14 Things That Make Life Easier If You Start Practicing Today

Life can come with a lot of challenges and complications that make the mere act of living overwhelming. Most people tend to live very busy and disorganized lives and seem not to be making any progress with their efforts. The end result is usually bouts of depression and frustration which makes life mostly unbearable.

Notwithstanding your present condition, life can still be made easier and all you need to do is follow a few basic principles which are covered in this piece. Check them out here!

Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Many adults had wished back when they were kids that time could fly for them to become grownups because at the time, being an adult seemed to be perfect. You get to do anything you want, eat what you want and it seems everything was pretty smooth. Well, that is the viewpoint of a lot of youngsters but is that really so? The answer is definitely no, adults don’t get to do anything they want as we had envisioned as kids, they have to plan their lives to accommodate everything they do, else, things will turn out to be pretty messy.

However, growing up does not mean you have to lose the spark you once had as a hopeful young child. You can still be that sweet boy or girl who was taught all things are possible because they still are but now, you have to work to get them done. A good or easy life will not just happen, some key things need to be applied on your path to fulfillment in life. Here are 14 important steps you will find handy to make your present life an easy ride:

1. Use Your Time Judiciously

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The popular saying that time actually waits for no one and the clock keeps ticking no matter what is going on remains true to date. Failure to use the universal 24 hours in a day adequately tends to make life a complicated one. Even though things might come up that we do not foresee, using your time judiciously will help you take smart actions whenever issues arise.

Some quick actions that can help ease your busy schedules include:

  • Look thoroughly at all the activities you have lined up daily and take a decision to do the ones that add value to you and not the time-wasters.
  • It’s important to take a couple of minutes daily to relax and rest your mind.
  • Choose either to get up early to arrange your bags and lunches for the day or spare some time the day before to do that.
  • Walk into your day knowing that every minute counts. Don’t waste precious time.

2. Make Adequate Plans

It is never old fashion to go to your drawing board and plan how you want things to go – whether it is for a big event or normal daily routine activities. Take out time to face what you have to handle squarely so that you will know the necessary steps of execution. Planning is also a necessary step due to various reasons which include:

  • It gives you an edge to foresee what might happen and devise strategies to tackle them accordingly.
  • Helps in making all necessary provisions without omitting any vital aspect.
  • Helps in knowing what should be done and when it should be done.

To get started on making plans and preparing for activities in the future, (especially with regards to house routines) here are few steps to guide you:

  • Do a daily or weekly calendar check to know what you have to do during a specified period.
  • Write out a To-Do list which you can paste somewhere you can easily see it or save it on your phone in order for you to know what needs to be done and when.
  • Even though it might be tempting to say you will remind yourself, don’t rely on your mind, you might forget something.  Try to check on the list intermittently and see how you are progressing.

4. Establish A System Of Running Things

Create systems to help you run things around you. This will not only help you to be more organized but it will enhance your effectiveness and efficiency in performing tasks. Simple steps you can start at the home level include:

  • Preparing a weekly meal plan or food shopping list will ease the burden and tension of daily meal preparation.
  • Allocate specific drawers or bags at home for things like toys, tools, hats e.tc., it will help you find things with ease.
  • You can also adapt this system at the workplace by filing paperwork and documents appropriately for easy accessibility.

5. Break Down Bulky Tasks/Goals Into Simple Ones

Many a time, people tend to have their eyes only on the big picture and tend to neglect those simple steps that will help one towards achieving that bigger task. It is hereby good to simplify your tasks or things you want to achieve by doing this, you will be taking gradual steps towards your set goal. More so, by simplifying the process, your focus will be constant at each stage and you won’t be side-tracked by irrelevant things.

6. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has a great impact on your perspective in life. You, therefore, need to maintain both a good physical and mental state in order to boost your energy levels. This will, in turn, rob off positively on your mindset and you will definitely feel good about yourself.

Try practicing simple healthy living habits like proper hygiene, self-care, eating healthy foods, and drinking lots of water. If you have a very tight work schedule and can’t eat homemade food, go green during the weekends (eat lots of fruits and vegetables) and detox regularly.

Life Easier

More so, regular exercise is very essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you must no go to the gym if you don’t have the luxury of time or the resources to do that. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and it can be done anywhere, just find a way to include it into your daily activities.

7. Manage Your Finances Wisely

Managing finances has always been a source of stress for many people. It is not uncommon to see many individuals struggling to do the math with regards to payment of bills and debt settlement. To live a life of ease, these skills must be mastered, and to make things easier, you can start by:

  • Creating a monthly budget that shows your expected income and expenses.
  • Analyzing your bank statements regularly to see how much cash you have received and disbursed.
  • Making arrangements to pay some essential bills automatically.
  • Planning how to offset debts.
  • Be thrifty when spending.
  • Save at least 10% of your monthly income.

8. Saying No Is Necessary

We often find ourselves trying to please people which makes saying no to them a very difficult task. If we eventually muster the courage to say no, a feeling of guilt comes that might even change our minds and we end up committing or agreeing to things we have not planned for.

This dilemma is a general one and it has made life hard for a lot of people. On the other hand, learning to say no has the ability to simplify your life and make it easier. Learn to be comfortable when you say no to certain commitments because it will empower you, not the other way round.

9. Don’t Cover Your Mistakes

Mistakes are part of life and though they might cost you something, the best way to make up for what you have done or failed to do is to learn from the blunders, apologize and help to make things better in any way that you can. However, many people have made their life a messy web by covering up mistakes in such a way that they sink deeper into the problem.

It will always show strength when you learn to take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences squarely – you might even win the hearts of those you wronged by your honesty and they will, in turn, forgive you.

10. Cultivate A Patient Approach To Things & People

Being patient is not an easy task for most people but it is one of the secrets to living an easy life. Do not let things get you irritated all the time, learn how to manage your emotions towards people and things, especially when they seem to be deviating from your plan.

A patient man/woman will always think things through before taking an action and this is great for both mental and physical well-being. It might not be easy at first but if you cultivate patience, your life will turn out easy.

11. Learn How To Accept Disappointments in Life

Life is dynamic and disappointments are expected to happen. They might come from people around you – no matter how close they are to you and there is every possibility that the disappointment might even come from you. The fact remains that disappointments will arise in life but how you handle them is what matters the most.

Think about what might have happened but don’t hold on to it for the rest of your life. Let it go and focus on other things. Remember that people, including you, are growing and changing. So, don’t be too hard on yourself or others when disappointments occur.

12. Learn To Forgive People

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Beyond accepting that disappointments are bound to happen in life, it is very important to learn how to forgive people no matter who they are or whether they hurt you intentionally or mistakenly. It may not be an easy or instant process, but set your mind to always forgive people even when they don’t ask for it.

Remember that a grudge or anger will only add burdens to your life but forgiveness is like a breath of fresh air. It will refresh your heart and make your life easier.

13. When in Need, Ask For Help

No one in life knows everything and sometimes there will be the need for you to ask for help. Feel free to do just that and don’t let feeling embarrassed deprive you of getting the assistance you need. If you are still struggling with asking for help, just think about it, would you offer help to someone in need, if yes, then someone out there will do the same for you.

By not asking for help, you do yourselves a great disservice and hinder your growth. Life will definitely be easier if you learn how to leverage the right people to help you through different things whether relationship difficulties, financial hardships, and down to planning events.

14. Develop A Grateful Attitude

Gratitude is a positive action that should be developed. Be thankful for things in your life no matter how little or small. Start with the life you are living because it’s a gift to wake up and see a new day. If you tend to forget, you can write down different things or people you are thankful for from time to time. It will also be thoughtful for you to let such people know that you appreciate them.

Does Life Really Get Easier As You Grow?

Contrary to what many may think about life getting easier with age, there is no particular time when life gets to be all rosy. Each stage in life has its challenges but experiences that we have acquired over the years help us appreciate subsequent phases of life with time.  On the other hand, those individuals who are still caught in the uncertain phase of transiting into adulthood would definitely continue to face difficulties in life.

So, enjoying a peaceful life, irrespective of the present phase you are in is possible and there is a higher chance that you will tend to appreciate life if you evolve with time. Some generalizations that make many believe that life gets easier with time include the following:

1. Most Adults Are Less Emotionally Erratic Compared To Youngsters

According to research, the amygdala is the brain circuit that processes fear in humans. Amygdala grows before the prefrontal cortex – the center for executive control and reasoning. This biological occurrence makes children have brains that are wired to pick up perceptions of fear before their reasoning faculty fully develops. So, as a child, there is a high chance that the ability to reason calmly is hindered. However, in adult years, things get aligned for better reasoning.

2. As We Age, We Discover That Happiness Is Primarily Internal Not External

During our budding years as adolescents, we often set out to pursue things that will make us feel valued or loved by those around us. We hereby strive to achieve goals that will dazzle others but in the end, we still feel a sense of unfulfillment deep in our hearts as the years go by. However, as people age, some come to realize that emotional fulfillment is equally as important as material satisfaction and strive to create a balance in life.

3. Over The Years, The Bond We Have With Family & Friends  Become Safety Nets

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As time goes by, our friendships become stronger with certain people and we tend to choose our relationships wisely. Our circle of friends and family would eventually make us feel safe no matter what we may go through as they are always standing by us. This sense of acceptability is very pivotal to making life easier.

4. You Tend To Appreciate Life After You Have Mourned The Loss Of Several Loved Ones

After parents and several relatives, as well as friends, pass on, we are reminded that time on earth is a privilege. In most cases, we do not expect these people to die when they do but these tragedies have a way to sober us up. It is at this point that we begin to appreciate the life we are living and with a heart of gratitude for everything, we enjoy life better.

5. As You Grow Older, Bad Things May No Longer Be So Difficult To Bear Since You Have Gone Through Tough Times In The Past

With the series of events and challenges many adults have to handle, it is only natural to develop a very thick skin. You know how to endure the loss of a loved one because you must have gone through it before. A breakup would definitely not be too hard to handle as you have dealt with a couple of failed relationships in the past. Likewise, financial difficulties would not have such an overwhelming impact as in your younger days because you have learned to survive through a financially sparse period.

6. Past Achievements Make Adults Exude A Great Sense of Accomplishment

A good number of adults are living a happy and easy life because of their achievements in the past. No matter how big or small this achievement is, most adults feel proud of what they have under their belts. They might even make reference to these remarkable strides from time-to-time in other to boost their morale for present and future projects.

There Is No Guarantee That This Life Is Easy So Here Are More Tips For Making Life Easier

Life might technically be easy all the time but no matter how much you have to deal with, you can still make it easier. Here are a few things you can apply:

1. Avoid procrastination, take care of tasks promptly.

2. Have confidence in your abilities but ensure to also be humble.

3. Ask the right kind of questions, it will help clear your doubts about lots of issues in life.

4. Don’t be a troublemaker, you might just get what you sow.

5. Discover and pursue what you truly want to do, you will be very happy if you do so.

6. Avoid having unrealistic expectations from yourself and others.

7. Try not to overburden yourself with too many commitments. Solve things one step at a time.

8. Don’t overload your home with lots of unnecessary things. Buy only essential items.

9. Take trips at least annually to clear your head.

10. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle and live a very simple life.

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