60 Trivia Questions For Kids With Answers

There is a notion that trivia questions are reserved only for adults, but that’s not true as kids love it. There is no better way to boost your kids’ memory and intelligence than asking trivia questions. If you have inquisitive and curious kids, having a trivia quiz with them is one of the best ways to feed their desire to know, sharpen their minds and increase their knowledge about things and the world around them.

We have made a long list of the best trivia questions for kids, and these are not just questions but also contain answers to some of the fundamental questions kids often ask. Feel free to ask your kids these questions to test their intelligence. You can use the answers to correct them when they get it wrong.

Easy Trivia Questions for Kids and Their Answers

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1. What sweet food is made by bees using nectar from flowers?

Answer: Honey

Honey is a very sweet food made by bees. The insect produces honey from plants’ sugary secretions (floral nectar) or other processes such as regurgitation and water evaporation.

2. What is the first color of a rainbow?

Answer: Red

The rainbow colors always appear in the same order, which is usually from top to bottom. Rainbow has seven colors, and the colors are arranged in this form: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These colors are often denoted with the acronym ROYGBIV.

3. How many days are there in a fortnight?

Answer: 14

The word fortnight is derived from the Old English term, fēowertyne niht, which means “fourteen nights.” Simply put, it is a unit of time that is equal to 14 days or 2 weeks, or biweekly.

4. How many days are there in June?

Answer: 30

June is the sixth month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. It is also the second out of the four months that have the length of 30 days and the third out of the five months whose days are less than 31 days.

5. How many years are there in a millennium?

Answer: 1000

A millennium is a period of 1,000 years; it is derived from the Latin word mille, which means one-thousand. Although the Gregorian calendar, which came into existence in 1582, was later adopted by most countries of the world, it didn’t include a year 0 in the transition from BC (years before Christ) to AD (after the birth of Christ). Hence, the first millennium started from years 1 – 1000, while the second began from years 1001 – 2000.

6. What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer: Mount Everest

Mount Everest is located in Nepal and Tibet. It is the tallest mountain in the world, with a height of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level (the average surface level for the ocean surface from which elevations are measured).

7. What galaxy is Earth located in?

Answer: The Milky Way

According to scientists, the Milky Way is a big flat disk of stars measuring up to 120,000 light-years across and one of over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe, but it’s the only one we can explore from the inside. Our Solar System is located in the middle of this galactic disk.

8. What is the name of a place where people visit to see lots of animals?

Answer: The Zoo

A zoo is a place where animals are being taken care of, sheltered, and displayed for public view, and bred in some cases. The term used to describe one who studies animals is called a zoologist, while the study of animals is known as zoology.

9. What is the capital of Hawaii?

Answer: Honolulu

Honolulu is the largest city and capital of Hawaii. It is a modern city that extends 16 km along the southern shore of Oahu Island and 6 km inland across a plain into the Koolau Range’s foothills. Honolulu has a rich history and vibrant culture, living an ‘Aloha Spirit’ way of life.

10. What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?

Answer: Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a fictional character from J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan. Tinker Bell is a tinker fairy and Peter Pan’s companion during his adventures with Wendy Darling and her brothers. She is a very loyal fairy but gets jealous of Wendy and Tiger Lily.

11. Which was the country that first made the use of paper money?

Answer: China

The first paper money was seen in China and was invented by the Song Dynasty in the 11th century CE, nearly 20 centuries after the earliest known use of metal coins. And, the first government-issued first banknotes happened in 1023. However, paper money has its risk which includes inflation and counterfeiting.

12. Who invented the telephone?

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born inventor, engineer, and scientist. Bell (born on March 3, 1847; died on August 2, 1922, at 75) is best known for revolutionizing communication globally through the invention of the first telephone in June 1875. He made the first call to his partner Thomas Watson in March 1876 and later started the first telephone company, The Bell Telephone Company (now called AT&T), in 1877.

13: What is the name of the actor who plays Harry Potter’s character in the movie series?

Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor from Fulham, London, England. Born on July 23, 1989, Radcliffe started playing the iconic role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s novel of the same name in 2001. In the film, Harry Potter is a lonely orphan who discovered that he is a wizard and enrolls in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

14. In which year did the Titanic sink?

Answer: In the year 1912

In the North Atlantic Ocean, the British ocean liner Titanic sank in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. It was the most luxurious and largest ship of its time and was captained by Edward Smith, the most senior of the White Star Line’s captains. The ship had about 2,200 passengers on board, out of which over 1,500 lost their lives.

15. ‘Stars and Stripes’ is the nickname of the flag of which country?

Answer: The United States of America

The US flag has 13 stripes, which represent the 13 British colonies that declared independence from Great Britain and became the first states in the United States, and 50 stars, which represent the 50 states of the United States. Its other nicknames include the Star-Spangled Banner and Old Glory.

Kids Trivia Questions and Answers for Bible Loving Students

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16. Pharaoh is the title given to the rulers of which ancient county?

Answer: Egypt

In ancient Egypt, the common title used for their monarchs is Pharoah. At the time, a Pharoah was the religious and political leader of the people. The word Pharoah is the Greek form of Egyptian pero, which signifies the royal residence, meaning Great House. They were also called High Priest of Every Temple or Lord of the Two Lands.

17. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of which country?

Answer: Ireland

Saint Patrick was a Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland during the 5th century. Following his effort to spread Christianity throughout the country, he was regarded as Apostle of Ireland. After his death on March 17 (now known as Saint Patrick’s Day across the world), he was canonized and named the patron Saint of Ireland.

18. What was the name of the shepherd boy who later became the second king of Israel?

Answer: David

David was the second king of Israel who helped to establish the throne of God. In the book of Samuel, David gained fame as a musician and by killing Goliath. He was Saul’s favorite and very close pal to Saul’s son, Jonathan. However, after Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle, David was anointed as King of Israel.

19. Who were the parents of Cain and Abel?

Answer: Adam and Eve

The two sons of Adam and Eve were Cain and Abel. The first of the two, Cain, was a farmer, while Abel, the second son, was a shepherd. The brothers brought sacrifices to God, each with their own produce, but God favored Abel’s instead of Cain. As a result, Cain killed his brother, and God punished him by making him a wanderer.

20. What was the name of the mountain where Moses was given the 10 commandments?

Answer: Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is the name of the mountain where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments. In the book of Deuteronomy, the events are described as having transpired at Mount Horeb. Hence, Mount Sinai and Horeb are generally considered to refer to the same by many scholars.

21. What was the first miracle that Jesus performed as recorded in the bible?

Answer: Turning of water into wine

In the Gospel of John chapter 2, it was recorded that Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana in Galilee. There, Jesus manifested His glory, which made his disciples believe in him.

22. After the flood, what sign did God give to show he would not destroy the earth with water again?

Answer: Rainbow

After the flood, Noah entered into a covenant with God, where God promised that never again will he use the flood to destroy the earth and its descendants. After the covenant, God gave a sign by putting up a rainbow in the sky to show he will never destroy the earth and the rest of humanity through a flood again.

23. How many books are there in the bible (old and new testament)?

Answer: 66 (39, 27)

The current English translations of the bible are made of 66 books, made up of 39 from the old testament and 27 from the new testament. However, some Christian Bibles range from 73 books or 66 books of the Catholic Church or the 80 books of the Protestant Church, or 81 books of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

24. How many times did God call out to young Samuel when he was lying down in the house of the Lord?

Answer: Four times

Young Samuel was an errand boy of the high priest, Eli, and he lived in the temple of Shiloh. When he heard his name, Samuel thought it was the priest that called. Three times, he went to Eli and said, |Here, I am for you called me!” Finally, Eli discovered it was God that was calling the young Samuel and asked him to go back to sleep, and if he hears that voice again, he should say, “speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

25. King Solomon asked God for one thing, what is that?

Answer: Wisdom

In the book first kings, chapter 3, The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” In reply, Solomon asked for the wisdom to lead God’s people. God gave him wisdom, as well as long life, wealth, and honor.

26. How long did Jonah stay in the belly of the big fish?

Answer: Three days and three nights

Jonah was swallowed by a big fish, in whose belly he spends three days and three nights. The fish was sent by God and the intense storm that threatened the ship on which Jonah was traveling. And, after the fish swallowed him, the storm ceased.

27. Who changed his name to Israel and why?

Answer: Jacob; after he struggled with God.

In Genesis chapter 35, when David returned from Paddan-aram, God appeared to him again at Bethel. God blesses him, saying, Your name is Jacob, but you will not be called Jacob any longer. From now on, your name will be Israel.

28. When Jesus died at Calvary, what are the three things that happened?

Answer: Earthquake, the temple veil got torn, and tombs broke open

There are five miraculous things that happened when Jesus died, and they include the resurrection of the saints, an earthquake, darkness, and the veil in the temple was torn. Lastly, many come to understand that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

29. During the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s wife looked back and turned into…?

Answer: A Pillar of Salt

Before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his family were instructed by God to go to the city of Zoar, a land God had promised them. They are asked not to look back on their way. However, Lot’s wife ended up looking back and was turned into a pillar of salt. The reason for her looking back was never known.

30. How long did Jesus Christ fast?

Answer: Forty days and forty nights

Before his temptation, Jesus fasted “forty days and forty nights” in the Judean desert. The number 40 now has a huge significance in Christianity. The period of lent is 40 days, while the ascension of Jesus into heaven is commemorated 40 days after His resurrection.

Kids Christmas Trivia Questions And Their Answers

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31. What is the type of tree traditionally used as a Christmas tree?

Answer: A Nordmann Fir Tree

The Nordmann Fir is popularly known as the king of the trees and can be found around the mountains south and east of the Black Sea, in Georgia, Turkey, and the Russian Caucasus. Its altitude ranges from 3,000 to 7,200 feet, and they can be cut into different sizes from 3 feet to 12 feet to suit every home.

32. What is the name of the Christmas cake that is either loved or hated?

Answer: Fruitcake

Fruit cake has always been a Christmas tradition in America since 1878 when Fidelia Bates baked the first one. The cake is usually sticky and packed with fruit, and its dense, heavy consistency and rich aromatic flavor make it unique. However, because of choice, people either love or hate fruitcake.

33. In the story of The Nutcracker, which animal king does the Nutcracker fight?

Answer: The Mouse King

In the story of the Nutcracker, the Nutcracker, which looks like a soldier, was given to Maria on Christmas Eve. Later that night, a fight ensued between her dolls, under the leadership of the Nutcracker, and a mice whose king has seven heads. Maria learns that the Nutcracker was once a young man who was cursed by the Mouse Queen. The following day, the battle continued between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King before the rodents were finally defeated and the curse placed on the Nutcracker was broken.

34. When Jesus was born, which gifts did the three wise men give baby Jesus?

Answer: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, during the time of King Herod, the three wise men, otherwise known as the Magi, traveled a great distance from the east to pay homage to the baby Jesus. When they arrived, they knelt before him and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

35. What is the ornament elves wear on the tips of their shoes and hats?

Answer: Bells

Christmas Elves wear conical hats and soft shoes with curled-up pointed tips, which are decorated with bells.

36. Where do elves, Santa, and Mrs. Claus live?

Answer: In the North Pole

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the Elves live in the North Pole, although some people believe Santa’s residence to be Korvatunturi in Lapland. Of course, Santa lives in the North Pole, where he stays all-year-round, training the reindeer and ice fishes, as well as shinning his sleigh and trying Mrs. Claus’ recipes.

37. What kind of object brought Frosty, the snowman, back to life?

Answer: A Blacktop hat

Frosty, the snowman, came to life after a blackhat thrown away by a failing magician named Professor Hinkle was found by children and placed on his head. The hat is said to be a magic hat, and the cruel professor kept trying to recover it but failed.

38. What does the star found on the top of a Christmas tree signify?

Answer: The Star of Bethlehem

The Christmas Star, which is also known as The Star of Bethlehem, led the three wise men or Magi to the place where Jesus Christ was born. The star simply signifies the birth of Christ (or Messiah).

39. What is the name of the animal that pulls Santa’s sleigh?

Answer: His reindeer

The word “Reindeer” is often used to describe domesticated animals; the ones that are herded and employed by humans to help pull sleds. Santa Claus’ reindeer usually pull a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

40. What other names does Santa Clau bear in some other countries?

Answer: Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Kris Kringle

Santa Claus is known by many names in different countries, some of which include: Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) in Russia, Père Noël in France, Swiety Mikolaj (St. Nicholas) in Poland, and Santa Claus or Kris Kringle in the United States of America and Canada.

41. Which holiday was Jingle Bells initially written for?

Answer: Thanksgiving. Though it is now synonymous with Christmas

Originally called “The One Horse Open Sleigh,” Jingle Bells was written by James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893) in 1850, and it was composed for his thanksgiving Sunday School Class in 1857. However, the song has now been widely used during the Christmas season.

42. Which country invented the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

Answer: Germany

The tradition of putting a Christmas tree first occurred in Germany during the 16th century. At the time, devout German Christians brought decorated trees into their homes while others built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles.

43. Who is the person that introduced electric Christmas lights and when?

Answer: Thomas Edison in 1980

Thomas Edison invented the first successful practical light bulb, as well as the first strand of electric lights. In 1880, during the Christmas season, he hung the strands on his family Christmas tree outside his Menlo Park Laboratory.

44. What is Ralphie’s little brother’s name in the film A Christmas Story?

Answer: Randy

In the 1983 American Christmas comedy, Ralphie’s younger brother is Randy (played by Ian Petrella), who is always crying and refuses to eat a meal on his own for three years. Their mother, Mrs. Parker, relies only on tricks to get him to eat something.

45. What does Santa always say at the end of a visit, according to St. Nicholas’ book?

Answer: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

At the end of every visit, Santa springs to his sleigh and give whistles for his team to come, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. However, while they ride out of sight, he exclaims, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

Kids Trivia Questions and Answers for Sports Lovers

46. Who was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 at the Olympics?

Answer: Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci is a Romanian athlete and the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0 following her performance on the uneven bars at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. She also recorded the score six more times, hence becoming the youngest all-around Olympic gold medalist ever.

47. Which athlete has won the maximum number of gold medals at a single Olympics, and how many?

Answer: Michael Phelps. He won 8 gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympic games.

Michael Phelps is a former American competitive swimmer. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, Phelps won a total of 8 gold medals, thus breaking the record set by fellow American swimmer Mark Spitz who previously had seven gold medals in 1972.

48. Where did the Olympic Games begin?

Answer: Greece

The history of the Olympic games could be traced back around 3,000 years ago to the Peloponnese in Ancient Greece. The games were organized at Olympian and took place every four years. However, the name was later changed to Olympic Games.

49. Who is known as the Father of the Modern Olympics?

Answer: Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin was a French educator and historian who founded the International Olympic Committee. He served as the second president of that committee and has come to be known as the father of the modern Olympic Games.

50. What is the name given to the tool used in striking a tennis ball in the game of tennis?

Answer: Tennis Racket

Also known as a racquet, a tennis racket is a sports tool that consists of a handled frame and open hoop, which a host of strings are stretched tightly across. The racket is used to strike a ball in different sports, including badminton, padel, rackets, tennis, and squash.

51. What is the length of a marathon?

Answer: 26.2 miles (42.195 km)

Although marathons always differ in their terrain and degree of difficulty, the distance is always 26.2 miles or equal to 42.195 km. This length was formally standardized in 1921, and today, marathon races take place in every corner of the world, from the North Pole to the Great Wall of China.

53. What kind of flag is waved in motor racing to indicate the winner?

Answer: Checkered flag

The checkered flag is displayed at the beginning and end of a racing game to indicate that the race is either officially started or finished. Usually, the checkered flag comes in black and white colors, and it is waved to show that a car has won a race.

54. Which country plays in every world cup?

Answer: Brazil

Brazil is the most successful world cup team, having won the title five times. It is also the only country to have taken part in every world cup finals tournament.

55. Where is the original home of the Olympic Flame?

Answer: Olympia, Greece

The Olympic Flame is a symbol used during the ceremony, held at the site of the first Olympic Games of Antiquity in Ancient Olympia, Greece. The flame continues to burn in the cauldron during the games until extinguished during the closing ceremony.

56. If someone wins a race, what kind of medal would he get?

Answer: Gold

When someone wins a race, a gold medal is awarded to him. However, there are three medals classes; they include; Gold – awarded to the winner; silver – awarded to the runner-up; and bronze – which is awarded to the third place.

57. Which NBA team has won the most titles?

Answer: Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers

The Boston Celtics and the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers own almost half of the titles, having won a combined 34 out of 74 NBA championships, with each team having 17 championships to their name.

58. What type of race is known as the Tour de France?

Answer: Bike race

Tour de France is an annual men’s multiple stage bicycle race organized in France, and sometimes, it passes through neighboring countries. It is regarded as the world’s most prestigious and most difficult race, and it covers 3,600 km (2,235 miles) over the course of three weeks.

59. What is the name of the only sport that is played on the moon?

Answer: Golf

Alan Shepard, an Apollo 14 astronaut who was sent to the moon with two crew members in 1971, swung a makeshift 6-iron on the moon’s surface. However, he missed the ball, and the golf went flying for several miles.

60. What is the rectangular field on which a game of soccer is played called?

Answer: Pitch

The soccer pitch size is about 100 m long and 60 m wide, but this dimension may vary depending on whether it hosts international or just local matches.

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