35 Best Nerdy Pick Up Lines That Can Spark Great Conversation

If you have an obsessive interest in anything, and boringly studious as much as you are socially inept and unfashionable, congratulations! You are a nerd. Although being nerdy now seems to be cool, thanks to popular shows like The Big Bang Theory, the term was originally meant to be derogatory, a go-to word for fashionable people whenever they want to describe people they consider to lack their social aptitude. While humans have been increasingly getting used to accepting people for who and how they are, it is pretty difficult for nerds to get along with socially sophisticated people. They are still made fun of for being different and alienated from people who are hip and trendy. Given this, hell might freeze before a nerd talks to someone s/he has been admiring, especially if the crush is very fashionable. And sadly, it is hard to see how the following nerdy pick-up lines can be helpful to a nerd in striking up a conversation with a crush.

This is so because such pick-up lines tend to demand more from a person in terms of intellectual ability. One has to be well-read with the flair to think and process information very fast, else they might never understand what was said and the conversation becomes awkward before it kicks off. For someone who’s naturally shy and nervous around people with zero communication skills, an attempt to start a conversation with a crush using nerdy pick-up lines can end very embarrassingly. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it shot; perhaps, your crush is a “closeted nerd” or has what it takes to comprehend such lines. Also, you should stick to nerdy pick-up lines that are not complex, but easy to understand like the following.

Nerdy Pick-Up Lines for Men

1. You are a solid 10, the square root of 100.

It is hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t understand that this is a compliment. Even if the person doesn’t know what square root is, which doesn’t seem possible, she should be aware that people are often graded from 1 to 10 based on how attractive they are perceived to be; with 1 representing those that are considered to be least attractive and 10 for those that are regarded to be super hot.

2. Are you a dictionary? Because you can add so much meaning to my life.

This is probably the simplest, nerdy pick-up line to use. No one would be confused about what you are trying to say, and you can easily gain anyone’s attention with it for a meaningful conversation.

3. You are not a carbon sample, but I want to date you.

Carbon dating is a technique used in determining the age of old material. It is a pretty common terminology but even if your crush has no idea what it is, s/he would still catch a hint of what you said.

4. You are like the Sun and I’ve been revolving around you.

This is one of the most simple nerdy pick-up lines. One doesn’t have to be well-read to know that the Earth orbits the sun once a year. With this line, there is no hidden meaning to what you are saying: I like you and have been trying to get your attention.

5. Hello, can I talk to you about how you are my density?

Mathematically, density means dividing the mass of an object by its volume. But this pick-up line has not to do with maths and everything to do with the fact that “density” is kind of a homophone to “destiny”. You are essentially telling your crush that she is your destiny.

6. Hi, how about we convert our potential energy into kinetic energy?

You don’t have to be into science to know that energy is the ability to do work and, that potential and kinetic energy are the two most common forms of energy. It’s totally possible that your crush is clueless on this topic but there is no way she wouldn’t get what you are driving out. The line naturally seems funny and is a good, nerdy way to kick off a conversation with your dream lover.

7. My love for you is like the value of Pi.

The premises of this nerdy pick-up line rests on the fact that no matter the size of a circle, its ratio of circumference to diameter is always the value of Pi. In a nutshell, you will be telling your crush that your love for her wouldn’t change, come what may. She may not understand the premise of the world but she would definitely realize you are attracted to her.

8. Hey, I’m sensing massive chemistry between us.

It is no news that when two people share a special connection, they are said to have chemistry. In that context, chemistry ceases to be a branch of science but a word that describes the emotion the people involved feel. There is no way your crush wouldn’t know what you are talking about.

9. We can make good currents together if you supply the voltage and I supply the resistance.

Any science student should have some understanding of the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. And any knowledgeable individual should have an idea of what it entails. In love language as posited in this nerdy pick-up line, you are telling your crush that both of you would make a good couple.

10. You are a High Test Score, I can’t wait to show you to my parents.

We can’t imagine any lady you would tell this that wouldn’t smile and give you some attention. It’s the checkmate of all nerdy pick-up lines. You are not only telling her you like her but also that you would be committed to her and proud to show her off.

Nerdy Pick-Up Lines for Women

Even as things have been changing, it is still largely a man’s world. Many women remain at the receiving end of romantic relationships, in the sense that they are conditioned to wait until they are asked out for a date. Given this, no one would need a soothsayer to tell that dating for a woman who’s a nerd is akin to the sun rising from the north. If such a woman gets a chance to aim her shot at a crush, she shouldn’t hesitate to come at him with any of the following nerdy pick-up lines.

11. You have damaged my cerebellum and I have fallen for you.

The cerebellum part of the brain is what sustains balance. If you damage it, you are bound to suffer a lack of body coordination; your movements would be slow and you would sway and stagger when walking.

12. I really think you need some vitamin me in your life.

This is also one of the simplest nerdy pick-up lines you could use; one doesn’t have to be bright to understand what you are saying and it would be surprising if it didn’t make him smile. It’s a sweet way to start a conversation with the woman of your dreams.

13. How about you become the Amylase in my life and make everything sweet?

You can’t expect everyone to know what amylase is; so there is a chance he might not have a full grasp of the line. Nonetheless, there is no way he would miss the part that says he has the ability to make everything in your life sweet. Amylase is an enzyme in saliva that is known to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. The chemical process of digestion begins with it.

14. For someone like you to fall for someone like me would be the eighth wonder of the world. 

Various lists have been compiled by various bodies throughout history to capture what they consider to be the “Seven Wonders of the World”. This is mostly done to recognize the most unique of human-built structures and natural wonders of the world. He should know what you mean if you use this nerdy pick-up line.

15. My attraction to you is definitely the fifth fundamental force.

This is quite an impressive nerdy pick-up line, he should get the message you are trying to pass across but might miss the premise upon which what you said is based; not everyone knows about the fundamental interactions in physics.

Anyway, four fundamental forces have thus far been observed and confirmed – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. Also, there have been several hypotheses about the fifth fundamental force of nature but none has been validated. So, it is actually a big deal to describe your attraction to him as such.

16. Are you Hydrogen? Because you are my number one element.

You don’t have to be a spod to know about the periodic table of elements in chemistry. Hydrogen as represented in the table has the number 1 as its atomic number and the letter H as its symbol. If he is familiar with the chemical element, you can tell him how much he is like hydrogen: pure (colorless), unpolluted (odorless), fresh (nontoxic), and yet very hot (highly combustible).

17. From A to Z, it U (you) that I like most.

This is simple and clear as much as it is odd and always draws some measure of appreciation from the lady. Just have something to say next to get talking to him when he responds with anything like “oh, thanks”.

18. You look out of this world, are you from Mars?

This is also a simple nerdy pick-up line. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry would understand what you are saying. It is a nice way to compliment your crush and at the same time kick off a conversation with him. Again, he might just say “thanks” in response, so be sure to have something to say next, else you aim to talk with him would die immediately it draws its first breath.

19. How about I buy you a drink and fix your laptop after that? 

There are a few things that might make a guy reject this offer, but there is no way he won’t always remember this pick-up line. Even if he can’t take you up on your offer, be sure he would give you some attention. Make the best of it, it might be the only shot you would ever get. Be cool, calm, and fun.

20. Electromagnetism is surely not a crap! I’m drawn to you. 

Even if he is not a physicist, he will understand what the line is saying: that you are attracted to him. Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that revolves around studying electromagnetic forces, the physical interaction that happens between particles that are electrically charged.

You would look foolish if you use this line and he gets talking about it only to realize you don’t have any idea of the things he’s saying. Be prepared for this and it applies to other pick-up lines. Equip yourself with creative ways to change the subject and keep the conversation interesting if it spirals into a deep discussion about the topic you raised with your pick-up line.

21. You are Uranium 235 and I’m Uranium 238, we would be inseparable

This nerdy pick-up line was culled from the “If I Didn’t Have You” song Howard wrote for Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory to mark the anniversary of their first date. The basis of this pick-up line lies in the fact that Uranium-235 and Uranium-238 are chemically identical and seem inseparable. Other nerdy pick-up lines from the song include the following:

  • Without you, I’m like Doctor Who without the Tardis.
  • Cheese and mac go together like me and you.
  • Can we get together? I don’t want to be an atom without a bomb.
  • I can’t be a dot without a com, let me get your number.

22. I always reach my melting point whenever I’m around you.

Unless he is a troglodyte, there is no way he wouldn’t get what you are saying. And, any man with a basic understanding of scientific rudiments would appreciate the line. This is because the term refers to the point at which solid and liquid forms of a substance exist in equilibrium; a state at which a substance changes from solid to liquid. It is the scientific way of letting him know he knocks you off your feet.

23. I have replaced every X with U (you) in my equations.

We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t know that the letter X is often used in algebra to represent a value that is not yet known. In the context of this piece, you are simply saying you would make him your priority.

24. I keep failing maths because you are the answer to all my problems. 

This is also one of the easy-to-understand pick-up lines. He’s likely to react positively to this; when he does, lure him in all the ways you can and make him comfortable around you.

Flirty Nerdy Pick-up Lines

25. You have the power to turn any software into hardware.

Software and hardware are computer languages; anyone who hasn’t been living in a cage should have some idea what the words mean. But they have nothing to do with computers in the context of this piece; the meaning is quite literal.

26. I’m Rubik’s Cube and I will get harder the more you play with me.

A 3-D combination puzzle invented by a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture named Ernő Rubik, the Rubik Cube is known to be very difficult to solve and the more you are bent on solving the puzzle, it seems to get harder. This nerdy pick-up line had a sexual undertone that’s pretty obvious.

27. You are so hot my globe is warmed!

This is derived from the Globe warming problem the earth is facing. More and more awareness has been raised around this, so it’d be quite a surprise to find anyone who doesn’t have some knowledge about this. The line is a nerdy and flirty way to say someone’s attractiveness turned you on.

28. You are so too hot, the elastic in my underpants has melted!

You don’t need to be told how this is a flirty, nerdy pick-up line, do you?

29. I would be happy to exchange genetic information with you.

This is pretty straightforward: you want to be physically intimate and father a child with your crush.

30. You are like the homework I would enjoy doing every night on my table.

Yikes! This is better said to someone you have known for a while. S/he might find it offensive if it’s the first time you are talking to her/her just as some people would find it funny and bold.

31. Hi, I’m a drum that would let you bang me 24/7.

Again, Yikes! But at least you wouldn’t be telling the person you’d do them on the table like the previous nerdy pick-up line. This is less disturbing, but there is still a great chance you’d be called a perv.

32. I would be glad to work my solution into your equation.

If your crush fails to find any humor in this, it might be wise to thereafter, concentrate on getting over the feeling you have for them. We would advise you don’t use this line if it’s the very first time you are talking to him/her. But then, people like and fall in love with people for strange reasons, this might just be another.

33. You plus me, minus clothes, we will definitely multiple!

Like other flirty, nerdy pick-up lines listed above, this is too much of an explicit thing to say to someone you are talking to for the first time. But if you have familiarized yourself with your crush, and have read good signs from the person, you can go for it and see what happens.

34. You can witness the exponential growth of my natural log in real-time if you want to.

If you need to be told that this is a flirty pick-up line with sexual undertones, then you have no business using it.

35. What would it take for me to update all of your software?

This seems to me literally innocent but the fact that you are using it as a pick-up line is what makes it very flirty and quite inappropriate for someone you are talking to for the very first time. If you don’t see anything wrong with making sexual insinuations to your crush, say this with a wink.

Tips for Wooing Your Crush If You Are a Nerd

As many have come to believe, nerds are not fashionable. They are generally seen as people who are socially awkward, clumsy, and weak. This idea of who a nerd is; is rampant and stereotypical. The good news is that you can use this to your advantage in wooing your crush. And you don’t have to be false to yourself to accomplish this, all you need to do is take some deliberate measures that will help you showcase how attractive you are as a person. The following might be helpful:

Learn How to Dress Subtly Stylish 

For most people, the first thing that defines a nerd is their casual and odd sense of dressing. It is expected of you to look ordinary without any form of physical appeal, but this doesn’t have to be so. Even if you are not cut out for fancy clothes, you can still dress casually in a stylish way.

Workout and Take Good Care of Your Body

For several reasons, it is crucial to take care of your body. In line with the above, if you are in good shape, it would be easy for whatever you wear to look good on you. Also, the stereotypical nerd is expected to be weak and timid. When you are fit, you naturally look strong and full of confidence. Your crush would notice this and definitely find it attractive that you are self-contained and yet seem to be self-assured.

Improve on Your Communication Skills

This is something you can’t avoid, no matter how much you dread talking to people, at some point you have to talk to him/her if you really want a shot at having them as a romantic partner. Since it is unavoidable, you should start learning how to communicate better as it takes more than a pick-up line to hold a conversation.

In all, do not be ashamed of disclosing who you are or the things you like that people feel are odd. However, give your crush the chance to see you for all you are and not only as a nerd. Let him/her see that you are weird but kind, fun to be with, considerate, and smart.

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