Category List of What Women Love on Skinnyscoop

Skinnyscoop is an all-inclusive women’s platform where helpful ideas and information are shared and circulated. We also publish insightful contents that are beneficial to women under the following categories:

Baby & ParentingBabies are adorable and we parents share a unique bond with our cute little ones. Here you will find all the relevant information on baby, kids, and parenting; including ideas on how best to show them love, make the right choices for them, present them with the best presents they would grow fond of for their age.

BeautyEvery woman is beautiful, the challenge for some is usually knowing bot best to bring it out. In this category, we share simple tricks and tools such as the best makeup brushes and best hair dryers for fine hair to enhance your beauty and transform you from beautiful to stunning!!

Books: Want to get smarter and informed? Read books. Our Books Category feature carefully selected books and reading resources to build up your knowledge. You will find all kinds of books for all kinds of purposes including other resources and websites to help you develop further.

Entertainment: One of the secrets to long life is laughter and entertainment which come in various forms. Find your laughter and keys to happiness from out Entertainment category.

Fashion: Fashion changes all the time and we follow up on the latest trends in this ever-evolving industry. If you are interested in knowing the best perfumes for women that men are crazy about, or the best smartwatches loved by women, you will find them in this category.

People: Get all the scoops on your favorite personalities and celebrities. We dive into all the interesting information you would want to know about the people that influence our generation.

Food & Recipes: Who doesn’t love great tasting food? From meat lovers full course meals to a vegan diet, we’ve got you covered and if you would also want to know the best starters and desserts to serve? we gotcha!

Gift Ideas: We are not the only ones confused sometimes about what best to give for certain occasions but we believe that shared knowledge and ideas on what gifts work best would help us all navigate through this. So, if you find your running out of time, these last minute gifts under $50 may rescue the situation, and if you need techie gift ideas for a techie mom, you are well covered.

Home & KitchenThere is no place like home where you sit back and relax at the end of the day’s busy schedule. Having a sound mental health has a neatly organized and smoothly running home and kitchen as one of its contributing factors which is the reason we dedicate the Home & Kitchen Category to sharing ideas that make a comfortable living environment that looks great and well organized; You will also find the right kitchen tools and gadgets that guarantee a comfortable kitchen time such as the best crock pots you should be using and our recommended hand mixers ideal for a thorough, faster mixing and whipping.

Lifestyle: Want to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a woman? Head over to this category and get all the information you need; including how to keep body and soul together.

Sports & WellnessHealthy living is incomplete without sports and exercise. Learn the recommended kinds of sports and exercise you should be doing and at what age and find helpful tools and simple equipment to use as a woman such as the best running shoes and best Yoga mat to help you stay active and comfortable. You will also find other gadgets such as the best fitness tracker to help you monitor your activities and sleep.

TechnologyWe live in a world where technology is improving and changing our lives at an alarming speed and the fact is that as we get older, we tend to lag behind in keeping up with the latest trends. We aim to keep you in the loop of what is going on in the tech world most especially as it concerns us women.

Travel: Looking for ideas on where to visit? How to plan and pack for your vacation, what to take along and what not to; be it for domestic or international travel? find all the answers you need right here.

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