50 Funny Trick Questions and Answers

Every relationship expert or life coach will tell you that verbal communication (talking), as opposed to non-verbal communication, is the most important way to make a relationship work or keep a conversation going. The moment people, or even couples, stop talking is when problems begin to arise and the relationship begins to wither. It is therefore advised that no matter what it is that is happening, people should always continue to talk if they want to keep the conversation going. One creative way to ensure that this happens is to ask funny trick questions or brain teasers.

Funny trick questions are ones that have a presupposition that is complex which thereby misleads the respondent. These questions do not only ensure that the conversation keeps going on, but they also help in getting rid of boredom, give a reason to laugh, and stimulates the brain. Hearing someone’s answer to a funny trick question can go a long way in telling you more about the person, helping you gauge their sense of humor, how smart they are, and if you share the same views. This makes it a must-have in the arsenal of anyone who is a good conversationist.

Below are some funny trick questions and answers that will leave a charming smile on the gloomiest of faces. While some questions here are short and sweet, others are long and have stories to them, which makes it even more enjoyable. Brighten the face of your partner or dear friend today with the one listed.

Best Funny Trick Questions and Their Answers

1. What did grandma do when she saw her first strands of grey hair?

Answer: She thought she would dye (die)

2. What is the definition of a will?

Answer: A dead giveaway

3. Do you know why ‘B’ is always cool?

Answer: Because it is between the letters AC (AC is an acronym for Air Conditioner)

4. Why did the television cross the road?

Answer: Because it wanted to be a flat-screen

5. Why do some fish prefer to stay at the bottom of the pond?

Answer: Because they dropped out of school (A collection of fish is called a school)

6. What is given to a dog that has a high temperature?

Answer: Mustard, because it is the best thing for a hot dog

7. What is a sheep’s hairdressing saloon called?

Answer: The Baa Baa shop (barbershop)

8. What differentiates your instructor from a coal-train in regards to chewing gum?

Answer: Your instructor will ask you to spit the gum out while the coal-train says chew-chew (choo-choo)

9. Why did everybody want to keep the joke about the butter under wraps?

Answer: Because, if you talked about it, it would spread.

10. What did the stamp say to the envelope?

Answer: Stick with me and I will take you places.

Mind Trick Questions to Ask Your Friends

11. Why do melons have such fancy and expensive weddings?

Answer: Because they cant-a-loupe (can’t elope)

12. How do players in the NBA stay cool even though they are playing in humid conditions?

Answer: They just sit next to the fans.

13. Why was the new employee looking for food while sitting on top of his boss’ head?

Answer: Because his boss had said earlier that lunch was on him.

14. Why is hiding and stalking prey difficult for the leopard?

Answer: Because it is spotted. (Leopards have dark spots on their light-colored fur)

15. What kind of key opens a banana?

Answer: A mon-key (Monkey)

16. What can move up and down but actually does not move?

Answer: A staircase

17. What weighs more between a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks?

Answer: They both weigh the same thing (A ton)

18. What happens if you make a wooden car with wooden wheels and a wooden engine?

Answer: It wooden move (wouldn’t)

19. Why did the reporter rush to the ice cream shop earlier in the morning?

Answer: To get a good scoop before anyone.

20. Why did the carpenter fall asleep on the job?

Answer: Because he was board (bored).

Hard Trick Questions

21. Where do trees store their stuff?

Answer: In their Trunk.

22. What has no legs and a body but has a head and a tail?

Answer: A coin

23. What happens when you put your radio in the fridge?

Answer: It plays cool music

24. What gives milk but doesn’t have two horns?

Answer: The milk truck

25. Why does the math book always look miserable?

Answer: Because its problems were seldom solved

26. Two girls that looked exactly alike were asked the following questions by their teacher: Do you come from the same family? Do you share the same parents? Were you brought into the world on the same day? The girls answered yes to all of the questions but in the end, they were not twins. How is this possible?

Answer: They had another sister that together made them triplets

27. Why does the little girl sprinkle sugar on her pillow every night before she goes to sleep?

Answer: So that she could have sweet dreams

28. Which button cannot be unbuttoned?

Answer: The belly–button

29. Regardless of how hungry you are, what two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch and dinner

30. How did the lion feel after eating the clown?

Answer: He felt funny

Trick Questions To Ask People

31. Why did the banker quit her job?

Answer: She lost interest

32. Why was everyone exhausted on the first day of April?

Answer: Because they had just completed a March of 31 days

33. What is the name of the city that no one dares to go to?

Answer: Electri-city (Electricity)

34. Why are atoms had to trust?

Answer: Because they make up everything

35. Why is six afraid of seven?

Answer: Because seven eight (ate) nine

36. What is always on the ground but is never dirty or soiled?

Answer: A shadow

37. What receives many answers but never asks any questions?

Answer: A Telephone

38. Why does a hummingbird choose to hum instead of singing?

Answer: Because it does not know the words

39. What do you say to the water that gets evaporated?

Answer: You will be mist (missed)

40. Why does the nose measure less than 12 inches?

Answer: Because it would then become a foot (12 inches make a foot)

Funny Trick Questions Quiz

41. What is the favorite breakfast of snowmen?

Answer: Frosted Flakes

42. What gets wetter the more it dries?

Answer: A towel

43. What does the ocean say to the beach?

Answer: Nothing, it just waved

44. Why did the burglar always have a bath when he robbed a house?

Answer: So that he could have a clean getaway

45. What is taken before you get it?

Answer: Your picture

46. What kind of nails are a nightmare for carpenters?

Answer: Fingernails

47. What happens to someone who fails to pay their exorcist?

Answer: They are repossessed

48. Why did the scientist opt for a knocker instead of a bell on his door?

Answer: Because he wanted to win the no-bell prize (Nobel Prize)

49. Why did the tree visit the dentist?

Answer: To get a root canal

50. Where in the world can you find an ocean with any water?

Answer: On a map

funny trick questions

How to Come Up with Your Own Funny Trick Question

1. The main ingredient to a funny trick question is humor. If the answer to the question you come up with can elicit some laughter, then you have gotten the first step right.

2. Answers to such questions should be fairly obvious as just paying attention to the question asked and not overthinking it should give away the answer.

3. While some questions may be longer than usual, it is okay to make yours clear and concise.

Key Takeaway

Funny tricky questions are usually brain teaser questions and they can take a number of different forms; from riddles to questions of “how many” to those that are based on a story or situation. They are a great way to work your brain to keep it sharp. Remember that if the brain isn’t healthy, the body will struggle to be healthy. This is why a number of employers choose to use such questions when interviewing employees because it can help in revealing their ability to solve problems.

However, while these questions are designed to make you think and work your brain, they are also fun to do, helping to improve communication skills, thinking ability, and so on. The best way to approach them is to take your time, think about what is being asked, and use your reasoning skills to work through to the answer.

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