notice you and hopefully go on a date with you. There is no one way to do this, and the kind of established relationship you have with them determines a lot of the things you can and cannot say. Still, whatever your situation might be, there is no shortage of cute statements you can say to your crush that brings you into their focus.

When it comes to cute things you can say to your crush, it is about finding that balance between emotional and flirty. If you tilt too much to either side, you can either end up getting friendzoned or worse, blocked. If you manage to get it right, you will have registered your interest in them in a way that increases theirs in you.

What To Say To Your Crush

The right words for your crush come down to how far along you are in your interactions. However, here are some of the nicest cute things you can say to your crush, which you can apply according to your circumstance.

1. Time Ceases to Exist When I am Talking to You

This is perfect when you just finished talking to your crush. It emphasizes how easy and how much you love talking to them. If you want an instant smile out of your crush, you can’t go wrong with this.

2. Finding someone who makes me feel the way you do is the biggest joy of my year

It is risky and requires some great signs that they feel the same way as you do. But it is a cute message that establishes what they mean to you in a way that doesn’t put any responsibility on them.

3. Are you always this awesome?

A cute message for your crush best used in the middle of a conversation. Preferably after they said or did something interesting, slip this in as the cherry on the moment.

4. I’m sorry I was staring. I was just captivated by how pretty you are

Compliments. You will never go wrong with compliments, and something like this with the action to back it up will make most cheeks red. Say it with conviction, and you will be golden.

5. Have you noticed everyone looks at you when you walk into a room

Cute sayings that emphasize their beauty is pretty much a safe bet. To make it more interesting, say it when you know no one was actually looking. That way, you can add something like ‘or is that just me’. It elevates you from an observer of the process to the protagonist.

Nice Things To Say To Your Crush

6. It is surprising that you are humble. I wouldn’t be if I were as beautiful as you

Self-deprecating jokes, when they are well-crafted, are cute. Sending something like this to your crush can be complimentary and reveal self-awareness about your flaws.

7. Talking to you is the best part of my day

Beyond looks, statements that recognize their impact on your life are emotionally stirring. Subtly deliver it on their bad day, and you will receive the maximum effect.

8. The best way to end my day would be to fall asleep in your arms

Being a crush, you do not want to go all-in on romance and suggestions of sex. However, cute statements like this are ambiguous enough for their imagination to fill the blanks. Their response can reveal confirmation of how they think of you.

9. The only good thing about night-time is getting to do tomorrow with you again

Nailing compliments outside of their physical beauty is an excellent way to clean up your intentions. There is nothing cute about compliments that suggest you think of your crush as a piece of meat.

10. I think about you a lot

Simple but efficient.

What do you think about? What was the last thing you thought about? These are some of the questions this statement can be an answer to. When done right, it can open the door to several possibilities.

“When it comes to Saying Nice things to your crush, it is about finding that balance between emotional and flirty”

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush

Once you get over that first hurdle, you are likely to start diving into personal questions territory. At this stage, striking a balance between learning more about them and not being invasive is necessary.

Asking Your Crush Meaningful And Entertaining Questions Can Bring You Closer

Knowing the right questions that give insight into their background and personality can also make them go from crush to partner.

  1. What Superpower Would You Want for One Day? – a fun and straightforward question that can also reveal hidden desires of your crush.
  2. What Kind of Music Do You Like? – most people love music, and it has the power to bring people together. A question like this can be a conversation starter as well as reveal their interests.
  3. Do You Have Any Hobbies? – a basic question that gets them talking about something they are passionate about. It can also be a chance to discover your first thoughtful gift to them.
  4. Do You Prefer Concerts or Movies? – asking this of your crush can lead to stories about past experiences and help you determine the best date for both of you.
  5. What Do You Think About [latest pop culture trend]? – this is often a way to get philosophical with your crush, allowing both of you to share your more profound opinions.
  6. What was the best thing about growing up in your hometown? – a couple of conversations should have passed before diving into this. Still, it is a non-invasive way of learning about her background and life journey.
  7. What is Your Biggest Turn-Off? – your crush may not know you like them. This question is an excellent way to learn what bad habit to quit.

We can go on and on. The idea is to find a seemingly innocent subject and personalize to your crush. It is a great way to start and advance the conversation and learn more about them in a short space of time.

How To Talk To Your Crush Over Text

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush
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Texting is arguably the most common form of communication in the 21st century. Considering more than 39% of modern couples met online where texting is the default mode of conversation, it is almost unavoidable. Simply put, if you have a crush, you will have to text them and impressing over text is much harder than in person.

The good news is it is not impossible. By remembering a couple of rules, you can make practically every interaction with your crush a memorable one, impressing them enough for a date.

  • Be Sweet: you will impress no one if you are mean. Be complimentary. Find the best qualities about them and highlight them in flowery and witty statements.
  • Originality is Key: if your crush is as incredible as they are in your head, chances are other people recognize that too. To impress them, you must stand out in your uniqueness and originality of expression. Don’t just repeat tired old lines and ideas. Come up with your own.
  • Be Honest: In being sweet, avoid embellishment or lies. Don’t just say things because you think they want to hear it. Be honest, be fair, and you might stand out from the pack of others who are likely doing the opposite.
  • Creativity is your friend: Over text, words are the primary tool in exchanging information. But it is not the only way. Creative use of gifs, images, memes, and audio files can distinguish you from the pack. Saving them from the drudgery of endless words is a sure-fire way to impress your crush.

How To Talk To Your Crush

Sadly, not everyone is a natural wordsmith who can roll out witty lines to sweep their crush off their feet at a moment’s notice. However, if you understand certain principles, you can come up with some other cute and acceptable ways to praise your crush. These principles include:

  1. Offer Compliments – everyone loves them. A study has shown that kind words can help improve the connection between two people. Thus, find ways to say something sweet about something unique to them.
  2. Get them gifts – human appreciation comes in different forms. Beyond words, gifts are another way to praise someone you have a crush on. They do not have to be expensive, just something thoughtful that shows what you think of them.
  3. Show them off – the willingness to highlight your crush’s qualities in front of others is another subtle way to praise them. By doing so, you establish your approval and desire in a way that gives you plausible deniability.
  4. Ask Them Out – nothing says I appreciate you better than asking them out. It means you think they are great enough to spend time with. If you manage to do it after your crush did something brilliant, that is even better.

Keep It Light When Starting A Conversation With Your Crush

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush
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So, you have a crush, and you want to approach for your first conversation. Knowing the importance of a first impression, you are nervous and excited about the possibilities. The first thing you need to do is relax and remember that their heightened opinion of them is only in your head. Remember that they are still human with have flaws and interests as much as anyone else.

Secondly, the best conversation starters trigger curiosity and invite a response. ‘Hey’ or any variation will simply not do. Lastly, you want to keep it light. While some people will respond to big existential questions, most people prefer having light conversations with strangers.

Whatever you decide to do has to capture these three elements. Here are a few examples of what you can say to your crush to start a conversation.

  1. “Serious question, do you think I can pull off a leather jacket?”
  2. “This is for a personal poll: Which is better, summer or winter?”
  3. “[share something silly that happened to you], what is the worst thing to happen to you today”?
  4. “What is your strangest pet peeve”?
  5. “If you won the lottery today, what is the first thing you would do”?
  6. “Who is your favorite Superhero and why is it Spiderman” – you can replace it with any hero of your choice.
  7. “You look like someone with good judgment, is [current popular movie/show] as good as everyone says?”
  8. “I have never [something common you have never experienced], do you think that is weird?”
  9. “Is your day going better than mine”?
  10. “What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard”?

An additional thing about these examples is they open the door to other topics you can discuss with your crush. It will enable you to build a quick rapport with them and get you that first date.

What To Consider Before Pursuing a Relationship With Your Crush

Now that you know how to start a conversation with your crush and what to say, should you pursue them openly? At the end of the day, that depends on your crush. Suppose they are your boss or a married person, it is advisable to keep your attraction in check and keep things professional. If they are single and your peer or colleague, pursuing them openly is not a bad idea. However, considering studies have shown that deploying a bit of uncertainty can increase attraction, it wouldn’t hurt to play it coy.

Before doing that, though, you should make sure you have gained your crush’s attention and established they know you exist. Otherwise, you could fade into oblivion in their world.

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