35 Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines That Can Spark Amazing Conversation

Choices of words to spark amazing conversations can be very difficult. Sparking conversations most times should go beyond the regular hello and hi, you should explore more to make things unique and interesting. The best tactics to get the attention of your crush requires making the person feel relevant and intelligent, thus the use of chemistry pick-up lines. These chemistry pick-up lines are amazing for the brainy because it makes them feel they have met their match. Moreover, no one wishes to settle for less.

The best chemistry pick-up lines should be those that display the level of your intellectual knowledge. Getting the attention of your crush isn’t easy so you have to make sure that you are good at it. Your crush isn’t just that regular person so, you have to be careful and picky in your words to capture their attention.

Chemistry apparatus like beakers, test tubes, crucibles, funnels, lab goggles, lab coats, and even the periodic table has a great role to play in chemistry pick-up lines. You can also use terms from the various branches of chemistry like physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry to make things look more interesting. Chemistry pick-up lines are interesting, cheesy, fun, and cute. Science gurus will love these pick-up lines especially if it has a pinch of humor in it.

Here are 35 Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines That Can Spark Great Conversation

  1. We have great chemistry together, can we work out some biology too?

We are perfect the way we are, but we still need to take things to the next level.

2. Even if a bunsen burner is turned on a whole year, you will still be hotter:

We all know that a bunsen burner flame is hotter than a normal gas flame. Saying that your crush is that hot will sure leave them with red cheeks or a grin on their faces.

3.There is no doubt that you are a compound of barium and beryllium because you are a completely packaged BaBe.

The atomic symbol of barium is Ba and that of beryllium is Be which makes up the word BaBe. This sounds romantic and has a touch of humor. It will leave her wondering what connects her with the elements if she is not a science student.

4.Beautium is a rare new element discovered by scientists. It seems like you are made of it:

Your crush should be thrown off balance at times for things to work, everything mustn’t be made simple for their understanding. This is cute and gives a strong edge to win.

5. If I had an option to choose between RNA and DNA, I will go for RNA because there is U in it:

RNA is made up of Uracil which differentiates it from DNA. This line will be loved because it shows that you desire their existence in your life forever.

6. Hello! seems you have lost an electron? Because I am attracted positively to you:

Even if your crush has never been to a chemistry class before, this line would work. This explains it all and will be appreciated.

7. You are the acid that reacts with my litmus paper because anytime I come close I turn bright red:

Litmus paper is a determinant of the acidity or basicity of a substance. Saying that your crush is acidic in this line is better than saying that they are basic. This is showing how they make you happy.

8. There is no doubt that you are made of copper and tellurium because you look Cu-Te:

Tellurium copper is an alloy of copper and tellurium. The symbol of copper is Cu and tellurium Te, joining the two gives Cu-Te. Everyone that passes you must take a second look. I admire you.

9. Hi sugar, I have got my heart and ion you:

Brief and cute, this action is set to get a reaction. If you say it just like every other word, your crush might not understand what you mean so, emphasis should be made on the “ion” part.

10. Can I be your T-cells, to give you protection over everything:

T-cells are part of the immune system that focuses on fighting against bacteria, viruses, and other foreign particles in the body. Everyone wants someone who can defend them and asking to be that defense is so lovely.

11. I am strongly attracted to you, so scientists should create a fifth fundamental force:

With only four fundamental forces in existence, a fifth one is not really possible because there are no facts that would lead to an experiment. This simply portrays that anything that can explain how I feel about you doesn’t exist.

12. You are my oxygen and I am your magnesium. Whenever am with you, I lighten up:

When magnesium reacts with oxygen, it produces light bright enough to give one temporal blindness. There might be little or no understanding of the chemistry behind this sentence, but romantic imagination goes a long way. Expressing how you feel about both of you together sparks more than a conversation.

13. Without you, my universe wouldn’t “matter” because you are the Higgs boson particle of my life:

One of the most developments in chemistry is the discovery of the Higgs boson which is related to CERN. In other words, the Higgs Boson particle accounts for mass. It speaks about how you fill a large space in my life.

14. You are the ONe because you must be made up of oxygen and neon:

Your crush will flush for the fact you think she is “the one”. This is a fun fact because it is believed that carbon ignition creates the oxygen-neon white dwarf. It means you fit all my needs because you are what I have been looking for.

15. You got me asking if you have 11 protons because you are Sodium fine:

Having the right use of playful words and a smart attitude to tell your crush that they are “very beautiful” is great. In saying this, the word sodium should be stressed to pass the message. Just be sure not to get watery eyes when you are turned down.

16. I am like a proton and you are an electron. And it is said that unlike charges attract:

This is very true unlike charges attract while like charges repel each other. It looks like some laws of the universe best explain the smaller particles up to human beings who are making efforts to get into a relationship.

17. You are damn hot that you would meltdown a nuclear reactor:

Phew! This line might be simple but looks so daring. If you are courageous enough to try out this line, you would send sweet sparks flying. This would really make your crush blush red.

Chemistry Pick Up Lines

18. The both of us react perfectly like oxygen and hydrogen:

Hydrogen and oxygen react to form water and energy or hydrogen peroxide. Water is life and when energy is there, everything works out well. This pick-up line works perfectly because it says it all.

19. Even with the Kelvin scale, I could not possibly measure how hot you are babe:

The Kelvin scale is a device used for measuring very high and low temperatures. This line shows that there is no comparison to how hot your crush is.

20. Even with hydrogen, you are still my number one element:

The number one element of anyone’s life should be someone that you genuinely want to spend the rest of your life with.

21. You are really pulling me, I guess you must be electronegative:

The electrons of a bond attract if electronegativity is present. This cute and funny line might just make you and your crush form a covalent bond…winks.

22. To my valence electron, you are  the photon quanta because you move me to a higher energy level of excitement:

Photon is the basic unit of all light which belongs to the class of bosons. No one has ever had such powers over my love life so, I am not letting you go.

23. I suspect that you are hydrochloric acid because you make my limestone fizz:

Limestones fizz when diluted hydrochloric acid comes in contact with its surface. Your presence makes me excited, lively, and feel like being on top of the world.

24. It seems like you are made of gold, carbon, sulfur, and titanium…because you look amazing:

These are the most expensive elements which cannot be seen anywhere. The elements that make up the most expensive and beautiful things are found in you.

25. Hello beautiful lady, scientists are still carrying out experiments to know why you are so beautiful. Should I make it known to them? You will make all their efforts go in vain:

Your beauty is one of a kind. I have not seen anyone as beautiful as you are.

26. If you were a pill you will be made of Uranium and Iodine:

After the Chernobyl disaster when huge amounts of radioactive Uranium resulted in a meltdown and irradiating the surroundings, the Iodine pills were widely used. You heal my world/life.

27. Would you bet that we haven’t had a class together? Or am I just noticing the chemistry between us:

The hidden meaning of this will be realized even if it comes casually. Whenever you are with me, the feelings make me feel like am exploding.

28. If I were to call you an element, I would choose Francium because you are pretty:

Francium is very rare and one of the known radioactive elements. On the other hand, it possesses a short life span of 22 minutes, in other words, it’s of no influence on the environment. Though it doesn’t sound cute it still expresses that you cherish your crush and that their type is rare.

29. Hi sugar, should I add a little more alcohol to catalyze this reaction?

A catalyst is any substance the speeds up the rate of any chemical reaction but remains unchanged at the end of the reaction. This simply says we need to rekindle our love and keep it burning.

30. Seems like you are made of copper. Because I Cu with me forever:

Cu is the symbol of copper which when pronounced sounds “see you”. This is simple but very sweet and passes lots of messages.

31. Guess you are an alpha carbon because you look vulnerable to backside attack:

An alpha carbon is the first carbon atom that is attached to a functional group. When your crush is endowed, credits should be given to her and in no time you will have her falling heads over heels for you.

32. Hi, hottie please don’t let my lab goggles get so foggy, you are damn hot:

Your crush will melt as they hear this. To make things sweet, say it when you are putting on fogged-up goggles. You are so hot that I can’t concentrate when you are around me.

33. I would have already known your number if your name was Avogadro:

The number of constituent particles in a sample is connected to the Avagadro constant. Being smart when sending out pick-up lines makes things easier. You might end up getting your crush’s number.

34. You are full of beryllium, gold, and titanium because you are so Be-Au-Ti-Ful:

Beryllium, gold, and titanium are chemical elements with the symbols Be, Au and Ti. Everyone loves it whenever their looks are complimented and your crush is not an exception. This is very sweet.

35. You look like a carbon sample cause I am going to date you:

Carbon dating has been widely used in the study of archeology and paleontology. With carbon dating, researchers have been able to date back to when people and animals lived. I really need you with me.

It’s of no use using the chemistry pick-up lines on a crush that knows nothing about chemistry. Doing this, your messages won’t be passed and everything will be a flop.

The listed chemistry pick-up lines will surely leave an impression on your crush that they are cherished more than any other thing. Impressing a smart science guru is made easier as long as you have the will to run around with words that talk directly to your crush’s mind rather than their emotions. If your crush knows little about chemistry, they will wish to get close to learn more and I bet you that conversation is not stopping any moment soon.

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