35 Star Wars Pick Up Lines That Can Spark Great Conversation

If you look for it, you will find a thousand and one tips on talking with someone you like and holding a meaningful conversation with them. These tips seem to be great until it’s time to apply them. You walk up to your crush, say “hi,” and everything goes blank; you realize you can’t remember any of the tips you had learned, and it becomes one of the most embarrassing days of your life.

Because of this, many have come to prefer one-liners and pick-up lines in kicking off conversations. This is so because almost always, they are silly, funny, or both, so much that they easily grab people’s attention, thus facilitating a smooth conversation. If there is anyone you like and have been trying to converse with, find out if they like sci-fi movies; if they do, you can try striking up a conversation with them using any of the following Star Wars pick-up lines derived from the Stat War franchise.

Star Wars Pick-Up Lines That Can Help You Start a Conversation With Your Crush

1. I have no doubt you are my Na-boo.

As portrayed in Star Wars, Na-boo is a beautiful world, image earth as peaceful as it could ever be with a high level of unadulterated intelligence. The Naboo world is inhabited by peaceful humans and intelligent amphibians, an indigenous species known as the Gungans. So, this pick-up line compliments your crush, and you are essentially calling them your paradise.

2. I’ve thought about this a long time, you’re the Obi-Wan for me.

Even if your crush is not a fan of Star Wars, there is no way s/he would miss what you are driving at; it’s like saying, “you’re the only one for me.” Obi-Wan Kenobi is known as a nobleman and legendary Jedi Master in Star Wars.

3. You’ve always beamed like a lightsaber every time I see you.

In Star Wars, the lightsaber is an elegant and advanced weapon of the Jedi. While any fan of the franchise would surely grasp the premise of this line, those who don’t know anything about Star War can tell it’s a compliment.

4. You are hotter than the flame troopers.

The Clone Troopers were an army of clones that had been genetically modified, and they had a special branch called the flame troopers. This group makes use of a flame-projecting weapon called the clone flamethrower. In the context of this piece, you are simply telling your crush that s/he’s hot, and that’s pretty obvious.

5. You must be a Sith Lord because I’ve fallen for you.

Most of the productions of the Star War franchise have the Sith as the main antagonists. They are known to be ruthless with totalitarian leadership. No one goes against the Dark Lord of the Sith, and with this Star Wars pick-up line, you are saying your crush has that kind of power over you.

6. How are you related to Yoda? Because you look Yodalicious.

Yoda is probably the most peculiar character in the whole of the fictional universe of Star Wars. The legendary Jedi Master is small in size but very powerful as much as he is wise. Even though many people would disagree he’s good-looking, there is no way it wouldn’t be taken as a compliment to liken anyone to Yoda.

7. There are many people here, but all I see is Yoda (pause for effect) Yoda only one for me!

With what has been said above, do you still need to be told how this is a smooth Star Wars pick-up line?

8. I don’t agree with Obi-Wan, I trust everything I’m seeing.

This is derived from one of the many memorable quotes from Star Wars. Obi-Wan, a favorite character of the franchise, was the one that said, “your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.”

9. Your focus determines your reality, so I’m focusing on you.

In the 1999 film of the Star Wars franchise titled The Phantom Menace, a character portrayed by Liam Neeson, Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, said, “Your focus determines your reality.” It remains one of the most favorite and popular quotes from the franchise.

10. You are the Chosen One. You have brought balance to this world.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a computer-animated television series, and the above pick-up line is culled from its “Ghosts of Mortis” episode. Of course, the line was referring to a world that must be saved from the dark side but in the context of this article, you are the world, and the Chosen One is your crush.

11. You are a rebel, you stole my heart!

This is probably the easiest to use of all Star Wars pick-up lines. It always gets a favorable reaction which you should capitalize on to get the conversation going. You should have follow-up comments to avoid things getting awkward.

12. Hello, you are the droid I’ve been looking for.

This was derived from a statement Obi-Wan made in A New Hope to some Stormtroopers: “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” The Stormtroopers were looking for R2-D2 and C-3P0, who, alongside Luke, were hiding from the Empire. Obi-Wan assists them with a Jedi Mind Trick, making the Stormtroopers believe the droids they are looking for aren’t R2-D2 and C-3P0.

13. Did you use the force on me? ’cause I love you.

What makes this a fine Star Wars pick-up line is what is being referenced. In the fictional universe of the franchise, the Force refers to a mysterious energy that holds the galaxy together. The Jedi and the Sith are known to harness the power of the force for extraordinary abilities that range from seeing the future to tricking the mind and what have you.

14. I’m a Jedi, would you be my strength?

This is a straightforward Star Wars pick-up up line. Unless your crush isn’t a fan of the franchise, s/he should understand your reference. In the Star Wars universe, a Jedi is a member of a mystical and knightly order trained to fight and ensure peaceful coexistence of the worlds in the universe.

15. My love for you can destroy all the Jedi and Sith warriors put together.

The core premise of the Star Wars franchise is the coexistence of humans and various alien species in a universe. As such, the storylines have largely revolved around ensuring the sustainability of the coexistence. The Jedi are the peacekeepers, the light side, and the Sith, the dark side.

16. Remember how the rebels stole the Death Star plan?

That’s how you stole my heart. For someone that knows what the Death Star plan is, what it is capable of, and how it was stolen, this Star Wars pick-up line says more than just the typical “you stole my heart.”

17. You are so hot and icy, are you from planet Hoth?

What you are saying here is pretty obvious, but it would take a Star Wars fan to appreciate it more. In the fictional universe of the franchise, Hoth was the sixth planet in the star system, and it was a remote and icy planet described as a dead ball of ice. For a while, the planet served as the headquarters of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. When the Galactic Empire discovered it, it led to what became known as the Battle of Hoth.

18. Hardly can a Dagobah without me thinking about you.

This should be the best Star Wars pick-up line for confessing your feelings to your crush. It’s a play with the phrase “day go by” and the Dagobah planet of the Star Wars franchise. The forgotten planet covered by swamps was the home of Yoda during his last days. The Jedi Master hid there to escape the Imperial forces.

19. You fell from Cloud City, didn’t you?

Cloud City is a beautiful and sophisticated city floating on a planet called Bespin in the Star Wars universe. So this pick-up line is equivalent to asking someone if they are an angel. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it always gets the attention for a conversation to happen.

20. My Jedi tricks will blow your mind, let’s begin with your number.

The Jedi Knights in Star Wars are known for their mind tricks which help them wiggle out of difficult situations in their quest to maintain peace. Using this Star Wars pick-up line suggests you are an interesting fellow, be sure to live up to that expectation.

21. Hello, can you become the Leia to my Han, so I won’t be Solo?

Han Solo is a relative of the fictional legendary family, the Skywalker family, in the Star Wars franchise. He is the brother-in-law of Luke Skywalker and the husband of Leia Organa. Solo, as used here, means being alone.

22. How about we get matching Tatooines? I like you that much.

Lovers get matching tattoos to celebrate their love, and Tatooines is a harsh desert world in Star Wars.

23. Hello, I’m from Alderaan, and you just blew up my world.

This Star Wars pick-up line can be substituted for “you just blew my mind.” Alderaan is a fictional planet of the Star Wars universe, and it was destroyed by Death Star’s super laser.

24. Hi, it’s Hoth here because you R2 fine.

R2 (are too) refers to a resourceful droid known as R2-D2 in the franchise, and Hoth (hot) is one of the fictional planets depicted.

25. Everything we feel is real; we don’t need a Holodeck.

As portrayed in Star Wars movies, the Holodeck is a device through which one can interact with realistic 3D stimulation of imaginary or real settings.

26. Many Bothans died to bring us this information (pause, then whisper) we were meant to be together.

Mon Mothma said the first part of this line about the second Death Star plans in Return of the Jedi.

27. Qui-Gon Jinn got it wrong; no fish can be bigger than you.

“There’s always a bigger fish.” is one of the many Star Wars memorable quotes. This is one of the several from Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

28. You can’t stop the change any more than you can stop the suns from setting or me from loving you. 

This beautiful Star Wars pick-up line originated from Shmi Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999). The character was portrayed by Pernilla August.

29. Never. I’ll never turn to the Dark Side; unless you take my heart. 

Also derived from one of the most memorable quotes of the franchise, the original line read: “I’ll never turn to the dark side. You’ve failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me”. The statement was made by Luke Skywalker to Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).

30. It is your destiny! Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy. 

This Star Wars pick-up line came from the conversation between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in a scene of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

31. Hello, can I spend a millennium in your falcon?

In plain words, what you’d probably say is, “I want to spend my life with you.” But as featured in the Star Wars franchise, Millennium Falcon is a starship.

32. Every time I Luke at you, I feel like giving myself a Han Solo.

You don’t need to be told this is flirty, do you?

33. Hi, I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe. 

It was Jango Fett that said that in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002). It’s an interesting way to introduce yourself to your crush. S/he doesn’t even have to know anything about Star Wars to appreciate it.

34. Hello, I’m Han Solo, and you are the only Chewbacca for me. 

Chewbacca, also known as Chewie, is one of the unique characters of the franchise. As portrayed in several Star Wars films, Chewie is Han Solo’s loyal friend and co-pilot.

35. Power! Unlimited power! I feel so powerful around you.

This Star Wars pick-up line can be traced to a scene in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005). Supreme Chancellor Palpatine screamed, “Power! Unlimited power!” as he electrocuted Windu.

Final Words 

Disregarding the foregoing, you can develop your own lines based on your knowledge of the franchise. However, it is of prime importance to be certain that the person you want to use the line on would understand it. It is really not advisable to use a Star Wars pick-up line for chatting up someone who is not a fan of the franchise unless you are sure the meaning is clear.

Above all, you should know that pick-up lines are not miracle workers. While they can help you make a good first impression, you have to be prepared to keep the conversation going.

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