60 Good Dares For Friends and Family

Eat a lime or lemon without squeezing your face. Now that’s a good place to start this game. Playing truth or dare is one of the best ways to spice up the fun in a gathering of friends. Perhaps you have a few friends over and you have exhausted other activities like board games and just talking about stuff was becoming boring, you can break the ice with a good truth or dare game that can accommodate everyone. Additionally, family game nights can also include the truth or dare game to lighten up the mood.

Most of the time, people play truth or dare together but you are free to play just one part of the game and in this piece, we are choosing to dare. Deciding to include truth or dare in your game nights with family and friends is one thing but getting enough good dares to use is the hard part. Some players run out of options after a few sessions which is normal but we rounded up more than a few good dares for you to get cracking on. But for starters, how do you play the game?

How To Play The Dare Game

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While this is a popular game, not everyone knows how to play it. Thus, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with how the game works, the guidelines are highlighted below.

  • Decide on the number of people that will take part in the game and have them either pick numbers, roll a dice or use any other means to determine who goes first.
  • Before the game starts, decide on the punishment for anyone who fails to carry out their task correctly.
  • The punishment doesn’t have to be serious, just something to remind them of their failure, like drink a glass of water even when they are not thirsty.
  • The first person should start by choosing a player in the group and ask the person to do something they wouldn’t do ordinarily. Basically, they will be dared to do something that will ordinarily seem awkward.
  • When the first person is done, the second in the group will continue by repeating the process, but with a different dare task.
  • Anyone who fails to do their dare will be mandated to take the punishment the group mapped out for defaulters. It could be eating raw pepper or anything else.

Overall, truth or dare is supposed to be fun and leave everyone in stitches so don’t be the buzzkill. Play the game and have some fun with your friends and family. Check out these good dares for friends and family.

Good Dares For Kids

This is apparently a game for the family which calls for caution in choosing the tasks. You don’t want to create an awkward environment by choosing tasks that are inappropriate for the kids because they can’t do most of the things adults do. Some appropriate and good dares for kids include the following:

1. Recite a poem with your tongue out

You can select a particular poem for the kid to recite. This should be one of the popular poems they learn in school and they must do a good job reciting the poem with the tongue sticking out.

2. Use any item you want in the room and build a tower as tall as you

It will be hilarious watching the kid try to keep the tower standing until it gets to their height, especially if small items are used.

3. Recite the English alphabet with a mouth full of water

Get ready to mop the floor because it going to get wet pretty soon but it’s fun watching a kid recite the alphabet with water in his mouth.

4. Put on your swimming gear and swim on the hard floor

You can spice it up by mapping out a distance they must cover while pretending to swim on the floor.

5. Eat one teaspoon of …(you can mention that food they detest)

Now is the best time to get the kid to eat those good meals he has been missing out on because he doesn’t like them.

6. Make five funny faces

They will be happy to give it to you more than you bargained for so beware but don’t forget to take pictures to show them later.

7. Put a prank call across to grandma

They will have to come up with a prank that will rile the old lady up but be sure to keep it moderate.

8. Make five animal sounds

The sounds they produce must be recognizable and if nobody is able to call out the name of the animal after each sound, the kid must do another one.

9. Make Mickey Mouse impressions

Mickey Mouse has a lot to offer in this regard and those impressions will definitely spice up the game.

10. Stand on the street and shout… I pee in my pants!

Now no kid would like to be associated with peeing in their pants and that’s a good dare for them.

Good Dares For Teenagers

Teenagers are always in for a crazy game so why not dare? A group of teens playing the dare game will have a lot of fun with these options below and you can personalize things too by bringing ideas that relate to the players.

11. Entertain the group with belly dance for one minute

Someone should start the timer for this while the group sits back to be entertained by the improvised belly dancer. It will even be more fun if the person is a boy or just a terrible dancer.

12. Look into the eyes of the person to your right for 30 seconds

This might sound easy but try doing it without blinking for half a minute. Not so easy right?

13. Tell the first person you see on the street “I love you”

The person they will tell I love you must not be in the group of friends playing the game. A total stranger is the only option.

14. Touch your nose with your tongue

This is mostly impossible unless they have an incredibly long tongue. Nonetheless, it’s usually fun to see someone give it a try.

15. Make an impression of one of your teachers

This is better used when the players attend the same school or are at the same level in school. Notwithstanding, people who have been friends a long time will have fun with this.

16. Recite the English alphabets backward

This is pretty hard but you will be surprised to know that some kids can do it perfectly but it’s still fun to watch them try.

17. Call your boyfriend or girlfriend and break up with them

Of course, the boyfriend or girlfriend as the case may be will not be in the group of friends playing the game.

18. Prank call a fancy restaurant and place an outrageous order

The order should contain everything on their menu and more.

19. Call your crush and express your feelings

This is a very difficult one, especially if the crush in question is unapproachable or they have not mustered the courage to talk to them.

20. Wear your underpants on your head and dance outside for one minute

Be sure you don’t tell the crazy type to do this because they will have a field day doing it. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun way to bond with friends.

Good Dares Over Texts

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Playing this game on the phone is as much fun as doing it physically. Perhaps you are on the phone with your best friend or lover and you feel like playing around a little, a dare game is still possible over the phone and we have some ideas for you. Pictures are usually required to make the dare game work through texting and it can be done in a group chat too.

21. Tattoo my name on your body and send me a picture

The tattoo will not be permanent of course. The player is expected to use a pen or marker and write the name then send proof.

22. Take pictures of you making funny faces, post them on Facebook and tag me

Be sure to like the pictures and drop a comment when they tag you to complete the fun.

23. Tell me a secret nobody else knows

Make sure you are ready for what might hit you, depending on how big the secret is.

24. Send a voice note of you singing a high note song

You can even choose the song you want them to sing and if it’s a guy, giving him a Whitney Houston piece or one of Celine Dion’s love songs will be fun.

25. Wear your underwear on top of your clothes and send a picture

It will be fun if you are playing in a group where some people have not seen the person in their underthings.

26. Screenshot your search history and send

A timeframe can be provided for this. Perhaps you know they have been up to something.

27. Upload a thirst trap picture on social media and tag your parents

Considering how titillating thirst trap pictures can be, this is a pretty good dare for anyone whose parents are on social media.

28. Compose a love poem for your crush

If you guys are lovers, you can ask him/her to compose the poem for you.

29. Display your best dance moves on FaceTime and send it

If they are good on the dance floor, you might be in for a treat, otherwise, be ready to laugh hard.

30. Make a video of yourself using your lips and hand to portray the way you want to be kissed

It will be awkward trying to make out with your own hand but they have no choice at all.

Good Dares For Guys

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Most guys love to play hard and dirty which is the perfect combination for good dares. For the guys, below are some of the good dare tips and ideas to play with.

31. Make a delicious dish for everyone

Men naturally don’t like to cook and most of them don’t know how to do it so what do you think will happen here?

32. Call your crush and tell them how you feel about them

The call should be put on a loudspeaker for all to hear. He might get lucky and she likes him back or you guys might be treated to the most embarrassing moment.

33. Chose someone to tickle you for 20 seconds

This will be perfect for the guy who likes to portray a hardened personality. Imagine having them giggling like a fool.

34. Give everyone a nickname that suits them

Guys are good with nicknames but to spice things up, let the nicks be something funny and related to the receiver.

35. Go outside and toast the first girl you see

The rest of the group can hide somewhere to record the outcome. It’s usually an awkward scene.

36. Try to whistle with your mouth filled with popcorn

It’s definitely going to rain popcorn when that task is being attempted.

37. Tell the person to your left the one thing they do that annoys you

This can either get the person to amend their ways or create a problem between them, either way, it will be fun to know.

38. Call a fancy restaurant for reservations and pretend to be a known celebrity

It will even be better if the celebrity is a woman. Have fun trying to talk like Beyonce.

39. Dress up like a girl and take a walk outside

Let’s just hope some passersby don’t have their cameras ready. He might just see himself all over social media.

40. Tell a woman with a child that her kid is ugly

Someone might be in for some ass-whooping if that woman is in the mood.

Good Dares For Girls

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For the ladies, there are many fun things to do in this game of dare.

41. Sing a song with a mouth full of food

The song must be recognized by someone.

42. Kiss the person to your right

Unless you specify where the kiss will be planted, it doesn’t matter, as long as there is a kiss.

43. Pour raw egg on your head

Now that’s an annoying one, especially for a girl who doesn’t even want water on her hair. Make sure there is enough shampoo to reverse the outcome.

44. Update your Facebook status with information about your crush

Women are mostly not vocal about their feelings so this will surely be fun.

45. Update your profile image on social media with a picture of your crush

Would be more fun if she has a boyfriend or the cush is on their contact list.

46. Approach a guy on the street and ask them out

Naturally, women like to be asked but it would be nice to have it the other around.

47. Call your mom and tell her you are pregnant

Be quick to set the record straight before she freaks out.

48. Shave your eyebrows and take a selfie

Though they will grow back after a while, shaved eyebrows in a picture? Not nice at all.

49. Drink a glass of beer without stopping for air

If you have issues with alcohol, you can switch to water.

50. Allow a guy to do your makeup

This will be so much fun…

Good Dares For The Elderly

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The parents and grandparents will not be left out in this game. Family game nights are for everybody and it doesn’t have to get awkward with your parents and the elderly ones in the family if you chose the right dare tasks to use in the game. Below are some suggestions.

51. Knock on the neighbor’s door and ask if they will adopt your children

Just pray they don’t say yes!

52. Use toilet paper and make a nice headgear

Considering how soft toilet paper is, it might be a long night for everybody playing the game.

53. Ask dad to do mom’s makeup

Needless to say, this will be a disaster unless of course dad is a makeup artist. Either way, it will be a fun sight to behold.

54. Recite a kindergarten rhyme

As long as they are not teachers in the field, it will be fun watching the elders struggle with the lines in a poem they used to know very well.

55. Eat a combination of peanut butter and hot sauce

This is an opportunity to play a few pranks on your folks. It would be fun to watch their reaction when the concoction hits the right spot.

56. Dance on the lawn and do it like a chicken

The granny will be perfect for this one since they are naturally slow and would look funny trying to dance like a chicken on the lawn.

57. Let the kids or grandkids paint stuff on your face

Needless to saw the finished work of art will be spectacular but will help the family bond with all the fun.

58. Smell everybody’s mouth and guess the last thing they ate

Assuming they don’t already know this, smelling everybody’s mouth might not sound sweet but it will be fun trying to guess what they just ate.

59. Give everybody a piggyback ride

This will be fun as long as the elders are still strong. Be careful with the grannies to avoid ending up with cracked bones.

60. Throw an ice cube underneath your clothe and leave it there until it melts

Cold weather would be the perfect time to use this. Not usually funny at all to whoever would do it.

Don’t Be A Buzzkill

With the foregoing, you now have all you need to play that dare game with your family or friends at any time. This means it’s game on but make sure everyone involved is up for it to avoid spoiling the fun for others. In a game of truth or dare, players are usually excited to see the outcome of a dare, especially if it’s a difficult one. So, as much as possible, try to carry out the good dares given to you and in the process, entertain the group. Even if the task is an impossible one, the initial effort might just be all that is needed to make everyone’s day.

As such, try not to be the buzzkill in the group by saying no to every dare given to you. If you are not feeling the game, perhaps you should leave it for those who are ready to have fun, and maybe you will have more fun watching them play.

Overall, the major aim of playing a dare game is to have fun and it wouldn’t be nice to take away the joy by not abiding by the rules we aforementioned. It is also important to take note of the fact that the point of daring someone to do something in this game doesn’t translate to humiliation, even though it appears so sometimes. Notwithstanding, players of this game, who are mostly close friends and family are advised to make the most of it to build a stronger bond between them. It’s okay to have some fun every once in a while, and when you do it with your loved ones, it makes life a lot easier.

More Fun Games To Play With Your Friends and Family

Apart from truth or dare, a gathering of friends or family can choose from a plethora of game options to keep the mood bubbling. Below are some of the games you can consider playing on your next game night with your folks.

  • Never Have I Ever: This is a fun game where the players will take turns in saying things they never did in their life.
  • Family Feud: Here, the players can be divided into two groups and they will have to answer questions or complete some tasks to determine the winner. You can keep the kids engaged all day with this game and also get them to work together.
  • Would You Rather: Anyone can play this game irrespective of age. Funny questions will be asked in exchange for answers that might open a can of worms.
  • Who’s most likely to…: This is better played in a family or among friends who have been in each other’s life long enough to know a thing or two about them.
  • Card and board games: There are different ways to play cards but you can find a common ground for everyone to be able to participate.
  • Sports Trivia questions: In a family of sports enthusiasts, playing the sports trivia game will be fun. There are also other trivia question games on other fields in case there are people who don’t fancy sports and they need to be carried along.
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