40 Ways To Know A Girl Likes You But is Hiding It

It’s easier to tell when a guy likes a girl because most women expect a man to always make an outright move when they are attracted to them, but when the table is turned, it gets really hard to determine the true feelings of a girl. Though some don’t try hard enough to hide their feelings, naturally, women like to be chased and they usually hide their feelings to avoid coming across as cheap. What makes it even more complicated is that when a girl is into you, she makes a lot of effort to hide her feelings, including doing things that make it look like she hates you. Some women have been in a situation where they get the butterfly effect in their stomach when a particular guy comes around but find it difficult to openly express their feelings to him.

Where the problem lies is if you have an interest in the girl but you need proof that the feeling is mutual, getting this information from a girl is not a walk in the park. So, if you really like her and want to know if the feeling is mutual and you don’t want to act on assumptions to avoid being embarrassed if you are wrong, we have a few ideas that can help. The list below is all you need to know if she likes you and is hiding it and if it’s the right time to make a move.

Signs That Prove A Girl Likes You But Won’t Show It

Perhaps you have taken countless ‘does she like me’ quizzes but still can’t come to a plausible conclusion. The truth is, time may be running out so, try not to miss the signs and how can you achieve that? We rounded up 40 signs that show a girl has fallen head over heels for you but she is trying to hide it.

1. She wants to know if you are in a relationship

This is usually the first sign a girl displays when she likes you because not everyone wants to compete for attention in a relationship. As such, if a girl likes you, the first thing she would want to know is if you have someone in your life already. She might not ask the question directly but can resort to randomly bringing up discussions about her own love life. When she starts emphasizing that she is single and asking questions about who you are dating, take it as a sign that she is ready to come out of the friend zone with you.

The next time a girl asks if you have a girlfriend, it is safe to read between the lines but don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions here. Consider other signs listed below to be sure before you make that move on her.

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2. There are signs of light-hearted flirtations when she texts you

Everyone knows that expressing your feelings through writing or text messages is quite easier than physical interactions. Most often than not, when a girl likes you, she’s shy around you but the opportunity to text without looking at you directly gives her the opportunity to loosen up. If you notice she is subtly flirty while texting you, throwing suggestive comments, and sounding excited while chatting with you, she definitely likes you, even though she doesn’t say to your face.

She may make the flirty messages appear as jokes but if you read between the lines, you can easily see that they go beyond teasing. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, grab it and make your move.

3. You can catch her smiling anytime you are around

Not the normal friendly or polite smile but if a girl really likes you, she will often smile whenever you are around. This is no ordinary smile as you can easily see that she has a lot of things going on in her mind when she is beaming with smiles. Also, other people around usually notice this too and tend to tease her about it. Meanwhile, smiling can mean anything so don’t jump to unnecessary conclusions here.

It’s better to apply other signs that show she loves you but has been hiding it. Also, make sure the smile is for you and not for someone sitting close to you. It would really be awkward to assume that someone likes you, only to find out the signs were for someone else.

4. She’s interested in the things you like

Imagine a girl showing interest in a particular sport you like, now if that doesn’t scream she likes you then what else? Most women don’t fancy sports but someone who likes you can make an exception if she is one of the sports haters. You might notice she wants to do the things you like with you, including watching football games that she ordinarily wouldn’t do or supporting a cause you are passionate about.

In all, if she is always interested in knowing the things you like and getting involved in them, it’s a green light, enough proof that she might be into you. It basically means she wants to be around you all the time and looks for any excuse to do that.

5. She doesn’t mind introducing you to her friends

When a girl likes you, she is eager to show you off to her friends and of course, she has probably told them a lot about you. Though most ladies will not agree to this but women tend to seek the approval of their friends about a guy they like. So, one of the reasons she wants you to meet her friends is because she wants to hear their opinion.

The next time a girl says I want you to meet my friends, she might as well be telling you that she low key likes you and wants to keep you around for a long time. Knowing how women are wired to hide their feelings and wait for the men to make the advance, this might be your clue to make that move if the feeling is mutual.

6. Her friends already know about you

If you want to know whether a girl likes you, pay attention to her friends and how they react around you. Girls talk among themselves and their love life often comes up in their discussions. A girl who likes her has probably discussed you with her closest friends and anytime you are around them, their body language and the comments they drop may give you a hint about what they think about you. You can also pick up a few signs from them to know if the girl in question likes you.

Again, during conversations with a girl you think is into you, you would know if she has been talking to her friends about you. Saying things like what her friends think about a particular thing you like or do is a clear giveaway that she likes you and has been talking to her close pals about you. Nevertheless, you need to be sure that the things she discussed with her friends portray you in a positive manner as someone she likes. This confirmation is important as she might as well be dissing you in front of her friends.

7. Is she always available to help out in any way possible?

A quick look around you will reveal that one person who is always quick to render her assistance anytime you need it. She springs to your defense when necessary and drops everything she is doing to help you out, even when you don’t ask. While this kind of help can come from any female friend, there are other signs that will distinguish the one that comes from someone who really likes you. For one, she will go out of her way to make sure you are okay and regardless of the stress it puts her through, she will most likely be happy just knowing that she rendered her help when you needed it.

8. She knows personal details about you that you can’t remember telling her

This means she probably did a background check on you, perhaps through social media or by asking your friends questions. When a girl likes you, she wants to know more about you but since she might be shy or doesn’t want to show her feelings like that, she might discreetly dig up information about your life. You would know she likes you if she starts saying things about you that you are yet to share with her.

If she doesn’t care about you, she wouldn’t invest her time in carrying out research on you or even paying attention to the things you like. You might also notice she asks you indirect questions about yourself to get more information.

9. Her body language speaks volumes

Expressing your feelings doesn’t always require words as your body parts can even speak louder than your voice. One of the signs to know when a girl likes you but is hiding it is through her body language. Whenever you are around, she may unconsciously play with her hair or any object around, smile in a shy manner, touch you when she’s talking or laughing at your jokes, prefer to sit close to you in a gathering. A girl won’t do these things if she doesn’t like you but be careful before you jump to conclusions.

While reading her body language, be sure to factor in other signs a girl likes you before you conclude. Nevertheless, body language is a huge giveaway when you are trying to determine if she has feelings for you but you need to pay close attention before you can make anything out of it.

10. She doesn’t want to screw up your friendship

That person who secretly loves you will not allow anything to come between you and her. This can be seen in the way she always apologizes whenever an issue arises. She goes out of her way to stay on your good side and not screw things up. If for any reason you seem displeased with her, she might become a bag of nerves around you or try to mend things between the two of you.

11. She pays attention to details

She might forget where she left her purse but doesn’t fail to remember your favorite food or how you like your coffee. That’s a sign she likes you secretly. People, especially women, tend to remember things that matter to them and if she remembers the tiny details you drop in your conversations, she is really into you.

The feelings she has developed for you drive her to keep fond memories about you and most of the time, these memories come in handy when she wants to show you how much she cares without using words. She can do things you mentioned in the past to show you she has been paying attention. Try not to miss this sign if you are still suspecting she’s hiding her feelings for you.

12. She may shower you with gifts

While there are women who buy gifts for men without making a big deal of it, oftentimes, it is the men who use this gesture to show how much they care. Thus, if a woman begins to shower you with gifts, especially when there is no celebration going on, it is a sure sign she is trying to express her feelings towards you. It may also mean something else, so be sure to read the signs well.

Don’t get it twisted but these gifts need not be expensive before they can spell she is interested in you. In fact, the cheaper ones might hold more value than anything else. In a situation where you lost your favorite coffee mug, she might not only notice but will go out of her way to get you a matching mug. The gift can also be as simple as a pen but what matters is that she has been paying attention to your daily activities and needs and it says a lot about her feelings towards you.

13. You always see her footprints on your social media space

Aside from sending you a friend request or following you right back on socials, she will be following up on your online activities. You would know this by noticing the way she views your status, stories and likes your posts. This doesn’t necessarily mean she is stalking you but she likes you enough and wants to keep up with the things happening around you.

She might also DM you often on social media, especially when you come online, or comment on your status updates a lot. This is definitely a sign that she likes you.

14. Whenever you look around you might see her

That person who seems to have become your shadow by following you almost everywhere is probably harboring feelings for you but she is too shy to let the cat out of the bag. Don’t get it twisted but lurking around you is not to be mistaken for the activities of a psycho who is keeping tabs on you. Far from that, you might notice that the girl who likes you is always showing up at places you go to and she might try to strike up a conversation if you too are friends.

This is her way of making herself available to be noticed and it’s up to you to see the sign and read it. So, the next time you run into her at the gym or your favorite bar, you might not be wrong to conclude that she is trying to be around you.

15. When she is not close to you, her eyes are

If you always catch her staring, she might truly be hiding her feelings for you. One way to know if a girl likes you is to check if she is always looking at you. She won’t be able to stop herself if this is the case, but be sure to distinguish between creepy and affection. A girl who likes you will isolate you in a room full of people and nothing else matters to her except you as she notices everything you do.

Notably, staring at you doesn’t just mean she is enjoying looking at you. She might also be watching to see if you need any assistance so that she will be the first to run to the rescue.

16. When she flirts with other men around you while keeping her eyes on you

Women love to get attention from someone they like and one of the ways they achieve this is by flirting with people around them. She will definitely do it in your presence and make sure you notice. Another way to be sure she is flirting to get your attention is when you notice that she has been stealing glances at you while getting comfortable with other guys. It is important to know that flirting, in this case, does not have to be intense or taken seriously.

You might also catch her searching for clues of jealousy coming from you and if she really likes you, she will know when to stop before someone gets their emotions fractured. Overall, this is one of the biggest signs that screams a girl likes you but is hiding it.

17. Seeing you with other women makes her jealous

A lady who doesn’t like you or have feelings for you will not mind that you are giving attention to other women. If she likes you, she will definitely get jealous whenever you are flirting with other women. But this has to be the healthy kind of jealousy that can happen to anyone.

So, in addition to noticing when she is flirting with other men to make you jealous, you can also do the same with other ladies and watch how she reacts. This will really prove that she likes you.

18. Your jokes are always funny to her

Any woman who is attracted to you would always laugh at any slightest joke from you. This means she is growing fond of you and anything you do pleases her in ways people around might not really understand. She might also like to make body contact with you while laughing at your jokes.

Meanwhile, just because you got this woman laughing so hard she cries, it doesn’t mean your jokes are that good. They might actually be really terrible. The only reason you got her in stitches is that she wants to share those moments with you.

19. She becomes a bag of nerves when you are around or make eye contact

A woman who is into you will most likely focus on you whenever you two are together but when your eyes meet, she might get awkward, blush and look away. Stuttering and fidgeting might also come into play but this doesn’t happen to everyone, especially the people with a cool and collected personality.

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20. She wants to hang out with you

In case you haven’t noticed, when a woman doesn’t like you, any offer to go out with you does not excite her. But when she is into you, she wants to hang out with you more often. Even if you go in a group, she will still be happy knowing you are right there. She can also take the bold step of asking you out, probably not as an official date at first. It could be a casual outing with friends and she wants you to be there.

21. She texts or calls a lot

This simply means she goes out of her way to keep in touch, even though her feelings are still kept under wraps. Frequent calls from a girl can mean she really likes you but doesn’t want to blurt it out. It’s then left for you to read between the lines and meet her halfway.

Even when her conversations are not flirty, a girl can show her feelings for you by constantly calling or texting just to check up on you. Don’t let those efforts of hers go to waste, ask her out already before she gets tired of trying.

22. She wants to share her happy and sad moments with you

When you are her first call whenever something happens in her life, there is a great chance she likes you a lot. If you are always the first person or one of the first people she shares her good news with, she holds you in high esteem and definitely likes you.

Also, if she doesn’t mind coming to you in her vulnerable moments and feels comfortable sharing her depressing experiences with you, she might be holding back on her feelings for you.

23. Ask your mutual friends

Most times the mutual friends you two share know more than you do. If a girl likes you and is hiding her feelings from you, there’s a big chance she is always talking about you when she’s with other people. Because she likes you, she will often bring up topics about you unconsciously and even if it’s not about you directly, it might have something to do with you. You simply just occupy her mind all the time.

You can also know something is going on if her friends start teasing her whenever you come close to her. This means they already know she gets the butterflies when you are around. So, to know if a girl really likes you, ask her friends or the friends both of you often hang out with.

24. She drops her phone and every other thing to give you her full attention

In this era of social media and all the fun stuff that you can do on a smartphone, getting a girl to leave all that to focus on you is no walk in the park but if she likes you, it’s possible. Not that girls find it hard to focus when a guy is talking to them but most of the time, they prefer to feign busy, especially when they don’t like the person.

So, if she only has eyes for you in the midst of many distractions, she’s definitely a keeper and you don’t want to lose that.

25. You changed something on your looks and she sees it at once

Perhaps you got a new haircut or wore some new clothes for the first time and she is the first person to notice or throw a nice compliment at you. While women tend to notice everything, especially when it has to do with looks, a woman who is attracted to you will see the tiniest details of any change you made on your appearance. This means she has been paying attention and it’s a good time to make your own move if you like her right back.

26. You have caught her staring at you secretly

This is nothing like a creepy stare but the girl who likes you will always want to steal a glimpse when you are not looking and if you catch her staring, she might look away or give you a shy smile. Most of the time, she can’t stop herself from looking at you even if she tries.

27. She comes to you in her free time

If she lets you know when she’s free that means she values your company and wants to spend more time with you. Likewise, she’s letting you know she is free to hang out with you. Try not to miss this sign as it’s a vital one that can lead to so many other good things. If you also like her, seize the opportunity to hang out with her.

28. Does she send you pictures she just took

Maybe she just took a beautiful picture and thought of you. Any girl who randomly sends you pictures from her phone probably has the hots on you but doesn’t want to come clean. Perhaps she is hoping the pictures would entice you or help you see her the way she wants you to.

29. She’s curious about your life and experiences

Even when you are sure your story is boring, she still seems interested and wants to know more, there is every chance she likes you. It may not be a 100% guarantee in this case but it’s a good sign to take note of when you want to know if a girl likes you.

Another aspect to view this from is that she might be asking questions about your life to know the things you like and dislike. Subsequently, you might find her liking the same things you cherish and getting interested in things you do. This clearly screams she likes you.

30. She remembers your birthday and wants it to be special for you

In a world where everyone is busy with one thing or the other, people tend to forget birthdays unless they have social media to remind them, and even then, they might not go the extra mile to make it special for you. Nevertheless, the girl who loves you will pull all the stops to make your birthday a memorable one, including being among the first to send in their wishes.

Beyond sending birthday wishes, she can get you a gift, possibly something you have been craving for or something you mentioned during conversations.

31. She adjusts her clothes, hair, and makeup when you are around

Women naturally like to look good and flawless at all times but if a woman doesn’t like you, she won’t bother with the details, especially when you show up unannounced. On the other hand, if she has the hots for you, you might catch her straightening her clothes and smoothing her hair when you approach her. If given enough space, she might even freshen up her makeup as well just to look good for you.

Overall, she wants to show you her best looks but before you conclude that she actually likes you, check the other signs to be sure the attention is not for another guy and save yourself any embarrassment by not jumping to conclusions. Other signs like body language with eye contact could be sure proof that you are the one she is grooming up for.

32. How she reacts to body contact is a sign to look out for

While you are trying to understand her feelings, try paying attention to the way she reacts when your body touches hers. Does she recoil or she just looks comfortable with it? It could be a mere brushing of hands or you can jokingly hold her hand to see if she’s happy with that. A girl who likes you might be nervous at first but you will see right through her if she likes the body contact.

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33. She stays up late to chat with you

Whether physically or over the phone, a girl who likes you wouldn’t mind missing out on a few hours of her beauty sleep just to spend time with you. This is a good time to know when a girl is into you and those precious hours also present a conducive environment to let your intentions known if you like her back.

34. She asks about every girl she sees around you

It might appear as jealousy but in this case, she just wants to know every detail about your relationship with all the girls around you. You might even catch her trying to surpass what the other girls have to offer. If you can see this then she really likes you.

If the feeling is mutual, you might want to limit the way you flirt with other girls to avoid hurting her feelings.

36. When she’s around you, she might get too quiet or talk a lot

These two signs mean she is nervous around you which in turn means she likes you. People handle emotions differently and for some people, being nervous makes them shy while others may become chatty without even knowing it.

37. She might pick on you often

This is more like teasing you to get you to laugh and enjoy their company. It might appear like she’s giving you a hard time but in the midst of it all, you can easily see that she really likes you and just wants to spend enough time with you.

38. She puts ideas of being a couple into your head

These ideas may come in form of topics that tease about you two being in a relationship. She might jokingly scold you for acting like you guys are dating and there is always an unfinished tone to it which you can use to your advantage and ask her out.

39. When she makes sure you know her relationship status

A girl who likes you is always happy to inform you that she is single and searching. Don’t expect her to say it in plain terms but clues like telling you about her previous relationship is a sign she wants you to know she is single. She will also be interested in knowing all about your own relationship status.

40. You may notice her doing things the way you do them

This is called mirroring or mimicking which sees her do things like stand or sit the way you do or even speak in like manner. All these are often done unconsciously but it’s a good sign that you might need to take advantage of while the card is still on the table.


How will I know she has the hots for me?

If a girl is into you, she will display most of the signs mentioned above and if you are still in doubt, ask her and get it over with.

How will I be sure the signs are for me?

True, she might be displaying those signs for someone close to you which brings us to the fact that you need to check if she’s like that with other people before you conclude she likes you.

Is she just using me or she really likes me?

Some women can be manipulative, especially when a man who likes them is involved. Thus, it is important to pay attention to details here to avoid breaking your own heart. You can know if she is using you by checking how she behaves around other men and how much attention she gives you.

Why do women play hard to get or hide their feelings?

This comes naturally for many women, it’s just the way they are wired. For the most part, they don’t want you to ship them off as cheap and easy and they also love the chase. Not playing hard to get often takes away the fun.

How do I know she’s sexually attracted to me?

Her body language says it all. Though most women won’t make the first move if they want to have sex with you, they will likely let their eyes and the rest of their body do the talking. She might lean over in suggestive positions or stare at your lips. Just study her body language but don’t rush into it because one little mistake might cause her to withdraw.

What are the signs/body language to look out for to know if a girl likes you?

  • Subtle flirting
  • Dimmed eyes while talking to you
  • licking of lips
  • Biting her lips
  • Fidgeting
  • Toughing her body and smoothening her hair
  • Playing with any object around obsessively

So, she’s not interested in you, what do you do to get her attention?

There are two strategies you can go with when you find yourself in this situation but use her personality to know the best option. You can try playing hard to get or being friendly to people around her to get her attention. Again, you can be nice to her and give her all the attention she desires to win her over. While these hints can help you get her attention, it is important to know when it’s time to throw in the towel. As much as possible, don’t force love, allow it to grow naturally.

Is she interested in me or not?

Before you get your hopes high, be sure to know what her true feelings towards you are. If you don’t want to ask her, her friends can answer that question for you. On the other hand, you can apply some of the signs listed above to find out if the girl is really interested in you.

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