15 Practical Ways To Create Positive Energy Around You

In life, every situation we find ourselves in saps our energy, fighting spirit, and sometimes, our faith. Maintaining positive energy could be a tough thing to do because when challenges creep in, it comes with lots of negative energy such as failures, disappointment, pessimism, depression, heartbreak, and incessant negative thoughts. Perhaps, what will help be our saving grace will be finding ways to create positive energy wherever we find ourselves.

For one to successfully create positive energy, it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. More than that, you have to be in an excellent mental and emotional state to be able to do that. Positive energy doesn’t lie only in your thoughts; it also resonates around every activity you do in anticipation of success. The people that form your inner cycle also have a more significant role to play in this regard. When you associate with some people, you may feel warm, inspired, and motivated, but for some others, you may feel anxious, blue, and demoralized.

The simple analogy is that negative people emit negative energy while positive people unleash positive energy. However, learning to deal with negative energy is paramount for good health and happiness. Being optimistic doesn’t necessarily mean you are ignoring negative vibes; instead, it means being aware of negative energy but choosing to remain on the side of positivity. When you are optimistic, it comes with the belief that every challenging situation you face, despite its gravity, will work out favorably in the end. In what ways can one create positive energy? For these and more, keep reading!

Ways To Create or Attract Positive Energy

1. Be Conscious of the Type of Energy You Are Emitting

Before you find ways to create positive energy, you must first understand the kind of energy you give. Whatever energy you give out determines what you’d get in return. To achieve this, you must learn the type of vibes other people get whenever they are with you. Whether you are peaceful or troublesome, calm or loud, and happy or gloomy, all these affect your relationship with others. If you discover that others are always seeking your company, then there are chances you emit good vibes. However, if people avoid your company or neglect your importance, you have a lot to do to build your positive attributes.

2. Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Exercise is essential for good health and maximum brain function. Its benefits cannot be over-emphasized as they are numerous. Have you noticed that when you get sweaty, it helps you get relief from anxiety and depression by promoting a positive mindset and general well-being? Beyond that, it promotes self-confidence, increases energy levels, improves brain health and memory, and helps with relaxation and quality sleep. Rigorous exercises also get you distracted from your predicaments and enable you to relax your nerves and enjoy some positive vibes.

3. Celebrate Your Wins, No Matter How Small

If you have long-term goals, celebrating your small wins is very important because it helps get you closer to achieving the big goals. Celebrating small achievements is basically rewarding yourself for each milestone you attain. Hence, the feeling of winning will trigger massive positive energy, which will guarantee you are happy with your progress. You can do this by having a day to yourself; take yourself out, do fun things, order something online, and share your testimony with your close friends. All these will help in enhancing self-love and promoting positive energy.

4. Take a Walk

Walking is a great way to increase hormones that boost energy levels, such as cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Having at least 30 minutes walk every day helps to improve heart health, strengthen bones, increase endurance, and reduce excess body fat from the body. Doing this will ensure your body system is working at an optimum level and will surely increase self-confidence and positive energy levels.

5. Reconnect with Nature

Experiencing nature to its fullest is one of the best ways to deepen your connection to it. From enjoying the songs from the birds and the sun’s warmth to feeling the wind on your skin and the sound of the gentle breeze from the trees, reconnecting with nature has enormous positive benefits. All these are achievable, especially for someone in an urban area. More so, taking a trip to the local parks or organizing a weekend trip to a national park will surely be an unforgettable experience. Findings have shown that great outdoor activities promote good health by reducing stress levels, improving memory, and providing a sense of rejuvenation.

6. Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is very important if you want to control your symptoms and improve your mood. It has been proven many times that keeping a journal can help you keep track of your important decisions in life. More diversely, journaling helps you remember why you make certain decisions, reduce pressure, clarify your feelings and thoughts, and prioritize your problems. Besides that, it can also help you identify triggers for negative thoughts, thus providing an avenue for improving positive energy and better opportunities.

7. Engage in Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind to other people has a deep positive impact on the receiver and the giver. Over time, findings have shown that those who are kind to others enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Those little acts of kindness help improve mental and physical health, thereby promoting self-confidence and positive energy. From helping someone lift their bags, paying for a stranger, and leaving a note with positive words for others, speaking compassionately to others, giving an unexpected compliment; all these are guaranteed to make you happy and promote positive energy.

8. Surround Yourself With Positive-Minded People

The kind of people that makes up your inner cycle plays a vital role in determining your happiness. When you surround yourself with positive and happy people, it will also rub off on you. As they say, happiness is contagious, the same way negativity and stress are. Your behavior, success level, thought patterns, and height of ecstasy depends mainly on those you hang around with. When positive-minded people surround you, they will compliment you, push you to be at your best, lift you when you are down, and inspire you to achieve great things in life. Therefore, strive to choose wisely those to allow within your inner cycle to enable you to achieve a happy, healthy, and positive approach to life.

9. Inculcate the Habit of Gratitude

Gratitude helps appreciate what you have and how far you have come in life, the storms you have weathered, and the ugly situations you have been through. It is a gateway to greater happiness, and those who have the habit of showing gratitude always feel more positive and maintain strong relationships. Develop the habit of spending time each day thinking about things and people in your life you are grateful for. Starting a gratitude journal could also help to keep track of things that give you a sense of happiness and contentment. By inculcating the habit of gratitude, you’d find yourself dealing with toxic and negative emotions, thus replacing them with positive ones.

10. Discover Your Inner Strength

Some people dwell in fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity, which are all liable to bring negative vibes. However, discovering your inner strength gives your life a sense of purpose, peace, and meaning. It also promotes self-confidence, enthusiasm, tolerance, and determination, all required to ensure a quality life. Those who have discovered their inner strength are seen as high-class individuals because they have mastered the art of controlling their emotions and their actions, knowing that their happiness is not dependent on other people. They tend to be very compassionate, easily forgiving, and resilient through tough life situations. When you discover your inner strength, it will inspire you to live a healthier, passionate, and successful life, promoting positive energy.

11. Practice Meditation

There are various forms of mediation, but mindfulness meditation can help enhance your attitude towards life, providing inner peace, happiness, and increased energy levels. Through good meditation, you will learn to understand yourself, improve concentration, mental health, and understand others. It also makes you become more physically and spiritually awake and rejuvenated. Although it requires great discipline, meditation will teach you how best to approach situations in life.

12. Give Yourself a Treat

Giving yourself a treat is not always left for your friends, spouse, or loved ones. Sometimes, it is good to take care of yourself, especially when no one else does, or perhaps you just broke up from a relationship and feel bad. Among the things you can do, you can try going on a date, get a massage, go shopping, change your wardrobe, grab a cappuccino, visit the cinema, or go to a spar, etc. Doing what makes you happy will help you enjoy a fulfilled life, become a better person, and enhance positive energy. Spoiling yourself a little also helps put you into perspective, clear your mind, and feel refreshed again.

13. Get Quality Sleep

To maintain a positive attitude and high energy levels, getting enough rest is essential. Studies have shown that lack of quality sleep or proper rest affects our mental health. Those who have less sleeping time or partial sleep deprivation feel more stressed, mentally exhausted, and angry are easily annoyed. Hence, it will be hard to cultivate a positive mindset under such conditions. Interestingly, getting enough sleep will improve almost every aspect of your life; you won’t get sick often; it lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disease; reduce stress and improve your mood; enhance positive energy; have a clear mind, and have a better relationship with others.

14. Develop The Positive Mindset

Learning not to focus on negative things is one way to keep yourself focused. When you focus on negative things and unpleasant experiences, it affects your progress and makes you less effective in undertaking your daily tasks. Life isn’t a bird of roses, and when unpleasant things happen, don’t let them weigh you down and make you feel depressed and sad. Instead, visualize positive things in your mind, think of your small wins, and learn to let go of the past. This will help in ensuring stable physical and psychological well-being.

15. Talk to a Trusted Friend

We all have close pals, but it is not all of them you can comfortably share your thoughts and problems with. There comes a time when all you’d need is someone to listen to whatever you have to say or a confidant who understands and won’t judge you. Although getting such a friend may be rare, within your circle, you must identify the strength of your friends. It would be best if you discovered like minds who would brainstorm with you and those who would give you emotional support when needed, or perhaps those who are smart in dishing out out ideas. By doing this, you’d be assured of making a positive impact on your career and promote positive feelings.

What are the Sources of Positive Energy?positive energy

Happiness: According to Aristotle, “happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.” Happiness plays an essential role in our general well-being and living a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. While it comes with numerous benefits, it is also one of the major drives for positive energy. When positive things happen in your life or when you attain a particular milestone, you are happy, and this happiness will inspire you to achieve more and be at your best always. Happiness is contagious, and if you surround yourself with happy people, it will guarantee a continuous flow of positive vibes.

Excitement: When you pass through anxiety, anger, pain, and suffering, and other things life throws your way, there is a feeling that comes after you overcome them – excitement. With the feeling of excitement, you’d experience high energy levels and feel you can achieve anything. While excitement is momentary, it is often opposed by sad feelings, but each has different triggers. When you keep a journal of things that made you excited, when the sad feeling creeps in, it could help you remain afloat.

Love: The highest source of energy on this planet is love. While all energy resonates at different frequencies, love can be said to be at the highest frequency. When you experience love, you feel so happy because it comes with a magical feeling that makes us feel at peace with everything around us. In the world of love, everything is full of kindness, and those who are kind and compassionate often attract love the most. If you experience love, it comes with peace of mind, self-confidence, self-fulfillment, and the feeling to achieve more.

Contentment: This is one of the main sources of positive energy because it will be easier to project that into the world when you prioritize yourself. Your emotional state is vital to determining your physical and mental health. Contentment, which is also a higher form of happiness, makes it possible for people to experience peace of mind and achieve great feats in life.

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