Claire Abbott
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Claire Abbott started from nowhere and suddenly became a superstar online with thousands of followers. She was among the first people to use social media to their advantage. Considering that not many would throw away the kind of fame she earned so swiftly, it is normal to wonder what she intends to do next after she suddenly receded from the view of the public. Why did she make such move? Read on to find out what her reason might have been.

Claire Abbott Age

Claire Abbot is a Canadian born. Her birth happened on January 22, 1998. There is no much information about her childhood, school years, etc. However, it is known that she finished her high school education successfully and was a cheerleader.

Claire began her internet dream in 2012 as a singer, model, and poet. That year, she released her first creation of an alternative of the popular song titled Turning Tables. She also dropped several philosophical texts about her feelings, emotions, and vision of life. She charmed internet users with her honest manner of performing, nice voice, and a childlike face. This earned her massive fans on Facebook.

However, Facebook was obviously not enough, so Claire decided to expand her presence. Consequently, she joined Instagram and other social media platforms including Twitter and YouTube. On YouTube, she had many subscribers who enjoyed her videos. Rather than joining many internet stars who rely on sharing pictures of their beautiful faces, Claire decided to expand her contents to include fashion advice, lifestyle content and more. This helped her to engage her fans across the internet while also chasing her dream of becoming a popular musician.

Few weeks after joining Instagram, she gathered 300,000 followers and having found out that consistently posting new updates helped her fan following, she continued to entertain her fans with more contents. What started out as a hobby became Claire’s part-time job and offered her new chances.

Many subreddits and fan pages were dedicated to her updates but despite all the fame that she enjoyed, she never really achieved her musical dream. She didn’t write nor perform her own songs except occasionally when she performed an original song titled Fighter and it gathered many views. Other times, she depended on performing other artist’s songs. The social media sensation was able to build a net worth estimated at $1 million before she left the limelight.

Her Disappearance

Claire Abbott disappeared from social media just as quickly as she gained fame on the platform. She mysteriously disappeared from social media, deactivating her account on Instagram that had hundreds of thousands of followers without any word. Her Twitter account had the same end. She spared her Facebook and Youtube but hasn’t shared or updated the page since December 2016.

Her sudden disappearance kept devoted fans and followers curious. As a result, many fake accounts were opened with her identity by imposters to trick her fans. However, most of the accounts didn’t share anything new except old pictures.

When someone vanishes the way she did from the public, rumors will abound. So, it is not unusual that her absence sparked widespread speculation. Some believe that some photos of her that were not meant to be seen by the public got leaked. Nonetheless, none of such pictures has ever made it online. Other sources suggest that she was tired of getting likes for a pretty face and had wanted to focus on her musical career.

While her life seemed all perfect, she had fame and a pretty face with many admirers around the world, there may have been some worries behind those physical perfections. She once shared a picture of herself in a hospital battling mental issues for years. Later, she disclosed that her health problems included anxiety, severe depression, and borderline bipolar disorder.

Sister and Family

Claire Abbott
Claire with her rumored boyfriend, Dan Bilzerian: image source

Claire’s family background including the names of her parents are not known but she has a brother though his name is also unknown. While her brother is married, Claire is not and does not have any kid yet.

Not much is known about Claire when it comes to her siblings, parents, childhood, or education except that she grew up with her brother in Canada. Also, sometime in 2012, she wrote on her Facebook that she had released two songs for her sister’s wedding titled Love Me Tender and Songbird. However, she didn’t offer any detail about the identity of her said sister. Though it is uncertain, it is worthy of note that she could be talking about a sister-in-law she earned through her brother’s marriage in August of 2015.

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Claire Abbott is beautiful and it doesn’t just have to do with her face, her figure adds to what makes her a stunner. These features were among the many reasons her fans kept gushing on her. More than that, she knows what to wear to accentuate her figure at all times. Her body measures 39-25-37 inches (99-64-94 cm), she weighs 61 kg (134.5 lb) and stands at a height of 5 ft 5 inches.