14 Best MAC Lipstick Shades and Colors

Getting the perfection needed for a great face makeover can never be complete without luscious lip work. MAC cosmetics has been producing trend-driven lipstick shades since the 1980s to suit every ladies’ taste and skin tone. The brand’s outstanding pigmentation makes it a favorite among celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj who has been seen wearing some shades of the MAC brand.

With over 150 shades of lipsticks produced so far, MAC’s lipstick collection can be overwhelming. However, this post aims to narrow it down to make your search for the perfect shade a bit easier. We have listed some of the best MAC lipsticks that you can wear effortlessly to perfect your lip work.

MAC Marrakesh Lipstick

  • What Color is Marrakesh Lipstick? An intense orange-brown color
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.3

MAC Marrakesh lipstick is a ruddy, metallic red with warm undertones and a luminous finish. The lipstick is intensely pigmented with a creamy, silky texture that is comfortable to wear and glides on easily. It delivers even, opaque coverage in a single layer. Furthermore, the flexible formula doesn’t feather or bleed. Unfortunately, after six hours of wear, it leaves behind a subtle stain.


  • It has a good creamy effect
  • Is good for all skin tones
  • It has a long-lasting effect


  • None so far

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

  • What Color is Ruby Woo Lipstick? It is a dazzling red-blue hue
  • Finish Effect: Ultra matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.6

The MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is a cherry red lipstick with an ultra-matte finish under the brand’s umbrella of all-matte lipsticks. It has a blue undertone that accentuates teeth, and a solid blue base complements all skin tones. With this, lips are instantly filled with rich pigments and also a velvety matte finish. The long-wearing, non-feathering formula is available in various colors that deliver an instant bold matte finish.


  • It has a long-lasting effect
  • A good red effect
  • Very easy to apply
  • Ultra matte
  • The color fits all skin tones


  • To chapped lips, it can accentuate
  • It is expensive
  • It dries the lips

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

  • What Color is Powder Kiss Lipstick? It comes in many shades like the blur of soft-focus Pinky red color
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.1

Inspired by the soft-focus look created by blurring out the edges of lipstick for a hazy effect, this latest innovation leaves behind a sheer wash of color that looks stunning yet barely there. Lightweight and creamy, powder kiss lipstick delivers a romantic blur of softened color with incredible comfort and all-day hydration.


  • It has a soft-focus finish
  • The lipstick gives smoother lips
  • it provides an instant hydration
  • Provides a perfect matte color
  • Its light effect makes it feel like a balm


  • One needs to get used to its lightweight, as it feels like you applied nothing
  • It has the likelihood of melting in a hot place

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

  • What Color is Velvet Teddy Lipstick? It is a rosy brown with warm undertones
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.6

A romantic rose-toned beige, this is the perfect nude lip color for you. The creamy, rich formula contains nourishing ingredients for a comfortable, wearable look that imparts a velvety matte finish. Boldly shaped, the dense, flat brush delivers lip color precisely and evenly. In addition, it is enriched with emollients that moisturize and condition. Intensely matte and beautifully rich, this creamy formula is formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips. The color glides on smoothly and fills in lip edges for a polished look.


  • It still glides smoothly and doesn’t get too dry through matte lipstick
  • It gives a natural lip color
  • It is perfect for all skin tones


  • It has a lower lip lasting effect like other mac matte lipsticks
  • A far look can hide its tone as it looks too natural

MAC Chili Lipstick

  • What Color is Chili Lipstick? It is a gorgeous combination of brown, orange, and red
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.4

MAC Chili is a brownish orange-red lipstick that takes its inspiration from a color we’re all familiar with in the chili pepper. It is the perfect shade if you’re looking for an orangey-red without the blue undertone! MAC describes this shade as a “brownish orange-red,” while some fans consider it more of a brick shade with a bit more warmth. The lipstick looks good on redheads too. This lipstick will brighten any complexion with a matte finish and the iconic MAC vanilla scent.

It is a lipstick with hundreds of hues. MAC Chili Lipstick is the iconic product that made MAC famous. It is available in various colors and high-fashion textures and remains consistently groundbreaking with every new shade it introduces. All lipsticks contain a mixture of skin-nurturing ingredients, including Vitamin E. Available in various finishes such as creme sheen, frost, satin, matte, and amplified.


  • It is a bit creamy
  • It comes in different unique shades
  • One swipe on the lips gives full opaque coverage
  • Has a long-lasting color effect
  • Good matte effect


  • None so far

MAC Whirl Lipstick

  • What Color is Whirl Lipstick? The lipstick is a tone of pink
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.5

A rose-toned beige with the perfect balance of warmth and coolness to flatter most skin tones, Whirl is seen as a “dirty rose” with a matte finish. The pigmented formula glides on effortlessly and comfortably and stays put, though not for so long. It is a perfect shade to wear daily; it makes you appear put together but still natural. Probably more versatile than other nude/pink shades that we are used to seeing, so it is a great shade to mix into any makeup collection, even if it has more of the same.


  • It has a pleasant vanilla scent
  • It has an effortless lip gliding effect
  • It doesn’t bleed or settle into lines
  • A swipe is enough
  • It has an authentic matte finish


  • It holds on lips dry patches
  • It lacks a long-lasting effect
  • Expensive if compared

MAC Cockney Lipstick

  • What Color is Cockney Lipstick? It is a medium-dark red with a pearl finish
  • Finish Effect: Lustre
  • Customers Rating: 3.9

Pigmented, medium red with yellow undertones, MAC Cockney Lipstick, has a luminous finish. Its creamy texture is firm without much give. The lipstick shade had semi-sheer to medium, buildable coverage that can be worn for four and a half hours and is lightly hydrating.


  • Long- lasting
  • Perfect for all skin color
  • Comes in a nice shade


  • It can’t stand hot tempreture

MAC Mehr Lipstick

  • What Color is Mehr Lipstick? It is a moderately warm-tone dirty blue pink
  • Finish Effect: Semi-matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.6

The look of Mehr is a cool-toned pink with a tad bit of blue in it. The formula is creamy, glides effortlessly on the lips, and imparts a semi-matte finish that hides the imperfections on my lips (including fine lines). The pigmentation is great; you get opaque coverage in one swipe, and the color lingers for 6 hours on the lips. In addition, it survives light snacks and drinks. Overall, this is an excellent color from MAC that we would recommend to everyone.


  • It has a matte texture that gives a soft finish
  • Feel very comfortable on the lips
  • A good pink shade for daily wear
  • It has a long staying capacity
  • It doesn’t dry on the lips
  • Packaged with a classy Mac packaging


  • It is expensive

MAC Red Lipstick

  • What Color is Red Lipstick? An orange-based red
  • Finish Effect: Semi-matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.5

You may have a favorite but if you’re looking for the perfect shade of red, look no further. MAC Red Lipstick is one of the world’s top-selling brands. A bright bluish-red lipstick in matte finish. It applies super evenly, giving a comfortable feel to the lips. The packaging is as gorgeous as the lipstick itself! Beautifully embossed and a dark matte red color.

MAC Red is a matte lipstick that is highly pigmented with medium to full coverage. This long-wearing, weightless formula lasts up to eight hours, and it has a non-feathering and non-bleeding formula.


  • This lipstick has no shimmer or frost effect
  • It has a great texture and satin finish
  • It is very soft and easy to apply
  • The lipstick is pigmented and has a perfect cover
  • The lipstick does not crease
  • It also suits the most skin color
  • The ingredients don’t contain any paraben


  • The price is expensive

MAC Honeylove Lipstick

  • What Color is Mac Honeylove Lipstick? It is a moderately warm-toned, medium beige
  • Finish Effect: Semi-Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.5

Honey Love is a brownish-nude matte lipstick with a matte finish. MAC describes this as a deep beige tone. The texture is smooth and glides easily during application. The coverage is pigmented, giving semi-opaque coverage even on pigmented lips. It’s not glossy at all and barely transfers (which means your lips look matte throughout the day). It stays in place for around 5 hours (without any meals) before fading away evenly.

The lipstick is best suited for people with light complexions. Its cool tone means it won’t look right on people with dark skin. Those with medium tones can also wear it, as long as they have sheer, bright skin and brown eyes.


  • It has a matte finish
  • The application is effortless
  • It stays intact and doesn’t transfer
  • It has a smooth texture


  • It lacks versatility
  • It turns flaky after 5 hours
  • It is too expensive
  • The lipstick doesn’t moisturize the lips
  • It is not recommendable on chapped lips

MAC Mocha Lipstick

  • What Color is Mac Mocha Lipstick? It is a light brown color lipstick
  • Finish Effect: Semi-matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.2

Mac Mocha is a rich and creamy brownish-orange lipstick with a satin finish. It has rich color coverage; one swipe provides opaque, even color. This shade looks browner on the lips based on how rich or intense the color is applied; it can look more like a reddish-brown or deep burnt orange. The finish is “muted” to some degree and somewhat satiny/semi-matte (more matte at first, and then it develops some shine after an hour or two) with a lovely creaminess to it that keeps lips feeling soft and hydrated over time.


  • It doesn’t dry like other Mac lipstick
  • The lipstick has a vanilla scent
  • Lipliner is not required
  • It has a comfortable finish
  • It has an Opaque color


  • It is expensive

MAC Russian Red Lipstick

  • What Color is Mac Russian Red Lipstick? It is a color-toned medium-dark red
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.6

A matte red lipstick from MAC is universally flattering to any lip color and skin tone. The formula contains mineral pigments and is enriched with vitamin E. It also has a matte texture with a smooth and creamy finish. Applies evenly, smoothly, and flawlessly. Adds a new dimension to your lips. Available in various finishes such as satin, matte, etc. It is an iconic product that made Mac famous. The lipstick features a smooth and creamy texture that won’t cake, feather or bleed. The color stays true without fading or changing throughout the day.


  • It has a long-lasting effect
  • The lipstick has a bold red color that fits all skin tone
  • It is a demi-sheer that has a wet-look luster finish
  • Its pigmentation effect gives an intense payoff


  • It dries the lips
  • It is very expensive

MAC Nude Lipstick

  • What Color is Mac Nude Lipstick? It is a light bubblegum-blue pink
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.4

You will never be off-style using this nude lipstick from MAC. The soft formula leaves a creamy texture on the lips, which is exceptionally comfortable to wear. The lipstick will not dry out your lips because it is hydrating and adds color to the lips without making them look pale. It smells amazing and feels like butter when applied to the lips. You can wear it throughout the day, and it will not budge even a tiny bit. Moreover, the lipstick comes in a classy black tube that looks super stylish and elegant.


  • It gives a smooth finish
  • Last long on the lips
  • It smells good
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful chemical


  • Some of its shades are too expensive

MAC Taupe Lipstick

  • What Color is Mac Taupe Lipstick? It is a unique brown nude
  • Finish Effect: Matte
  • Customers Rating: 4.5

Taupe is a grey-brown shade that is very complimentary to dusky Indian skin tones. And this formula gives a matte finish without drying your lips. It is a creamy matte finish lipstick that can last for 4 hours. Loved for its Taupe color, which goes with all skin tones and lip colors. The color is gorgeous, the texture is smooth, and it stays on for a decent time.


  • It has a high pigment
  • The lipstick suits all skin tone
  • It has a perfect creamy texture
  • A good matte finish
  • It lasts long on the lips


  • The lips look patchy when the lipstick fades away


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