50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Gift Ideas (Golden Anniversary Gifts)

Although we travel and tour around the world with our families, and accomplish great things, getting to your 50th Wedding Anniversary is a golden achievement that is worth celebrating in grand style. It is also known as the golden anniversary or golden jubilee and is indeed golden as couples who make it to this level are celebrated with love and great wishes. Attaining such milestones with your spouse is worth celebrating in a traditional and modern way with sweet and exceptional wedding anniversary gifts that will embrace and show the cherished moments that they shared. Gifts given on this occasion are not just for the love doves who are celebrating but also for those that came to share in their joy. Making gifts choices for this celebration is quite daunting because we always want our gifts to be unique, sweet, attractive, and cherished.

These are 50 Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Gift Ideas For Parents

What is The Appropriate Gift For A 50th Wedding Anniversary?

For anyone to attain the age of fifty is golden and for a fiftieth anniversary, gold is always the order of the day which makes it the golden anniversary. Gold being a luxe material is worth the bond and moments shared and will make a wonderful and priceless gift. Golden anniversary originated in Medieval Germany where a husband presented a wreath of a gold necklace or ornament to his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary. This is because the precious stone represents success, achievement, triumph and it doesn’t fade or become valueless. Giving gifts like cash or regular gifts are great but doesn’t really reflect the occasion. Gifts choices here should be gold ornaments, gold plated gifts or gifts that reflect the gold color such as Rose Gold Stainless Steel Cup, Crucifix Charm Pendant, Four Picture Heart Locket Necklace, Gold Dipped Rose, Gold Wrist Watch, and so many other golden gifts.

Things To Do For Your Parents on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

A marriage that has lasted for 50 years is worth celebrating and if you are privileged to witness that of your parents, you should endeavor to make it a memorable one. As this privileged occasion is coming up, here are things to do for your parents.

Advertise Their Golden Wedding Anniversary

The joy we have when we are advertised all over the place knows no bounds, especially on occasions like this. Being a great accomplishment that everyone doesn’t get to celebrate, advertising the event on social media, billboards, radio, Television stations and many more other means of advertisement will go a long way.

Organize A Renewal Vow Ceremony With Reception

Apparently, it has been a long time they took their nuptial vows and a memorable ceremony like this should be kicked off with the old-time love doves renewing their vows in front of their family, friends, and well-wishers. This should be done in the presence of a clergyman or anyone holding the mantle of a clergyman under any religion that they practice. Custom polos with their pictures and 50th-anniversary write-ups should be worn on this occasion to make it colorful. A nuptial vow renewal ceremony on their 50th wedding anniversary is just like having their wedding all over but at an advanced age and should be followed by a golden reception. The reception can be in your home or an event center as breakfast, launch, or dinner with gold decorations all through. This should be accompanied by refreshments, music, and dance. Party sets like Disposable Cups, Gold Party Sets, and many more that reflect gold should be used in serving guests.

Take Them Down The Memory Lane

This can be made with their pictures and videos. Gathering pictures of their birth, holidays, vacations down to when they met, and their moments together till their old age with their favorite song playing in the background. Watching this together with your family and friends can make eyes go teary but it’s among the best moments of their life.

A gold-colored wish tree can also be made, decorated with gold accessories. The branches should be filled with pictures of main life events, cherished moments with family and friends.

You Should Make Unique Gift choices

In making gift choices for their 50th wedding anniversary, gifts that take them down memory lane should be given to them. Though this sounds out of the box, it is most cherished and can get them so emotional but they will bless the day you came into their lives. Gifts like the Engraved Gold Color On A Brown Leather Tray, Willows, A Picture Frame, Picture Album filled with golden moments. You can also give gifts of the things that they both enjoyed in their youth like wine, a book and so many more.

At this stage, your parents are not getting younger, so thoughtful gifts that will make chores easier for them should be given if they can’t afford to hire labor. Gifts that fall into this category include Wet-dry Vacuum Cleaner, Electric Spin Scrubber, Air Purifiers, Dish Washer, and many more. Gifts for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary should also extend to those that honored your invitation to make the day memorable to the fullest. Cowboy Boots Bottle Opener, Guest Book, Compass Wedding Favors, Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener, Plastic Shopping Bags, Gold Plated Pen, and many more custom gifts are great gifts ideas for thanking guests for honoring your invitation.

Make Donations To What They Like

Wedding anniversary gifts should extend to donating to organizations that your parents are part of or organizations that they support like the church, foster homes, community welfare development. The anniversary is an avenue for people to come together and this opportunity can be exploited to make guests that came to also donate as well.

Take Them On A Special Date 

The 50th Wedding anniversaries can also be made a memorable one by taking your parents on trips, shopping, cinemas. They can be booked for an all-expense-paid trip by you or gifted gift cards to cover their expenses on trips, shopping, cinema shows, launch, dinner.

Memories like this are not worth letting go of, proper documentation of the event should be kept for reference purposes for future progeny.

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