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The Laura Mercier brand which is globally famous for its Laura Mercier eyeshadows and cheek palettes is one of the world’s leading brands in cosmetics and skincare. Founded in 1996 by Laura Mercier, a painter turned makeup artist, the brand has built a sustainable niche in the makeup industry with innovative ideas and focus on products to create what it calls the “flawless face”.

The Laura Mercier brand is synonymous with naturalistic makeup; the “no makeup,” healthy, radiant glow look. And with its high-quality, natural-looking makeup products, for diverse skin tones and types, the brand is well on its way to a global takeover.

Best Eyeshadows and Cheek Palettes By Laura Mercier

The color and texture of the eyeshadow always set the overall look for face makeup: perhaps that’s because people usually look at the eyes first. On one extreme is the nude blend that gives off a more natural look and on the other end is the loud, attention-grabbing blend of colors and everything else in between. Hey, you don’t have to worry though cos no matter where you fall on the spectrum, Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow and cheek Palettes’ got you covered, literally. Let’s dive right in;

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick (Caviar Stick Eye Colour)

With the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick, you might just have to say goodbye to Palettes! It is as easy as a swipe and a dab and you are done! The Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick has more than 40 shades in creamy shimmer, matte, or chrome finish. We just love how it can be used on the go; it is so convenient to keep your favorite stick tucked away in your purse for that emergency situation.

With the intense and buildable colors, you can unleash your inner creative self and blend away with different sticks. And what’s more, it can double as an ‘eyeliner’ for your lash line too! Did we mention, it is long-lasting and crease-resistant; so no flaky or cakey eyelids. According to reviews, anything that you can do with a powder eye shadow, you can do with the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Stick.


  • Easy to use
  • Applies smoothly
  • Blends easily
  • Crease-resistant
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Silky texture


  • One shade per stick
  • Some (not all) are a little too sparkly

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Palette

Okay, so you love experimenting with blends of interesting colors, perhaps the Laura Mercier Eyeshadows Stick is a little bit limiting; you don’t want to have to carry all those sticks around right? Well, the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Palettes are here to the rescue;

Laura Mercier Parisian Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

The Laura Mercier Parisian Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is just ideal for achieving a range of looks. The Parisian-inspired palette consists of 12 highly pigmented matte, satin, and shimmer shadows. And the neutral tones make it quite suitable for all eye colors. This isn’t one of those palettes where one or two colors are left unused, we mean nudes go with everything!

You can match different combinations to make lots of amazing looks. It is highly pigmented, which ensures that it blends well and doesn’t wear off after a full day at work. From neutral daytime looks to bolder evening glamour, the Laura Mercier Parisian Nudes Eyeshadow Palette has got you covered. In summary, it is an excellent palette.

The Laura Mercier Parisian Nudes Eyeshadow Palette includes the shades; Délicate (cream), Négligé (dusty rose), Sensuelle (deep mauve brown), Lumineuse (light golden brown), Rêverie (clean metallic green), Nocturne (deep navy), Nue (light peach), Déshabillé (mauve taupe), Femme (mauve brown), Envoutente (dark bronze), Charneuse (dirty platinum green) and Charnelle (dark brown)


  • Versatile palette
  • Blendable and buildable
  • Includes matte and shimmering shades
  • Long-lasting


  • Haven’t found one yet

Laura Mercier Ginger Eyeshadow

So you have fallen in love with an amazing shade of eyeshadow that just seems to match your every need. Perhaps the Laura Mercier Ginger Eyeshadow, which is a moderately warm-toned, muted peach with a matte finish; is a match made in heaven. But it only comes in a 1 gram pan in the mixed Palette! You haven’t even started on the other colors and the Ginger Eyeshadow is almost gone.

Well, let’s introduce you to the single eyeshadow option, where you can get a single color in 2.6 grams. So now you can enjoy your favorite color much longer. The Laura Mercier Ginger Eyeshadow, just like the palette option, sits comfortably on the eyelids, it offers a smooth finish with a soft creamy feel and it is excellent for creating dimension and a hint of a smoky eye. So, it gives that edgy look without being loud and is easily layered or sheered.

The Laura Mercier Ginger Eyeshadow is great for creating diverse looks. While for some, it is used for a gentle and soft look, for others, it can be used to create a mellow smoky eye effect. With the Ginger Eyeshadow, you have a base or a finisher and everything else in between.


  • Versatile usage
  • Matte finish
  • More volume


  • Colour doesn’t go with all skin tone

Laura Mercier Hidden Gems Eyeshadow Palette

The Laura Mercier Hidden Gems Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition 12-pan palette. There are only two mattes in the palette, while the rest (metallic) has a slightly drier, dustier consistency across the board. Pigmentation is from semi-opaque to opaque and some of the colors are an array of jewel-toned hues. The 12 shades come in Rose Quartz, Amber Spark, Tiger’S Eye, Ruby Star, Plum Frost, Matte Black, Bone, Spirit, Polished Brass, Golden Topaz, Turquoise Blaze, Black Frost.

The Laura Mercier Hidden Gems Eyeshadow takes a step away from the typical Laura Mercier palette as it plays with texture and color, but that means that it offers more variety for a bolder and sparkler look. To get the best out of the metallic and avoid fallout during application, you can use a dampened brush. We wouldn’t recommend it for beginners though, experienced makeup artists will have more fun playing with this hidden gem.


  • 12-pan palette
  • Great for sheer
  • Gives that metallics shine


  • Moderate fallouts
  • Only has two matte

Laura Mercier Cashmere Eyeshadow

The Cashmere Eyeshadow is another must-have shade in a single eyeshadow palette. Its slightly cool-toned light mauve with matte finish is perfect for creating that matured everyday look. Its shade of ‘pink with a bit of burgundy brown’ undertone is just perfect for a base color. Imagine what magic you can create with this!

The best description of the Laura Mercier Cashmere Eyeshadow is a natural-looking shade. So, for that natural makeup look that enhances your eyes while still giving you a professional touch, Laura Mercier Cashmere Eyeshadow is the way to go.


  • Matte finish
  • Creamy and smooth


  • Colour doesn’t go with all skin tone

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

The Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette has been well received in the beauty community and rightly so! It has 12 colors; 6 are matte, 2 are luster, and 4 are sateen. The palette leans towards a purple-themed tone with co-coordinating pink, peach, beige, and brown. It is a perfect selection for a classic, elegant eye look.

So, if you love mauve/purples and dark purple with matte shades, this is the best palette for you. The palette has everything from highlight shade to crease shade, transition shade, and even liner shade. With this palette, you can go from a daily/professional look to an evening glam look with just a few swipes. While cool undertones are great for creating a soft smokey eye, the lighter shades are also great for soft and subtle looks.

The Eye Art Artist’s Palette is made up of; Sparkling Dew (pale pink beige), Guava (pale peachy pink), African Violet (pink-purple with a golden sheen), Plum Smoke (smoky purple), Kir Royal (burgundy purple), Violet Ink (inky eggplant purple), Vanilla Nuts (vanilla beige), Primrose (pale pink beige), Fresco (neutral brown), Bamboo (olive-tinged golden brown), Truffle (chocolate brown), Espresso Bean (darkened brown)


  • Buildable and blendable
  • Long-lasting options
  • Versatile options


  • Has more cool tones

Laura Mercier eyeshadows and cheek palettes offer multi-use eye shadow formulation that allows you to easily smudge, blend, line, fill or define your eyes. With them, creating your desired makeup look is effortless and rewarding. These eyeshadows and cheek palettes by Laura Mercier are available at your local Sephora, and of course online as well. What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

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