15 Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Gift Ideas For Every Couple

Some gifts are ideal for birthdays, graduations, Mitzvahs, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and weddings; just as there are gifts suitable for anniversaries and those that have come to be known as traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Given the high rate of divorce globally, it is only natural that married couples are celebrated, especially when their union has witnessed many years and continues to thrive. For many couples, marking their marriage anniversaries is crucial as it presents the opportunity for them to consciously celebrate their love, reflect on what the future holds for them and rededicate to their purpose as a couple.

Various studies have posited that celebrating wedding anniversaries is important, more than many people realize. Some even went as far as affirming that it does contribute to having an enduring marriage. Among other things, anniversaries condition couples to appreciate each other, and sometimes, words are not just enough. For this reason, couples receive and exchange gifts as they look back to the day they got married and express their gratitude for being a part of each other’s life. Interestingly, each anniversary has been associated with a particular kind of gift and flower. Based on that, the following are some traditional wedding anniversary gifts you should consider.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The Most Important Anniversary Milestones

1. Wedding Memory Album for 1st Anniversary

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For sentimental reasons that are understandable, the first year of marriage is widely considered to be significant. The marriage has survived its first year and is deserving of a little celebration, especially if the couple involved is happy with the way things are for them. The flower for this milestone is the clove pink whereas paper and cotton are the traditional gifts associated with the 1st wedding anniversary. It signifies that the union is still in a fragile state. In view of that, this wedding memory anniversary book is an ideal gift. It has the paper touch and also expresses the hope to attain the 50th anniversary. Other suitable gifts to consider include this toilet paper, framed burlap, the “To my Husband” pocket watch, and this Haysoms Ivory mug set.

2. Hand-carved Wood with Roses for 5th Anniversary

Buy From AmazonThe traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 5th year of marriage should be wood-related. Wood gifts are associated with celebrating this milestone in marriage and its flower is the sunflower (daisy). It is said that wood represents the usefulness of trees, the roots that help them hold out against the wind, the fruits they bear, and their lasting endurance. In all, it is symbolic of a strengthened marital bond that would see the union withstand the test of time and adversities. The JustPaperRoses hand-carved wood with roses is a good traditional gift for marking the 5th wedding anniversary. Alternatives to consider include the LifeSong Milestones 5th anniversary picture frame, this personalized whiskey glass set, and this housewarming bamboo charcuterie board set.

3. Kiss Aluminum Figurine Gift for 10th Wedding Anniversary

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After your 5th anniversary, before you get to celebrate a decade of marriage, you will have to live through the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th years of marriage. Respectively, the traditional gifts associated with these anniversaries are iron/sugar, wool/copper, bronze/salt, and pottery/copper. The traditional wedding anniversary gifts for a decade of marriage, which is a significant milestone, are tin and aluminium-related. They represent the permanence of the union, the qualities that have helped it survive ten years. As such, you should look for gifts that have the tin/aluminum touch like the kiss aluminum figurine. Good alternatives include this tin rose, the Pirantin you are my rock metal, this pure tin heart-shaped necklace for your wife, and the laser crystal keepsake decoration.

4. Preserved Rose Compass Necklace for 15th Anniversary

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Lead glass (crystal) is the traditional gift associated with the 15th wedding anniversary and it stands for the clarity of mind, purpose, and purity that has sustained the union for over a decade and a half. It is one of the significant wedding anniversaries celebrated and before it, there are the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th anniversaries. In that order, their traditional gifts are steel, silk, lace, and ivory. Roses are red and the flower for the 15th anniversary, so the ideal gift should have a touch of that and of course, crystal. The red crystal double heart figurine is a flawless gift for this anniversary, just as the clear Swarovski crystal glass keepsake and the preserved rose compass necklace are quintessential.

5. Precious Moments Porcelain Figurine for 20th Anniversary

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The next significant anniversary after the 15th is the 20th and its flower is aster whereas porcelain is its traditional gift. Porcelain is known for its strength and translucency; it goes through a serious heating process to attain its polished, refined, elegant, and valuable qualities. These qualities are symbolic of a marriage that has witnessed two decades. For a union to attain this milestone, it must have encountered a good share of tough times, and the fact that such encounters didn’t bring about its demise is a big reason to celebrate. The gifts for a couple marking their 20th wedding anniversary should have the porcelain feel like the Precious Moments porcelain figurine. Also, consider other forms of ceramic material gifts like these mugs.

6. Silverplated Photo Frame of 25th Anniversary

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It’d be hard to find anyone who wouldn’t agree it’s a big achievement to be married for 25 years. At this point, it is difficult to imagine that anything but death can separate the couple. Iris is the flower for this significant moment in marriage and silver is the gift associated with it: this is why it is celebrated as the silver anniversary. Silver is a precious metal of huge value and is sacred in some parts of the world. The noble metal symbolizes purity, strength, and the feminine energy that has pushed the union through a quarter of a century. There are many gift ideas for this occasion but the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 25 years of marriage should incorporate silver like the silverplated photo frame.

7. Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set for 30th Anniversary

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The next significant wedding anniversary any couple would celebrate after the silver anniversary is the 30th and it is no small feat to be married for 30 years. Lily is the flower associated with this milestone in marriage and its traditional gift is pearl. Pearls are gemstones known for their glistening quality and according to folk wisdom, they are symbolic of protection, wealth, good luck, and wisdom gained through experience. These attributes have been associated with marriages that have lasted for three decades. It is only ideal for the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 30th year of marriage to have a touch of pearl and the Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set is a flawless gift for the occasion.

8. Jade Coral Cufflinks for the Coral Anniversary (35th)

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The 35th wedding anniversary is associated with coral as its traditional gift; this is why it is known as the coral anniversal. Corals have a beautiful appeal that is incorporated for making prized jewelry. More than that, the marine animal is believed to have huge medicinal benefits and its reefs are known to protect coastlines from waves and storms, thereby preventing property damage and loss of life. These attributes represent the quality of the union of a couple that has been happily married for 35 years; in the sense that they protect each other from harm and help one another get back to their feet when they are down. Gifts like the Jade Coral Cufflinks and the Dachshund Cactus Coral Planter are impeccable for the coral anniversary.

9. Gem Stone King Ruby Bracelet for 40th Anniversary

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After the coral anniversary, the next significant anniversary a couple would celebrate is the 40th anniversary. While its flower is gladiolus, the traditional gift associated with it is ruby, hence it is known as the ruby anniversary. Alongside emerald, diamond, amethyst, and sapphire, ruby is considered one of the cardinal gems. Its blood-red and pinkish color is one of its peculiar attributes and the gemstone symbolizes the passion, devotion, and flame that have sustained the marriage for four decades. Typically, traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 40 years of marriage should have some ruby elements like the Gem Stone King Ruby Bracelet.

10. Allmygold Sapphire Stem Blue Rose for 45th Anniversary

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The 45th anniversary is known as the sapphire anniversary because the precious gemstone is the traditional gift associated with it. As such, the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 45 years of marriage are expected to have sapphires included in their designs. Natural sapphires are typically heated to improve and enhance their appearance. This is said to represent the challenges a marriage that has lasted for 45 years must have faced which have enhanced the bond the couple share, making them a beautiful duo. The precious stone also has an extremely high melting temperature, and this means it’d be hard for anything to dissolve a marriage of 45 years. The Allmygold Sapphire Stem Blue Rose is an excellent gift for this anniversary.

11. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set for Golden Anniversary

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Not too many couples could boast of being happily married for 50 years. This is probably the most significant anniversary, its flowers are violets/yellow roses and gold is the traditional gift associated with it. Known as the golden anniversary, couples that attain 50 years of marriage are worth celebrating for being an embodiment of true love. As you would find here, there are numerous gifts that are suitable for the golden anniversary. Just keep in mind that the ideal traditional gift should have a touch of gold like the Whiskey Decanter Globe Set. The precious metal associated with this anniversary represents wealth, courage, compassion, and wisdom.

12. Sterling Cushion-Cut Emerald Earrings for 55th Anniversary

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Even though it doesn’t get much buzz like the golden anniversary, the 55th wedding anniversary is also a big deal. As the next significant anniversary after the five decades milestone in marriage, emerald is the traditional gift attached to marking 55 years of marriage. The gemstone is precious and green in color which symbolizes prosperity and growth. The gem also represents the love and wisdom the couple share; their protection and care for one another. Typical traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 55 years of marriage should have some touch of emerald, like the Sterling Cushion-Cut Emerald Earrings or the Jade Coral Cufflinks above.

13. Jobtical Diamon Shades Floor Lamp for 60th Anniversary

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Poppies are colorful plants and the flower for the 60th wedding anniversary. Diamond is the traditional gift attached to celebrating six decades of marriage which has only been attained by a few couples. It is said that the average marriage lasts for 32 years and according to a report by the UK Office for National Statistics, only 16 percent of marriages reach the 60th wedding anniversary. Diamond, as associated with celebrating this milestone in marriage, are valuable and symbolizes light, purity, and perfection. Gifts like the Jobtical Diamon Shades Floor Lamp are great for this anniversary and alternatives to consider include this Diamond Stud Earrings and the White Diamond Twist Pendant Necklace.

14. Sapphire Blue Wishing/Gratitude Globe for 65th Anniversary

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After the 60th anniversary, every other year attained in marriage is considered a huge blessing. Nonetheless, the next significant anniversary to celebrate is the 65th and the blue sapphire is the traditional gift associate with it. It is said that the precious and valuable stone represents loyalty, royalty, and the radiance of being married for 65 years. The sentiment attached to it as a gift for the 65th wedding anniversary extends to being symbolic of the dreams the couple actualized and the peace that comes with having a fulfilling love life. Ideal traditional wedding anniversary gifts for 65 years of marriage should have a touch of blue sapphires like this picture frame and the sapphire blue handblown wishing/gratitude globe.

15. Bucket Wine Insulator for 85th Anniversary

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After the 65th anniversary, you’ll get the 70th, 75th, and 80th anniversaries. Respectively, the traditional gifts associated with them are platinum, diamond/gold, and oak. These anniversaries are rare but if a couple gets to live through them, then they might get to celebrate the 85th anniversary which has been attained by only a few couples in recent history. The traditional gift attached to pulling off 85 years in marriage is moonstone and wine. While the gemstone symbolizes abundance, wine connotes happiness and friendship. Gifts like the Bucket Wine Insulator are okay for the 85th wedding anniversary. You can also settle of this Moonstone Necklace.

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