108 Cute Flirty Texts To Put a Smile on His or Her Face and Blush Like Never Before

Sending flirty texts is one of the easiest ways to start talking to someone probably because you are shy or you two might be many kilometers apart. Making someone feel special or showing care and love always has effects that we cannot see but are always great. some people on getting such texts smile, some laugh, and some even blush to leave those around them in suspense.

Though we are always engaged in one way or the other, it is still good to make the person at the other end still know that we care about them. A flirty text is great because it will ease the person’s stress and make them smile, laugh, or give them a red blushy cheek.

Sending a flirty text, especially when you know that the heat is on, and not when they are attending to an important issue, especially when you have an idea about their schedule.

Send flirty texts that suit the person’s position in your life, like your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancee, fiance, crush.

Here are some flirty tips on what you could send to sweep them off their feet.

Flirty Texts For Him

Flirty Texts

Most times when we talk about flirting with men, we think it is only on-call, or when you are in a one-on-one close contact. You can get flirty with him by sending texts. Sending a flirty bulky message to him for the day might not be read for even weeks because of the large contents. Not that sending bulk texts is bad, but it is better to send a simple one to two-line text or even a few-word text. It might not mean much to you, but it means the whole world to him. Expressing yourself in texts sometimes makes him love you more.

Here are some texts to get you flirting with your man:

  1. Your room or mine? Picking a venue for sex is usually fun; this calls for I need you and where are we making out.
  2. My heater got spoilt, can you come to warm me up? Putting up stunts that are quite noticeable is an awesome idea of lightening one’s face. Men love stunts, especially when it is to get them.
  3. I can’t stop sniffing your shirt: This actually means a lot. Having in possession your partner’s stuff and cherishing it is always sweet. He will always wish for it.
  4. Come open the door on my favorite shorts: Having fun most slightly is very necessary. Guys also like it when you notice that they look hot in some outfits. I bet you he is getting his wardrobe filled with that.
  5. The King of my heart: Men always like to take charge of every situation and thing around them, giving them that platform when flirting with them will be awesome.
  6. I miss you like crazy: Saying how you miss your partner is cool and makes you two not want to spend much time apart. Guys blush about this too.
  7. That goodbye kiss hasn’t left my lips: Complimenting your partner’s little gesture has a way of saying I want more and guess what you won’t stop getting that kiss.
  8. Let’s take a day off work and cuddle the whole day… just thinking: This sounds crazy but we all do crazy things for love.
  9. I want to bring to your notice that you mean the universe to me, my super hubby: Sweeping your spouse off his feet is a big deal so get it done.
  10. Seeing you around me all the time, makes me feel so safe: Safety in relationships matters a lot. Telling your partner how safe you are around him makes him feel that he is for you.
  11. Do you miss me? Asking your man if he misses you is also showing him that you care about him and miss him.
  12. Laying on your chest makes me feel at home: Texting him how comfortable you are when you are with him is always cute.
  13. You cant seize to put smiles on my face: Complimenting his efforts to make you happy is a wonderful idea because he would not want you to say the opposite the next time.
  14. Beer at 7 pm at the bar(name of the bar), bills on me: Most time, guys do the paying of bills. Texting to foot his bills at that moment is a great deal to him. He will boast about the flirty text to his friends, colleagues, and anyone that cares to listen.
  15. Football and drinks in my room tonight: It’s rare to see a guy that doesn’t like football and supporting their decisions on that and texting flirty to watch it together gives them a sense of belonging.
  16. Any plans for launch? let’s eat together if not: Showing that you care about their eating schedule is a great idea great. Men love being pampered.
  17. I feel like I’m flying over the moon whenever I’m around you: How you feel about someone should always be expressed. Men like it when ladies want to be around them and they smile about it whenever it strikes their mind.
  18. I am just listening to a love song ( title of the song) and it explains us: Using the simplest things to express how you love your partner mostly when you two have gone a long way, or when the relationship is a fresh one, depending on what the lyrics of the song say.
  19. You are such a big distraction, all I could see and think of today was you at the office: Saying that your partner is a distraction doesn’t mean he is a distraction, rather it is letting them know that you always think of them.
  20. The thought of how sexy you look when you are shirtless with your packs always makes me stay: Compliments on a man’s physique are a way of sweeping him off his feet. the truth is that he built his body to look good and saying it will leave his lips in smiles.

Flirty Texts For Her

Getting flirty with a lady takes a lot more. Ladies love attention and you don’t have to be around her all the time to give her those attentions. A simple text can perform a whole lot of magic. To get flirty with her these are what you need.

21. Guess what I am thinking? Grabbing you from behind and kissing you: Having fun most slightly is very necessary. This text has a way of saying how much I love and want you. Though it looks and sounds so simple it makes your partner always smile for no reason even when he/she is no longer reading the text. Everyone wants to feel special and it is much valued because it is coming from you.

22. I can’t stop falling in love with you: Some partners tend to get tired of their relationship as it grows older due to some reason like they do not find you worthy of their love anymore, they feel like trying out someone else, or maybe what they are now too familiar with you. Getting flirty in texts can pass the message of “I can’t get tired of loving you”, it makes them blush non-stop and encourages more love.

23.  I can’t bear losing you to anyone: This makes one take a deep decision not to let your love and sacrifices be a waste, especially when you two fought. it gives you a glimpse of “am sorry” and you know how it lightens both the heart and the face.

24. What are you putting on: When you don’t want to come straight to saying am horny, this is an alternative way of saying that.

25. Dinner tonight; hope I am not getting disappointed?: Asking for a hangout probably makes one smile or blush. Especially after a rough day. It makes you ask for more.

26. Movie in few minutes, coming to pick you up, look hotter: Seeing movies with someone you love or have feelings for is always fun, no matter how horrible the movie is. It eases stress and makes you happy.

27. No matter how the sun shines, It’s still not bright, I miss you my sunshine: This is really a cool flirty text for a fresh date.

28. What are you up to, hottie?: This lets them know that you care about how their day is moving and want to know if you can come in if there is any problem.

29. I like the fact that we are friends… but I guess we should push it more: Taking relationships to the next level is a way of saying I need you by my side always.

30. Nothing can be more fun than flirting with you: This is so cute, especially when it’s a new relationship.

31. What was your mode of transportation from heaven because your type doesn’t exist on earth: Telling your lady how wonderfully made she is, makes her want to be more of an angel.

32. I love the man you have made me become, especially when I am around you: Commending the positive changes made in your life by your lady will always leave her smiling all day.

33. I can’t hold it anymore, my heart feels like it is going to blow off in the next second, all because I can’t stop loving you: This tells me that you have no space for a second party and you are open for love.

34. I was once a fool believing that no girl can come as a complete package, but you have it all. you are pretty, classy, homely, hardworking, and intelligent… I love you: Having a lady who possesses all that you look out for in a lady is the best gift a man can have. Sending your compliments to show that you are lucky to have her shouldn’t be a big deal.

35. You are so pretty: Sending this text for no reason at all makes her have this confidence in herself. She is really working hard to look pretty and she should be commended.

36. There are just the two most beautiful women in the whole world, and they are you and you: Though there are other beautiful women all over the world, texting her that she is the only one that exists to you is so cute and sure would leave her in smiles the whole day.

37. Can you violate the traffic to get home already, I can’t stay up to a minute without you by my side: Ladies love it when they are always wanted. you are not telling her to violate the traffic but just letting her know how badly you want her.

38. The way you caress my hair makes me want to stay home all day on your laps: Touches that we enjoy in relationships should always be spelled out. It gives more room for more.

Flirty Good Morning Texts

Flirty Texts

Waking up to a flirty text is a great start to a day. A perfect flirty text will sure put you in a bright mood. Starting a day in a bright mood has a way of ensuring us that the whole day will be awesome. To get your partner in a bright mood for the day, always send a sweet, cute, simple but loud text that speaks more of what you want to say.

39. Getting up every morning with you by my side is my best gift ever: We all want to be told how our partner sees us, whether as a liability or an asset. This boosts the confidence one has in love. this goes a long way in making relationships that would not have lasted last more. Let’s say it boosts relationship immune.

40. Waking up every morning with those huge arms wrapped around me is the best feeling ever: Most times, getting compliments on how our body is adored is leaves us with a wonderful feeling.

41. Waking up early is never my thing, but when I remember that I have a handsome face to meet, I  jump off my sleep: Making someone know that they are part of the reason you make it out of bed every morning is a good one.

42. My morning can never be better without you, have a wonderful day: Expressing how much you want to be with someone is not a bad idea at all.

43. Good morning sugar, cant wait for you to come back from your office, I want to be cuddled: Always ask for more attention even when you are getting it.

44. For my morning to be splendid, I wish for breakfast with you in bed: Breakfast in bed with your loved one will make the rest of your day.

45. Hello! It’s bedtime over, hope last night’s dream was all about me, catch you later… hugs and kisses: People often dream of what they have running in their heads. Dreaming of you speaks a lot.

46. I don’t like it whenever I jump off my bed early with you in my thoughts and not in my arms,… good morning beautiful: Being flirted with this way in the morning makes a whole day.

47. Sugar and honey are great sweeteners, but no sweetener can be compared to your kisses on my lips… have sweet morning honey: Letting someone know how sweet they are early in the morning will make the rest of the day sweet.

48. I have never seen anyone that has competed shinning with the sun, but you, my baby did and won. good morning sunshine: Sending this in the morning will make them see how your love for them has grown.

49. Good morning sweetest, take a glass of juice for two: Reminding them to take breakfast can be so sweet of you. most times people miss breakfast due to the morning rush, but a reminder will make them flush and know that you still care.

50. Serving breakfast in bed would be so nice, but since I am some kilometers away from you, a cute morning text serves as that: Distance shouldn’t be a reason for not doing things that you wish to do. Expressing them should go a long way.

51. Good morning Romeo! Your Juliet is waiting to see you! hope to see you in the evening: This passes the message of “be back on time because I miss you”.

52. Breaking news! it’s bedtime over. Good morning cutie: Waking up in the morning is never fun but going with this text has a way of making it sweet.

53.  Your smile is a good start for a sunny day, can I have a little… good morning my shine: This is an early morning brightening word that can make a person’s day bright.

54. Even in dreamland, you still couldn’t stop showing your love for me, Good morning my sweet fairy: When you are loved, you will want to be everywhere around your partner.

55. Whenever I count my morning blessings, I lose count when it gets to your turn, I can’t stop loving you. Good morning my full package: Being counted as a blessing is the best feeling you can ever wish for so early in the day.

56. Every morning I breathe beside you I feel brand new, good morning mon cherri: Love is refreshing and you shouldn’t hesitate to put it into text.

57. No matter how loud alarms seem to buzz early in the morning they can never be loud like the love I have for you. good morning pumpkin: Love speaks flirty things a lot loud and it is so cute expressing that way.

Flirty Texts to Make Him/Her Laugh

Laughter they say is the best medicine. It unburdens the heart. Doing that with a flirty text is a great way of showing that a person’s happiness matters a lot to you. The funny flirty text has a way of making one laugh.

58. Because I sent hi first, you should be the first to send kisses: That you are sending this doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she must ask for the kiss. You can as well go for the kiss first.

59. I can hear my name in your thoughts, can you stop already? This message will make your partner think of you if they were thinking of something else.

60. How is your schedule list for the weekend, mine is empty?: Making yourself available for the weekend can be cute, your partner will have no option other than to make himself/herself available.

61. You are killing me softly with your hot pictures: Bringing to my notice how hot I am will always make me laugh.

62. I know your face is lit up with a grin seeing my name on your phone screen: Whenever the name of your loved one appears on your phone screen, it makes them happy. This already is making them laugh because they are caught in the act, though you are not there with them.

63. If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea; ‘ll sail the world to find yourself: Always saying the impossible to show how you love someone can be so funny.

64. Hope you didn’t jump out of the oven because you are too hot: No one would jump into an oven, you are just expressing the fact that they are so damn cute.

65. Hi, sugar! mind wooing me for the second time?: Spicing up your relationship means saying even the craziest.

66. If love is a crime, I wouldn’t mind a life sentence jail term in your heart: There is no jail in the heart, so Locking a person up in your means we are not backing out.

67. I am going through our old messages, I can’t stop laughing at some things that we said to each other: You are indirectly saying go read our old texts. Old texts have a way of making you laugh because you will see that so many things that you two said to yourselves will be looking funny to you.

68. The thought of knowing that someone loves me makes me blush like a cat: Most times we think of our love life, we can’t help but laugh, smile or blush. So it’s good to let them know.

69. Your love is just like poison, slowly moving through my system and breaking all my defenses: When you can’t fight love anymore and just accept all you see.

70. Baby, you are my affliction and am addicted, loads of love: When you have accepted love without any more objections.

71. If you were a fruit you are an apple, so unique: Using fruits to express your love for someone is cool.

72. My doctor just prescribed you as my lifetime cure: It feels great expressing what one means to you. this will really make one laugh.

73. What did you think of me the first day we met?: Going down memory lane is a way of letting unending laughter out. When asking this question, be sure to hear horrible things that your partner thought of you and wonderful things as well.

Flirty Good Night Texts
Flirty Texts

A full day can be stressful, sending flirty texts can kiss away stress and make you feel whole, especially at bedtime. Sending flirty texts before bedtime makes one get lost in their dreamland and I bet you everyone wants to get lost in that kind of dreamland. I have got some tips to do the magic.

74. My bed looks so empty without you: Partners are always happy to know that you fill a huge vacuum in their lives.

75. Looking out of my window I see the stars shinning but none shines brighter than you my world, good night my brightest star: Comparing one to a star will give them a smooth night’s sleep with smiles on their lips.

76. Though I  am covered in my blanket I still feel cold, I wish for an all-night cuddle to get the cold running: This will get your spouse, boyfriend, and girlfriend running to your bed for the night.

77. I think am getting insomnia thinking about how you lit my world, please a need a cuddle to get cured of it. goodnight my world: This will make you wake up with smiles all over.

78. Falling asleep without your snore can never be so fun: Some people find snoring as a turn-off or rather a disturbance, but accepting that you still love your spouse even though he snores will leave him with a loud laugh all through the night even in his dreams.

79. The reason I have a home and rush back every day from work is that I know that I have arms waiting to wrap me up for a cuddle… goodnight my better half: Appreciating the fact that you can’t spend a night out of your home is great.

80. I will always be the light to guide you if you ever find yourself in the dark and can’t see: It’s always dark and scary at night so a text would shake off the thoughts.

81. I just have your name boldly written in my heart. sleep tight sweety: Going to bed with the feeling that you are loved in a person’s heart can leave a huge smile on your face while sleeping.

82. I can’t stop yearning for your touch, goodnight my star: Expressing how bad you want a person is not a bad idea for a goodnight text.

83. As peaceful as the night breeze is, so is your love, thanks for giving me a peaceful life, goodnight my best: Acknowledging the virtues of your partner before sleep is great.

84. Goodnight to the king/queen of my heart: Knowing how special you are before going to bed is the best therapy ever.

How to Flirt Over Text and Win Him or Her Over

Winning hearts can be made easier using texts. Everyone loves it when romantic words are said to them. Flirting with texts can make one developed love or feelings towards a person. This requires how perfectly well you chose your words and also arrange them. An organized text will do the magic. I have some mind-blowing flirty text that can sweep your dates off their feet.

85. The way you look into my eyeballs makes me feel like  I am in heaven: Complimenting a person’s eyes can go a long way in winning the person over.

86. Your voice is a cure to stress: This will make the person want to give you more of their voice.

87. Your presence lits up my world: Saying how you want a person around you all the time can be made easier with this.

88. I have fallen and can’t rise anymore … in love: Am just saying I can’t back out anymore in loving you, so you should say yes to me.

89. I can’t wait for our first kiss, what is your thought on that… winks: You have just made them know that I need us to get to the next step of getting closer.

90. I don’t mind staying up all night just to keep hearing your voice: The easiest way of saying I love you and can’t wait for a yes from you.

91. You can always count on me like 1,2,3 and I will be there: Winning someone over requires more than just a chat, you should also stand out for them when you are needed.

92. Whenever you forget how much you mean to me, I will remind you every day: professing a person’s worth can make him/her give. Everyone wants to go where they are valued.

93. If you are tossing and turning and can’t fall asleep, I will sing a song beside you: Saying things that you are willing to do and meaning it will always make a room for you to show it.

94. Your presence makes my head spin like a carousel, can you give in already: Flirty words have a way of making the receiver blush and imagine the future with the sender and guess it’s a yes.

95. I won’t hesitate to take a bullet for you because you mean the world to me: Love has a lot of responsibilities attached to it, so those are the bullets you should be willing to take

96.  You are the one I love and the one that I truly need: Love is jealous and the thought of I choose you over others should be made known.

How to Respond to Flirty Texts

Flirty Texts

For an effective conversation to take place between two or more persons, responses must be used to reciprocate it, if not, the conversation dies. This is not left out in relationships. Replying to flirty texts can be so tedious, especially when you lack words to express yourself. Responding to flirty texts speaks a whole lot about a person’s feelings, thoughts, and decisions.

97. That’s so thoughtful of you, the flowers are just as sweet as you…: Flowers show how we care and love a person, so love should be appreciated.

98. Great, you win: Giving in to a flirty wish or a flirty game shouldn’t be a big deal. it spices up feelings.

99. My day wouldn’t have been great without you… thanks: Showing that you appreciate a day spent together is sweet.

100. My cheeks are red from blushing… can you stop already: Expressing how his/her texts make you feel is not bad.

101. The movie will be just fine: Whenever you are asked out always give an instant reply.

102. Sure we are a perfect pair: Though this doesn’t say much, it a perfect way to reply to I love you and would want us to take a step together.

103. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life…thank you cupcake: If your partner always puts smiles on your face, don’t hesitate to show how much you appreciate their care and love.

104. I need that, thank you sugarplum, see you soon: Most times, little replies that we feel won’t do anything go a long way. stating that you will see them soon will just curb any more chats.

105. I guess you now read minds to know what I want at the moment… I heart you big thanks: Having someone that always knows how to put smiles on your face without asking is the best feeling ever. Always appreciate their care and show them how you cherish them and their relevance in your life.

106. All your messages are wonderful packages. You are the best… kisses: Appreciation to texts simply means I am aware of your love and care, and what you feel about me, and am happy about that and feel the same way about you too.

107. My cheeks hurt from laughing at the funny texts you sent, thanks for that, I heart you a lot: Appreciating the fact that your partner can’t stop putting smiles on your face is a great one.

108. Thanks for always having me in your heart,…kisses: Not everyone thinks of their loved ones, some might think of you, but sending you texts to show that is not their thing. so any little text should be responded to.

Having the thought that you are being loved, cherished, and wanted through texts speaks loud. Texts do a lot of tricks no matter how cumbersome or little they are, especially a flirty one. you send flirty texts to show that you are happy they are awake, at work, tensed up, or during bedtimes just to put smiles on their faces, make them blush or even laugh out loud. This can be spiced up with lovely images to make it look sweet. You can as well flirt over texts to win someone over. Most importantly every action requires a reaction and so are flirty texts. Showing appreciation to the fact that someone cares by replying to their text is courteous. Appreciation goes a long way in showing that you are open to more.

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