60 Random Questions To Ask People To Help You Start A Conversation

Random questions are a great way to strike a conversation with anyone including strangers whether you are comfortable or not around other people. If you are shy or reserved, striking up a conversation can be a little bit tasking. This is, however, unavoidable because social interaction is more or less expected wherever there are people, whether it is those you are unfamiliar with or just people you meet at regular intervals. The only way to get talking at this point is to ask completely random questions that can open up the way for a more flowing conversation.

What is a Random Question?

A random question is basically a question that is asked unexpectedly. In a situation whereby you are in a bar watching a sports game, and you ask about the galaxy and aliens, that can qualify as a random question. It is a good conversation starter because it kind of throws your audience off and often elicits honest and genuine answers.

However, random questions can be hard to think up, especially when you find yourself in a tight corner by trying very hard to start a conversation to lighten up the mood. Thankfully, we are here to help. Get ready to be more social and interactive with those you with these 60 random questions we have come up with to ask people or anyone around you.

Random Questions To Ask People

  1. Who is your favorite musician?

People tend to love music from their generation, so not only do you get to know their taste in music, but also an idea of how old they might be.

2. If you could cure one disease in the world, what would it be?

While this question can lead to a lot more about family as people most likely have a relative who has been killed by a deadly disease, the answer to the question would reveal how humane they are.

3. If you are offered a political position, which one would you choose?

The answer to this question reveals how ambitious the person is.

4. Are you from anywhere around here?

You immediately find out how much you have in common with the person.

5. What is the biggest personal change you have been through in your adult life?

Are you sure you don’t want to know if they have ever been divorced?

6. What school activities were you always keen to participate in?

A better way of asking if you were popular or a geek in school.

7. Do you have any siblings, or are you an only child?

Some believe that only children are spoiled because they are accustomed to getting whatever they want from their parents, including undivided attention.

8. Where in the world did your family go for summer vacations?

You can tell whether or not they come from wealth by the answer.

9. What usually keeps you up at night?

Another way to ask about the things you care about

10. What is your favorite board game?

Playing board games, in general, increases brain function. Getting to know whether the preferred board game of a person is chess tells you more about the person having a highly developed thinking ability; hence you would know how to carry on with the conversation.

Random questions

11. What size of shoes do you wear?

If asked by a lady to a man, there could be a sexual innuendo in there somewhere.

12. If you survived a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, what are the first few things you would do?

This random question opens up the imagination and tells you what one is willing to do to survive.

13. What is your favorite sport?

Nothing brings people together more than sports.

14. What popular language in the world would you like to be fluent in?

You immediately find out how traveled the person is and if they are racist or ethnocentric.

15. What one person in history would you want to have dinner with?

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin should be huge red flags.

Random Questions To Ask Your Friends

16. How smart do you think President Trump actually is on a scale of 1-10?

You might have just opened a can of worms by delving into politics.

17. What type of posters are on your college room walls?

It is a gateway to finding out what other interests they have or what celebrity they might have a crush on.

18. Are you able to openly talk about the wildest thing you have ever done in a hotel room?

Don’t ask this question if you can’t handle the answer.

19. What one thing in this world would you never be able to share?

Depending on what the answer is, you can find out if you are dealing with someone selfish.

20. Have you ever witnessed a car accident or been involved in one?

Not a bad way to start a conversation about the best and safest cars on the road.

Random questions

21. What are the things you love to spend your free time doing?

A great way to find out if they have hobbies.

22. How often do you brush your teeth?

Find out how well the person follows the rules since the dentist says you should brush once in the morning and once at night. Be careful, though; this could be misinterpreted to be an insult.

23. What name would you go by, and where would you ask to go if you were in a witness protection program?

Another one for the imagination that can lead to a whole lot of stories.

24. Would you live on the moon if you had the chance?

The best way to find out if science fiction and aliens are topics of interest.

25. Do you believe in Bigfoot or the Lockness Monster?

A whole other world of conspiracy theories can follow from here.

26. Which celebrity would you be and why?

You can determine whether they see themselves living a fast life or an impactful one.

27. Aside from when you were a baby, have you ever pooped in your pants?

A one-way street to personal town.

28. What time in history would you like to visit?

Let’s hope the person knows some history; if not, the conversation could end really quickly.

29. Between reading a book and watching a cinematic adaptation of the story, which one do you prefer?

While some people do not generally like to read a book, others prefer the cinematic experience and instead watch a screen adaptation rather than read a book. Book lovers would, however, tell you that the experience is different.

Random Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

30. Do you prefer seeing social media posts of celebrities or that of family members?

Gossip or catching up with family.

Random questions

31. What is the weirdest or scariest dream you have ever had?

Delve into their world of fantasy and see where their imaginations have taken them.

32. Name the stupidest things you ever did because someone dared you?

Everyone has a story of when they did something because of their ego.

33. Are there any outrageous things you have ever done on your own?

A follow-up question to that of the dare.

34. Would you let anyone slap you for a hundred dollars?

Most people will agree to get slapped for 10 dollars.

35. Who would you pay to see naked?

Borderline pervy.

36. What do you think the title of a biography about you should be?

Perfect to know what their life is about.

37. Why do fortune tellers never win the lottery?

A perfect launching pad for a debate on the truth about fortune tellers.

38. What five foods would you have as your last meal if you were about to be executed?

This will tell you a lot about their culinary wishes.

39. If you could get away with doing any crime in the world, what would it be?

Think about robbing the Queen of England or the Louvre Museum in France.

40. As a child, what was the worst thing you ever did, and what punishment did you get?

Children do the nastiest things. See if yours was worse than theirs.

41. Name some of the things you wanted to do as a kid but never got to do it?

Ride a horse or a bicycle? Swim in a lake?

42. Would you date someone older or younger than you?

The age-old debate about women developing faster than men.

43. What is the first thing you would do if you woke up to find yourself completely invisible?

Find out if there is a bank robber hidden deep inside of them.

44. What superpower would you want to have and why?

A follow-up question to the previous one. Invisible so they could rob a bank or ability to fly so they could not be caught.

45. What is the one thing no one outside your family knows about you?

Nothing but absolute honesty is expected from this question.

Weird Random Questions To Ask Someone

46. What do you think about adding pineapple toppings to pizza?

People like Gordon Ramsey and the President of Iceland have a disdain for doing so, while many others think the sweetness of pineapple is a match made in heaven with the saltiness of the ham, cheese, and tomato sauce.

47. If you were an actor, what fictional character would you like to portray?

Harry Potter, Superman, Wonder Woman?

48. If you could feature on the cover of any magazine of your choice, which one would it be?

Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, or Forbes? You can tell their desires.

49. What is the strangest meal you have ever eaten?

Depending on what part of the world you come from, snakes and dogs can be a delicacy. To others, it’s forbidden food.

50. How old were you when you realized that you had become an adult?

While many would say it was when they turned 18, others might have realized this when they turned 30.

Random questions

51. For your American Idol audition, what song would you choose to sing?

A better way to ask what song they like to sing in the bathroom?

52. What fashion trend irritates you the most?

Overly distressed jeans, low-rise pants, etc

53. What fashion trend do you wish would have never gone away?

 Follow-up question to the previous one.

54. Which movie would you say is the funniest you’ve ever seen?

The list can be endless, but everyone has a favorite.

55. If you could become any other person in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

President of the United States or the playboy next door who has all the women he wants.

56. What are the most embarrassing things that you have ever cried about?

A level of sincerity is expected here because things like not finding anything to wear have made a few people break down.

57. Dead or alive, what famous artist would you want to paint your portrait?

It has to be Leonardo Da Vinci.

58. Between love and money, what would you rather throw away?

Can you find love without having money? Find out what they think.

59. What have you seen on the news that is the funniest thing to you?

Conspiracy theories or plain facts that are so unbelievable they are amusing.

60. Which would you rather have; a dog or a cat?

Dog people are said to be more agreeable than cat people.

Things to Know Before Starting a Conversation with a Stranger

Before jumping in with random questions to a stranger, there are a few things you should note that will help you get to it seamlessly.

  1. Start the conversation as soon as you can because the longer you take to do it, the more awkward it can become.
  2. Start with something simple rather than complicated questions. Also, know that tone is more important than words.
  3. Pay attention to your non-verbal communication cues (facial expressions and body language). Maintain eye contact.
  4. Use open-ended questions and ask follow-up questions to enable the conversation flow.
  5. Mix asking questions with sharing details about yourself.

Pointers That Indicate That The Other Person is no Longer Interested in Your Conversation

There are not many more great pleasures in life than having a great conversation with a stranger on a night out. However, you can find your night turning into a miserable one if it is filled with endless small talk about nothing, awkward silences, and either you or your audience continuing to make surreptitious glances away. Here are a few points that would indicate that the other person is no longer interested in talking to you.

  1. If you ask all the questions and do all the talking while the other person does not make any effort to continue the conversation.
  2. If they give only a polite laugh and combine it with looking away or scanning the room, it’s a sign that you should end the conversation.
  3. When their responses are artificial and dead ends, it likely means that they want you to stop asking questions and possibly end the conversation.
  4. If the other person’s feet are pointing in the other direction during a conversation and not at you, they are likely tired of the conversation.
  5. When you are making gestures with your hands, and the other person crosses their arms. This is because humans usually turn into copycats when they are interested in another.
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