35 Beautiful Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair combines incredibly well with a variety of blonde hues. Whether your hair is dark or playfully light, if you’re looking for a way to escape boring brown hair without going over the thin line between fashionable looks and bizarre hairstyles, you will never go wrong with blonde highlights.

Take a look at how different shades of brown combine with enticing tangerine hues, creamy caramel highlights, and a variety of other tasteful shades of blonde below:

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

You just can’t go wrong with adding blonde highlights to your dark brown hair. Here are some ideas you can work with.

1. Deep Brown Hair with Delicious Auburn Touches

Dark brown hair is constantly at risk of appearing overly basic or monotonous. To avoid settling for mediocrity, a few subtle touches of auburn added to small portions of the hair will dramatically alter your appearance. The end effect is glamorously brilliant hair with stunning color flecks that you can’t take your eyes away from. Hollywood superstar, Julia Roberts is famous for this hair look.

2. Accentuating Highlights


A brown ombre hair might appear too basic and require a dash of spice. We recommend some sun-kissed blonde highlights to complement the natural hair color and draw attention to brown eyes. So, if you want to add some interest to your boring brown ombre and look like Halle Berry, try these enhancing highlights.

3. Gradual Blonde Balayage

Transitioning from brown to blonde is no easy task, especially if you’ve always been a brunette. Instead of bleaching your entire hair at once, try gradual bronde balayage. It will assist you in determining how blonde hair will appear on you. Hollywood actress, Sarah Jessica Parker is fond of rocking this hairstyle.

4. Caramel Blonde Highlights With A Champagne Twist

If you have dark brown hair, add some caramel blonde highlights to brighten it up. Add a dash of champagne twist to give your tresses a lustrous sheen, and you’ve got yourself a winning hair color combination. Isn’t it a little crazy?

5. Textured Bronde

Is your hair looking a little drab? Do you want to make it more interesting? Adding structure to your brunette locks with blonde highlights in a similar tone to your hair is a terrific way to do it just like Hailey Bieber. Go for dirty blonde highlights if you have dark brown hair. Add gold, honey, or strawberry highlights to medium blonde hair. Light brown hair looks amazing with champagne and platinum highlights. On a shaggy bob, this color combination looks fantastic.

6. Copper and Auburn Blend

Another color combination that never fails to make your hair look effortlessly trendy is copper and auburn. The delicately placed tones of red and caramel on the copper hair give the languorously flowing waves a tastefully luminous sheen, as shown in this example. As a result, the hair’s body seems to be more full, deeper, and more dimension.

Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you like your hair straight, there are a slew of coloring options you can experiment with to bring out the best look.

7. Driftwood Blend

Driftwood is utilized to make sculptures for a reason. It’s because it’s simple to carve and beautiful to look at. It has a brown top layer, but as you chip away at it, you’ll see a wonderful platinum blonde, similar to this stunning ombre. Keep your ends choppy to amp up the impression.

8. Light Bronde

Consider this wonderful mild bronde instead of aiming for a stark contrast. The honey blonde highlights in this look effortlessly blend in with the dark hair. These highlights will also help to frame your face perfectly, especially if it’s oval.

9. Dirty Blonde Balayage

Dirty blonde is a color that is almost brown in appearance. It’s the perfect blonde color for a transitional look. If you’re a brunette thinking about going blonde, a dirty blonde balayage is the way to go. It will show you how you would look as a blonde without committing to bleaching your entire head of hair.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

We agree that light brown hair can be beautiful but imagine what you will get with streaks of blonde blending into your tresses.

10. Choppy Auburn Locks

To pull off this look, the shade of auburn to be used should be closer to rose gold than to red. This is because the gentle radiance of the blonde highlights that have been cleverly infused into the dark brown hair creates a tasteful sheen that gives your hair a glowing finish.

11. Blonde Baby Highlights And Balayage

Adding blonde dimensional highlights to your brown tresses will definitely brighten them up. They will also provide texture to your hair while also highlighting your natural color. The faint winter blonde baby lights will make the hair appear a little extra punch.

12. Titian Sombré Hair


A gentler variant of the ombre is a sombre. Instead of a stark contrast between brown and blonde, accent colors that complement your natural hair color are applied. Such as this titian sombre, which features titian hair with mild highlights. Tiana is the name given to reddish-brown hair, in case you didn’t know.

13. Ash Balayage

This balayage is another great summer hair color combination, with a deep brown at the top and a bright blonde at the bottom. The sun’s rays will shine beautifully off this color combination, resulting in a plethora of Instagram-worthy photos!

14. Brown Hair with Honeyed Strips

Light brown hair isn’t the most attractive hair color on its own. Adding a few brilliant honey blonde highlights can greatly improve the appearance of your hair. The glossy blowout curls seem naturally brilliant, fuller, and precisely dimensioned thanks to this brown and blonde combo.

15. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Multi-hued finishes are incredibly hard to pull off on your own. However, if you find the right stylist, tastefully highlighted hairstyles like these are absolutely vibrant head-turners that will never disappoint. The intricately blended shades of brown, and blonde with slight touches of caramel blend together perfectly to create a marvelously radiant look.

Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights are incredibly beautiful on long hair so why not give it a shot and see how it goes.

16. Muted Auburn Hair

If you’re not a fan of bright blondes with strong contrasts, muted matte shades are a good alternative. The deep brown hair matches the deep auburn touches that run through its curly locks just as well. Dull highlights on darker hair are always appealing to individuals looking for stylish yet understated looks.

17. Golden Blonde Balayage

The color gold is associated with the wealthy and renowned! Isn’t this gold balayage evidence of that? This golden balayage gives brown hair a luscious look. It gives the hair more depth and thickness. The dark roots and blonde lower part of your hair can also be used to nicely frame your face.

18. Heavy Blonde Highlights

Heavy blonde highlights can give your hair a lot of structure. This means they make your hair appear thicker and darker than it actually is. To give your hair a laid-back vibe, style it in beachy waves.

19. Long Dimensional Blonde Highlights

Keep your roots dark and add some blonde highlights to the front of your hair. The black roots will lengthen your face, while the light blonde highlights will soften it. To achieve the finest effect, match the blonde highlights to your skin undertone and eye color.

Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Your short tresses are not left out. Here are some ideas to get the best blonde highlights for your short hair.

20. Sculpted Brown Locks with Faint Blonde Accents

When going for a color boost, sometimes the fainter the highlights, the better your hair looks. While only slightly noticeable, the caramel touches in this example only serve to make the exquisitely sculpted locks more defined and give the hair a tasteful color gradient that really flatters the skin tone. This is a true reflection of beautiful brown hair with faint blonde highlights.

21. Short Bob Platinum Highlights

If you’re looking for a little edge, try these platinum highlights on red-tinted brown hair. With dark hair, the platinum highlights make a great contrast. With cold undertones, this color combination will look great on oval faces.

22. Bob Bronde Ombre

Summer hairstyles and color combinations are sought after by women all over the world and we’ve discovered it: the bronde ombre bob. Keep your hair black at the roots and gradually lighten it to a lovely light blonde. To make the transition from brown to blonde appear natural, choose a dirty blonde tint. This is a great style for round faces.

23 Partial Blonde Highlights

Partially highlighted hair refers to highlights that are only applied to the top layer of the hair. With walnut brown hair, this mix of platinum and champagne partial highlights looks great. These highlights give your hair texture and make it appear more voluminous.

Medium Length Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

For that medium-length brown hair, here are some ideas you can utilize to add blonded highlights to your tresses.

24. Coffee Blend

This gorgeous bronde color palette is made up of espresso, cappuccino, and coffee browns. Your face will appear longer and slimmer thanks to the dark roots. Green, blue, and hazel eyes will all stand out against this bronde backdrop.

25. Blonde Streaks

With the use of aluminum foils and a brush, blonde streaks can be formed. Before putting hair color to the hair you want to streak, place the foil under it. Fold the foil to secure the hair portion and keep the color from transferring to adjacent strands. This is the ideal hairstyle for someone who wants to add some interest to their hair without going overboard. To keep things discreet, go for a natural warm blonde.

26. Smokey Bronde

To achieve this color combination, you don’t need to bleach your light brown hair too much. All you need are some ash and golden blonde highlights to complete the look. To create depth, keep your roots black and utilize cool tones to give it a metallic look. This is a look sported often by Khloe Kardashian.

27. Honey Blonde Streaks

Honey blonde streaks are perfect on brown hair which is due to the fact that they are easily visible on brown hair. They give your hair a lovely ginger brown color. If you have a warm-toned complexion, this color combination will suit you perfectly.

Caramel-brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you have caramel-brown hair, you can twist it up with some of these blonde highlights ideas.

28. Intense Blend Brown Hair and Caramel Locks

As chunky highlights slowly fade out of the fashion scene, smoother color transitions make their entrance. If a naturally faded look is what you’re gunning for, infuse your dark brown hair with creamy streaks of caramel using the gentle balayage dyeing technique. The color transition is seamless and the brighter touches of color accentuate the flowing curls dramatically.

29. Glossy Brown and Auburn Caramel Hair

Layering the highlights for a more naturally colored finish is advised since it generates a kind of random color infusion that is very smooth. The bouncy curls at the ends of this glossy brown hair have lively yet subtle auburn streaks going through it, adding some light into the bouncy curls.

30. Dark Blonde Highlights

Blonde is a color that may be worn in a variety of ways. There is a blonde shade for everyone, they say, and we couldn’t agree more. Look at these gorgeous dark blonde highlights, for example. They’re black, yet they’re also dazzling. They look fantastic on medium brown hair with dark roots. These golden highlights complement the chocolate brown color of the hair and add texture, making it appear more voluminous and shiny.

31. Brown Hair with Caramel Streaks

If you want to merge your dark hair with blonde highlights into your natural look in order to achieve Sofia Vergara’s trademark caramel brown tresses, use the mild balayage procedure. In addition to adding color, the caramel highlights enhance the hair’s radiance and give it a fuller, more dimensioned appearance.

32. Dark Roots Blonde

For obvious reasons, the roots should always be darker, and they should also serve as the beginning point for the color gradient if you want a seamless color transition. Rose gold, auburn, caramel, and lastly golden blonde have been subtly blended into the naturally brown hair, resulting in a tangle of gorgeous, radiantly flowing golden curls.

Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Imagine blonde highlights in your curly tresses, it promises to look awesome and you can have it in diverse volumes and length.

33. Deep Chocolate Curls with High Contrast Highlights

Consider adding high contrast highlights to deep chocolate curls to enhance texture, interest, and layers. For individuals who want to make a statement with their curls, the color contrast is ideal.

34. Brown Curls with Strawberry Blonde Accents

If you want a mix of highlights and lowlights, a delicate and discreet finish is the way to go. To create a multidimensional finish, use darker tones and strawberry blonde highlights on luxurious long brown locks. This hair suits all face shapes.

35. Golden Highlights on Brunette Curls

Golden highlights can completely change the look of your hair. They make you glow as though a summer sun is always shining down on your hair, enhancing your natural color while removing any dullness. This hairstyle will flatter all the features of an oval face.

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