Boys Haircuts: 40 Cool Hairstyles for Boys with Short or Long Hair

The coolest and most trendy boys’ haircuts right now include modern haircuts, fades, curly haircuts, undercuts, comb-overs, and much more. What’s more, these haircuts can best fit boys with both short and long hair. However, finding the latest hairstyles for boys isn’t always easy and can be an arduous task for some but we have got you covered with our long list of cool hairstyles for boys.

While the goal is to ensure boys appear cool and fresh, there are incredible hairstyles on the list below. We have carefully selected these haircuts to suit your needs, from hair length and fade to tapered with nice movement and flow. Many of these styles are great for boys of different ages. So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your preschooler’s and toddler’s haircut, here are some ideas that will help you choose a great one.

Boys Long Haircuts

Boys’ long haircuts are the new trend and are a great way to keep your boy’s hair looking clean and neat. The best thing about boys’ long haircuts is that they can be styled in different ways to look lovely on most children’s face shapes. Below are some of the haircuts available for your boy’s next barber appointment.

1. Long Curtain Boys Haircut

The Long Curtain Boys Haircut is a haircut common among fashion-forward boys. The Long Curtain Boys Haircut is a very stylish haircut that makes you look like a Hollywood star from the 1950s. This hairstyle looks great on boys with long faces, as it draws attention to their eyes and mouth. Pairing this look with a suit is also easy: be sure to style it to look clean and polished.

2. Top Man Bun Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

Ever since the popularization of the Man Bun hairstyle by David Beckham, it has become a trendy boy’s hairstyle. This haircut is mainly seen among young American boys. The top places in the world you will see are the Man Bun style in Japan, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Boys with a square face can benefit from a classic man bun, but top it off with a beard and keep it clean for that casual, urban look. It looks great with a suit, or you can dress it down by throwing on some shades and a leather jacket to create a bad boy vibe that’ll blow away.

3. Messy Long Curly Haircut For Boys

Messy Long Curly Haircut is a popular style for boys. It has been around for quite some time and is still popular. This is an easy hairstyle for maintenance, and it looks great on men of all ages. Messy Long Curly Haircut is an excellent choice if you want something that looks good on men of different ages.

This hairstyle will fit boys with round faces and oval-shaped faces. The best way for boys to rock this hairstyle is to wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, or if you want something dressier, then wear it with a polo shirt and khakis.

4. Layered Wavy Hair for Boys

Boys Haircuts

Layered Wavy Hair for Boys is a common hairstyle seen in many celebrities and everyday people. The unique thing attached to this hairstyle is that it can be worn in many different ways. In addition, it is very easy to do and requires minimal maintenance.

It’ll be easy to style your hair with a long-length layered haircut if you’ve got an oval face. This hairstyle works best when paired with a casual outfit like jeans and a T-shirt, a shirt, and a hat. This will help you keep the look fresh and stylish, even in the hot summer months.

5. Skater-Boy Long Haircut

The skater-boy long haircut is a popular choice for boys. You see it everywhere, on boys with and without skateboards. This hairstyle is versatile, simple to cut and style, and almost every guy can pull it off. In addition, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle that takes just a few minutes to style every day.

The Skater-Boy Long Haircut is an excellent look for boys with round faces, especially if they want to show off their cheekbones. To rock this hairstyle, we recommend wearing an oversized, slightly baggy top to show off your symmetrical shoulders and upper arms.

A pair of skinny jeans will help complete the look, but make sure you roll them up at the bottom to show off your sexy ankles—and if you’re feeling bold, go with some high-top sneakers or cowboy boots.

Boys Short Haircuts

Short hair cuts for boys come in many styles. There has always been a certain amount of freedom attached to a boy having short haircuts. Have a good look at some of the styles available for your boy’s next short haircut.

6. Short Comb Over With Side Part Boy Haircuts

Boys Haircuts

The short comb over with side part boy haircuts is not a common hairstyle. Many boys who wear this hairstyle are generally from the British Isles and Ireland. This hairstyle is also not very common among young boys as it tends to look slightly older than other Hairstyles.

The best part of this hairstyle is that it will fit almost any face shape. So you don’t have to worry about it not looking good on your face because it will look great. If you want to wear this style when you go out on the town, you should wear it with something more casual like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

7. Combed Back With Disconnected Blonde Undercut for boys

Combed Back With Disconnected Blonde Undercut for boys is a fairly common hairstyle that some celebrities today can see. This hairstyle can be worn by boys of any age gap and with any type of hair color. It is also easy to use and will not take much time to apply.

This haircut will suit boys with an oval or square face shape, and confident boys can only pull it off. You can wear this hairstyle with shorts, jeans, a t-shirt or shirt, and a blazer.

8. Boys Low Cut With Half Moon Part

Boys Haircuts

The half-moon part is a bit of a throwback. It was popular in the early 2000s when music artists like Black Eyed Peas and Usher were at the height of their popularity. This hairstyle isn’t quite as popular as it once was, but it’s still trending in some parts of Europe.

The style works best for people with round faces and heart-shaped faces. The best way to rock Boys Low Cut With Half Moon Part is to wear casual clothes or dressier clothes.

9. Boys Short Wavy Haircut

 The Boys Short Wavy Haircut is a relatively common hairstyle for boys. It has become more popular over the last few years, and it is likely to remain a go-to option for black boys for many years to come. This hairstyle is great for boys with long faces and medium-thick hair.

It will make their face seem less long, and it’s an excellent option for boys who have an active lifestyle because it takes minimal maintenance. To dress up this style, have your boy wear suspenders or a bow tie or necktie if he’s up for a formal event.

10. Forward Swept Boys Short Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The Forward Swept Boys Short Haircut is a short haircut common among young boys. It is also known as a boy’s bob or bowl cut. However, this haircut is unique because it features a forward-swept bang with a shorter top and back.

It is best suited for boys with round or oval faces and works well with hair texture from straight to curly. This hairstyle works well with a wide range of dress styles for boys, from casual to dressy.

Haircuts for Boys with Curly Hair

You can find below many pictures of haircuts for boys with curly hair. Boys with naturally curly hair can look great with different kinds of hairstyles. Find the right cut, style, and concept below.

11. Boys Fade Curly Fade Haircut

This is an excellent choice for almost any boy. It is a classic haircut that has been around for decades. This boys’ hairstyle is also very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. The fade curly fade hairstyle was developed to give the look of a longer cut while still maintaining the natural bounce and movement of a boy’s hair.

The boys fade curly fade haircut is an excellent choice for any boy with a heart-shaped face. This style looks best when worn with a hoodie and jeans but also goes well with any other outfit as long as it’s casual. You can pair this look with any sneakers or boots that have white soles on them because they’re perfect for showing off a cool design on your shoes.

12. Thick Boys Curly Haircut

Boys Haircuts

Thick boys curly haircut is a style created in the early 2000s by a professional hairstylist. This hairstyle became very popular among teenage boys and young adult males. It is an excellent choice for boys with a round face, as it adds definition and angles.

The best way to dress this hairstyle is by pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans and some chunky boots. You can opt for a blazer instead of jeans or go all out in leather jackets for something more formal.

13. Low Taper Fade Curly Boys Haircuts

The low taper fade curly boys haircut is a popular boy hairstyle for children with curly hair. It is also known as the low taper curl cut for boys. This is an easy-to-maintain haircut for black boys, and it works well with any hair type.

It is a funky and curly hairstyle that is perfect for boys with oval or triangular faces. The best way to rock this haircut is to wear it with a simple outfit, such as jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt. You can also wear this style if you’re going out on a date or formal event.

14. Skin Fade Huge Curly boys haircut

Boys Haircuts

The skin fades huge curly hairstyle is becoming more popular for boys because of how easy it is to maintain. You can keep this hairstyle looking neat by using a comb when needed or just letting your son’s natural hair do its thing.

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you’ll be able to rock this cut with ease. However, if you have an oval face shape, you’ll want to style your hair a certain way to appear more square than round. You can wear this style in jeans and a shirt. However, it will look best if you wear something simple, like a plain t-shirt with the same color as your hair.

15. Afro Curly Boy Haircuts

This boy’s hairstyle is very common. Many boys are choosing the afro curly style for their hair, and the reason for this is that it is effortless to maintain. Also, this style of afro curly hair is very flattering for most facial features, so it looks good on most people. The kind of face this hairstyle will fit best is a perfectly oval face.

The reason for that is that the huge curls in the front will create a rounder effect on the face, which looks best on an oval face. Skin Fade Huge Curly boys’ haircut works best when paired with tighter clothes, as the contrast between the rounded curls and angular lines of your boy’s clothes will make this ‘do pop.

Boys Fade Haircuts

Boys fade haircuts are a great way to give your boy’s style a chance to have its identity. The main goal with fade haircuts for boys is to have something easy to do that will last and is very economical to maintain.

16. Forward Swept Mid Fade Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The forward-swept fade is a popular style for boys with medium to long hair, but it can also be a great style for very short hair. It’s one of the most versatile hairstyles for boys and is easy to maintain. Those with round faces will benefit from this style because it will elongate their face.

The forward-swept mid fade also looks great on boys with heart-shaped faces and square faces. The best way to dress for a forward-swept mid fade is to wear casual clothes that are not too tight or too baggy. This will help create a look that is both comfortable and fashionable.

17. Low Cut Sharp Fade

A low-cut sharp fade, also known as a buzzcut, is a very common boy’s hairstyle. It is most commonly seen on military personnel and other men who need to wear their hair in uniform.

The low-cut sharp fade is a haircut that will fit just about any face shape, ranging from round faces to oval faces. Boys should dress casually when sporting this hairstyle. They can wear jeans and t-shirts or shorts and a polo for a hot day.

18. Mid Parted Curly Fade Haircut

Boys Haircuts

This is a very common boy haircut. The curly fade is versatile and easy to maintain, which makes it a popular choice for boys who want a stylish look but not too much fuss. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits almost all the face shapes, but if your boy has a round face, you should go for this haircut.

This is because it enhances your features and makes you look more stylish. We recommend wearing it with a suit or a blazer and jeans to rock this style. You’ll be sure to impress the girls.

19. Brown Messy Fade Boy Haircuts

Brown messy fades are very common and can be seen in many boys of different ages. This hairstyle has turned out to become popular in recent years. This will likely grow in popularity as more people learn about it and see other people wearing it. This hairstyle is perfect for boys with oval-shaped faces because it adds some dimension to their features.

In addition, it is an excellent style for boys who want to show off their facial features. For this haircut, you’ll want to stick to basics: jeans and T-shirts work great. But, if you’re looking to accessorize (and we know you are), try some brown leather boots or even some fun sneakers—whatever fits your mood!

20. Parted Fade Haircuts For Boys

Boys Haircuts

The parted fade is one of the most common haircuts for boys. It’s so common that you’ll find it in almost every barbershop. It’s a haircut that’s been around for years and has stood the test of time.

This haircut will fit all kinds of faces. It will also give you a correct look to make your boy’s hair look good. To rock this hairstyle, you will need to wear your boy a suit or something that fits well with his face.

Boys Haircut Long On Top Short On Sides

The most popular boys’ haircuts are short on top, short on sides, and medium layered haircuts for boys. In addition, boys have many hairstyles such as shaggy haircuts, undercuts, Mohawks, quiff haircuts, slicked backs, and pompadour to offer them a new style every day. Below are some styles that will interest you for your boy.

21. Boys Twist Long Haircut

This boy hairstyle can be worn in various ways, from short to long, depending on your preference. Boys love this hairstyle because it’s easy to style and maintain and extremely versatile.

It looks excellent on any head shape and length of hair, although it has been specifically designed for boys with long hair. The best way to dress for this hairstyle is with a mid-neck shirt and a pair of jeans.

22. Boys Long braided Fade Haircuts

Boys Haircuts

Boys Long braided Fade Haircuts is one of the most common and versatile boy hairstyles today. Boys Long braided Fade Haircuts has been around for a while and will likely continue to be popular. It is an excellent choice for those who have triangular, heart-shaped faces.

It’s also a perfect choice if your face is not too round and you don’t mind the extra attention. If your boy has a petite body type, you may not want to wear him a t-shirt and pants with a loose t-shirt over the top. Instead, try wearing them separately and adding accessories such as belts or bracelets to his hairline.

23. Side Swept Long Wavy Haircut

The side-swept long wavy haircut is a fabulous boy hairstyle. It is popular because it can be worn casually or formally, and it can be used to add volume to otherwise thin hair. The hairstyle is perfect for a round face because it is long and wavy. It gives the optical illusion of diminishing length.

This can make your face look less round than it is, which is why this hairstyle will fit a round face perfectly. You can dress in slim-fit clothes to show off your nice figures to rock this hairstyle, as it will also give a more masculine feel to the style.

24. Front Swept Long Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The front swept long haircut is one of the most popular styles for boys with long hair, but it is also great for guys who are growing out a shortcut. This style looks neat and polished, with no maintenance needed.

If you have a square or round face, this hairstyle will work. A classic undercut works best with this style so that the front of your hair can grow longer and be swept over to create that rakish effect. This style is best paired with casual wear and streetwear.

Little Boy Faux Hawk Haircut

If you want your boy to look like the coolest five-year-old in class, we’ve created the Little Boy Faux Hawk Haircut for you. So, if you search for a hairstyle for a child under five years old, this is it.

25. Boy Hawk Fade Haircut

The boy hawk fade haircut is one of America’s most common boy hairstyles. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that it is a style that is easy to cut, maintain, and style. This can be the perfect choice for parents who want a low-maintenance haircut for their child and children with sensitive skin or hair types that are hard to work with.

Boys with oval faces are the perfect face shape for this style. In addition, the boy hawk fade haircut makes your face look even more elongated. Little boys should wear clothes that show off the neck and ears to rock this hairstyle, like collared shirts or t-shirts.

26. Little Boy Mid Parted Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The little boy’s mid-parted haircut is incredibly common. It is a simple, low-maintenance style that can be worn by any young boy from toddler to early elementary school age.

This style is perfect for boys with round faces as it helps to elongate their faces by adding height on top of their hair. This hairstyle looks great with any outfit, but we think it looks best when paired with something dressier—a tuxedo or formal wear for boys.

27. Little Boy Brown With Golden Highlight Mohawk

Little Boy Brown With Golden Highlight Mohawk is an increasingly common hairstyle for young boys in the United States. According to the LA Times, the hairstyle is the hottest new trend in boy’s fashion. In addition, some celebrities and athletes have adopted this look. Little boy brown with golden highlight mohawk is great for little boys who have round faces and want something different.

This is also great if you have curly hair, as it will look good no matter what texture your hair is in. Long-sleeve button-up shirts are always good options when trying out any new style or trend – they’re comfortable, clean-looking, and easy to wear with jeans or khakis.

28. Mixed Colored Little Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

Mixed-colored hair is a prevalent hairstyle among little boys. It mixes different colors and gives your child a very funky look. The unique aspect of this haircut is that you can play with your creativity and come up with different looks.

This haircut will suit boys with round, heart-shaped, and square faces. The face is your hairstyle’s first impression; it should be framed by a cut that’s flattering to its shape. Little boys who rock this look can try wearing everything from casual jeans and tee combos to dressier suits, depending on the occasion.

Boys Mohawk Haircut

Boys Mohawk haircut could be simple to style, and even though it has something in common with the punk version, the mohawk for boys is different. The list below is some incredible mohawk hairstyles for boys.

29. Mid Fade Mohawk With Layered Hair Texture

The mid-fade mohawk with layered hair texture is a trendy, modern hairstyle that can be worn by boys of all ages. It’s a great choice for kids who want to make a statement with their hair but don’t have time to get it done every day.

This look will suit faces of all shapes and sizes, but a long face would suit this hairstyle better, creating an illusion of length to your face. It also goes well with any dress you are wearing, so you can rock this hairstyle at any time.

30. Skin Sides Boys Mohawk

Boys Haircuts

The Skin Sides Boys Mohawk (a.k.a. The SSBM) was first popularized by Nnadiboy and his band of brothers, who used the “Mohawk” to stand out from other boys on the playground. This was around 2001 when Sharpie markers were used to draw on the skin and not color hair.

It is the perfect hairstyle for boys with a round or oval-shaped face. It is a simple hairstyle that will suit any boys’ wardrobe. The style is also great for school as it will allow your young man to express his personality. This hairstyle is perfect with all types of clothing, but it does look best when you wear jeans and a t-shirt.

31. Spiky Boys Mohawk Hairstyle

The spiky boys mohawk hairstyle is a kind of hairstyle that is common among boys. This hairstyle can be found in different colors, shades, and styles. It is best suited for boys who have long hair.

This style is best suited to a boy who has a narrow face. This is because the mohawk can highlight the length of their face. The best way to rock this style is by wearing jeans with a loose-fitting t-shirt or jacket.

32. Thick Curly Boy Mohawk

Boys Haircuts

The Thick Curly Boy Mohawk is a hairstyle that has been popular among boys for centuries. It has been worn by boys of various ages and races, from newborns to teenagers. While the thick curly boy mohawk may seem unusual at first, there are plenty of reasons why this hairstyle is so popular among boys.

The most obvious reason is that it looks great on a boy’s head and can help them stand out among their peers. If your boy has a wide face and curly or wavy hair, this is your style. Pair this look with some cool sneakers, jeans, and a graphic tee for an effortlessly cool look that will make you feel like a superstar.

Boys Spiky Haircut

Boys’ spiky hairstyle is an incredible and gorgeous hairstyle for boys. This makes your hair look cute and beautiful. A combination of spikes and undercuts gives you an attractive look. We have a few spiky hairstyles for boys that will interest you to give your boy.

33. Pastel Color Spiky Boy Haircut

The pastel color spiky boy hairstyle has been popular since the late 1980s and is known as a Japanese hairstyle. It is relatively common in Japan. The hairstyle has recently become more common in the United States and Europe, though it still cannot be considered mainstream.

This is a great look for boys of all ages, especially for those with an oval or heart-shaped face. Make sure you dress your son in colors that complement his hair. For example, if he has blue hair and wears a blue shirt with blue jeans, he will look like a giant blueberry.

34. Fade Spiky Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

This look is so popular because it’s versatile. The spikes can be as tall or as short as you want them to be, and they can be combed upward and outward, or they can be styled into a mohawk. You can also change the color of the spikes using hair dye or highlights.

This haircut looks great on boys with all kinds of facial structures and shapes. It particularly accentuates the jawline if you have one, and it also has the added benefit of making thinner faces appear more full. To make your Fade Spiky Boys Hairstyle stand out, pair it with some dark jeans and a nice leather jacket for a casual, edgy look that everyone will love.

35. Multi-Colored Spiky Boys Haircut

The multi-colored spiky boy’s haircuts are widespread boy hairstyles. They are a popular look year-round, but they have become even more popular over the past few years. These haircuts are a great way to add clean and fresh hair color to your son’s hair.

The multi-colored spiky boy’s haircut is an excellent look for any boy with a face that is either round, square, or has a receding hairline. You can wear this hairstyle with jeans or slacks and a collared shirt if you’re going out, or just keep it casual with shorts or sweatpants if you’re hanging out at home.

36. Thick Short Spiky Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The spikey haircut is the most popular boy’s haircut style. It is popular because of its versatile nature and can be changed to suit the different seasons. It is a very easy cut and can be done in just about any length. Boys with round faces or smaller foreheads are ideal candidates for this haircut.

It’s important to add height to your crown as this elongates your face shape and helps you look slimmer. To rock this hairstyle, you should wear it with an athletic-inspired outfit. This can be as simple as a T-shirt and jeans or a hoodie and sweatpants. You can even wear this hairstyle with your school uniform and still pull it off.

Haircuts For Boys With Thick Hair

Boys with thick hair are lucky. They usually have great hair, and it grows fast. As a result, cutting their hair is easier than for parents of boys with fine or thinning hair. Still, getting it to look great takes some effort. So here are some pointers about haircuts for boys with thick hair that you should keep in mind when getting your son’s hair cut.

37. Short Thick Star Designed Boys Haircut

The short thick star designed boy’s haircut is a popular boy’s hairstyle. You can often see it in the summer months being rocked by boys between the ages of 10 and 15.

This short thick star designed boys haircut is an excellent choice for round and oval face shapes. To rock this style, we would suggest wearing formal attire. This amazing hairstyle is perfect for boys who want to make a statement wherever they go.

38. Thick Ivy League Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

The current hairstyle trend for boys is the Ivy League haircut. It features a short to medium length on top and short sides. It’s an old-school look that has been around for a long time. The term Ivy League comes from elite colleges in the United States.

This hairstyle became popular in the 1950s and 1960s with this group of intellectuals and was also seen at military academies. This haircut is perfect for boys with a long face shape and a medium hair density. This haircut is best worn with a suit and tie or a nice dress shirt and tie. It’s a professional look appropriate for school or other formal events.

39. Thick Layered Boys Long Haircut

This boy hairstyle is quite common, with a rating of 2 out of 5. The fact that it is layered and long makes it unique, but there are many other layered and long hairstyles to consider. The thick layered boy’s long haircut is one of the best hairstyles for boys with a round face. The hairstyle gives the face a square shape.

Boys with round faces usually have broad foreheads and cheeks. This style works well with jeans and t-shirts, but it also looks great with casual shirts and blazers. To pull off this look, find an outfit that matches your hair color and style.

40. Side Swept Thick Long Boys Haircut

Boys Haircuts

Boy’s haircuts side swept thick long represents a new generation of boys hairstyles. The boy version of the side-swept haircut is a very modern and versatile look that can be worn in many different ways. These boy’s haircuts are great for all ages, especially teenagers who want to make a statement with their hairstyle.

This is because this boy’s haircut looks cool and trendy. The face shape that this hairstyle will work with is narrow with a long forehead. This haircut works best with a dressed-up look, such as a shirt and tie or a blazer and pants with dress shoes.

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