An Ex Policeman Lost His House Car and Girlfriend Riddle Question and Answer

What is the answer for An Ex Policeman Lost His House, Car, and Girlfriend Riddle?

The Answer is that he lost his job first.

From the question, it is mentioned that the Ex-Policeman lost his house, car, and his girlfriend, but he has already lost his job before he lost his house, car and girlfriend.

As clearly stated in the question, he is an Ex-Policeman. The Ex-Policeman refers to the Policeman who lost his position, this implies that he no longer hold that position as a police officer. Consequently, we can conclude that he lost his job before his house, vehicle, and girlfriend.

Eventhough this option is not included in the question, the essence of the riddle is to make you think and figure out this fact from the question using common sense and logical reasoning

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      5. An Ex Policeman Lost His House Car And Girlfriend, What Did He Lose First?
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Joanne Lawrence
Joanne Lawrence
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