30 Cute Girls Hairstyles You Can Easily Make

Cute girls’ hairstyles are ponytails, cornrows, fishtails, and braids, and they go beyond adding beauty as far as being able to show the identity and personality of individuals. In selecting beautiful hairstyles to try for girls; age, type of hair or texture, preparedness, trends, and type of face should be of great importance. While there may be many great hairstyles that girls can choose from, Here is a look at 30 of the cutest girls’ hairstyles that are easy to create and will give you a stylish look.

Hairstyles For Little Girls

1. Rubber Band Criss-Cross Braid

Rather than just using a child’s hair to make a beautiful, yet simple look, one may decide to use rubber bands to create a unique and fashionable look. With this style, the front part is mostly crossed using rubber bands of any color while the back area is usually braided, made in a ponytail, or any other style of your choice.

How to make a great criss-cross band hairstyle

  • Decide how you want the finished hair to look like – whether a ponytail, as lemonade hair, or as an all-back hairstyle
  • A horizontal line from one ear to the other is created
  • The criss-cross style for cute girls is made at the forepart
  • The bands can be allowed to show or be covered with hair cuffs

2. Fish Tail Hairstyles

One of the most interesting things about the fishtail hairstyle is how it can be done in a variety of ways for kids. One may decide to braid only a section of the hair for girls starting from around the nape or from the crown of the head. Either way, this can comfortably be used by girls of different ages for several occasions.

How best to style the Fishtail hairstyle for girls

  • Start from the front or middle of the head for a flat fishtail braid
  • Pack the tip of the hair or have a complete fishtail
  • Alternatively, the entire hair can be gathered on any side of the head and the fishtail can be created to form a ponytail

3. Side Flat Cornrows

This is one cute girls’ hairstyle that may never go wrong for any type of face. A section of the hair, either the left or right side is braided in cornrows while the other side is made in an entirely different way. This hairstyle apart from being easy to make is also one that gives definition to the face of girls.

Ways to style

  • Select a particular side of the head and braid it in any size
  • Twist or braid the other side to give it a unique look
  • You can opt to curl the unbraided part of the hair
  • Accessorise hair

4. Zipper Braid

It is unique and may require a more professional hand to make this conjoined double cobra-like hairstyle. However, its beauty cannot be overemphasized. In making this, one may decide to zip the hair in a braid or cornrow manner.

Best ways to make a zipper braid

  • Choose your preferred style – whether cornrow zipper or braid
  • For a flat or zipper braid that looks like a cornrow, you can make it in an asymmetrical way
  • Include hair ribbons for girls

5. Waterfall Hairstyle For Little Girls

Cute girls’ hairstyles can be simple and glamorous and a waterfall hairstyle can give both and more. Although it can be worn by girls of different ages for several occasions, many have chosen to categorize the style under hairstyles that are great for parties. As the name implies, the style gives an illusion of a waterfall.

How best to style the waterfall hairstyle

  • Partition the hair into 2 parts at the front of the head and another at the back
  • Braid the front part starting from one ear area to the other
  • Curl the other half part of the hair that falls or live it straight
  • Use child-friendly accessories to beautify the child’s hair

6. Frozen-Inspired Cute Girls Hairstyles

This hairstyle gets its inspiration from Frozen, a Disney animated movie. To set it up, gather all the hair to one side and create a Dutch braid. Once below the ear, switch the braid up to a fishtail style and secure it with an elastic band.

Best ways to have a good Frozen inspired hairstyle

  • Part hair in either the center of the side of the head
  • Create volume in front (optional), especially for girls with chubby face
  • Make any type of braid at the tip of the hair to fall on either side of the shoulder
  • Beads, sparkles, and ribbons are great accessories to beautify the hair

7. Pull-through Braid

Rather than having only the 3-strand braid, there are other ways to have cute girls looking cuter. This can be achieved when a girl’s hair is made in 3-strands, then each strand at each step is pooled to lose its tightness.

Easy styles for pull-through braid

  • Pull-through can be done in a straight pattern in a horizontal way or an asymmetrical way
  • You can have a large braid or more than one
  • The pull-through braid can be flat or be formed as a ponytail
  • Ribbons are great to add beauty to the hairstyle

8. Hair Bow Hairstyle

As the name implies, the hair bow allows for the creation of a bow using the hair. It is one of the hairstyles that allows for one to explore since it can be done in different ways. Most times, the hair bow is suitable for girls to use for parties, picnics, and everyday outings.

Many Ways to make bow hairstyle

  • Make a bow bun (mixture of a doughnut style hair bow hairstyle)
  • Create a pony with the hair bow
  • Make double bows

9. Ringlet Curls

Generally, curls are known for making little girls stand out, helping their hair look healthier, and saving time. Choosing to make this hairstyle has the advantage of using fewer accessories on a girl’s hair. In the same light, Ringlet is one hairstyle that speaks volumes with ease.

What to know about making ringlets for little girls

  • Choose the great curling products and wands with the help of a hair expert that will work for the hair type of a girl
  • Create ringlets
  • Add its bands for more beauty
  • Style in any way to define a girl’s face

10. Heart Braid Hairstyle

Girls’ hairstyles can be creative yet completely easy to make. In a more creative way to do it, braids that form the shape of a heart can be made. Interestingly, this hairstyle can be done with every type of hair ranging from type 1 hair to 4.

Best ways to rock heart braid

  • Make the heart braid at any side of the head and at any preferable size
  • The side without the heart bread can be braided, twisted, or packed
  • Beads and other hair accessories can be added

11. 4-Strand Braid

A lot of girls want to have the look of a princess and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by making the 4-strand braid hairstyle. It can be done in a variety of ways in any number. Nonetheless, it is not a hairstyle that can easily be done at home but by mostly professional hairstylists.

Great ways to style a 4-strand braid

  • Make it in the middle or side of the head
  • It can take an asymmetrical form
  • Add hair flowers or any other hair accessory

12. Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is similar to a French braid but in this case, the 3-strand Dutch braid crosses underneath. Also, it is almost like the cornrow braid but they are made not to look as tight as cornrows, and not each section is braided. They have the advantage of being easy to make, adding beauty to the head, defining the face better, and protecting hair.

Some ways to conveniently style Dutch Braids

  • Use natural hair or extension to create
  • Play around with colors for a unique look
  • Make hair from the crown of the head to the nape and let the tip of hair fall on both shoulders or one
  • Hair cuffs are great accessories for Dutch braids

13. French Fishtail

There are 2 major types of fishtails hairstyles. The first is that which is done using the cornrow or Dutch braid style while the second is done using the method of French braiding. In the case of the French fishtail braid, the strands of hair are picked and crossed over until the desired length is created. At the end of the braid, it will have a similar look to a fishtail.

How to make a French fishtail hairstyle

  • Divide hair into sections if you want to create more than one fishtail or gather hair in a particular direction if you prefer to make only 1
  • Pick 3 thin strands of hair from where you want the braid to start using a few fingers
  • From the left, use one strand to cross over the one in the middle and the right-hand side strand should do the same process
  • Continue crossing over until the desired length or the end of the hair

Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

14. Poodle Puffs Cute Girls Hairstyles

This hairstyle is also known as bubble ponies, pony puffs, or mini ponies. It is a long-age style that lets you create balls or puffs out of the hair. While this can be done with a black girl’s natural hair, an extension can be added to give it a fuller and longer look.

How best to style the poodle puffs hairstyle

  • Make a complete mini ponies from the forehead area down to the nape region
  • Braid the front or side of the head and make ponies behind or on the other side
  • Make multiple puffs or one large one in form of a ponytail
  • Create puffs with rubber bands or hair rings

15. Afro Bun

Bun made out of natural hair has been one of the most explored hairstyles among girls of black origin. One would wonder why it is placed in such high esteem. Well, it is one of the easiest and most attractive girls’ hairstyles. Also, it is not very selective when it comes to the length of the hair, except one has a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA).

Ways to create an attractive afro bun

  • Moisturize the hair before styling hair
  • Add bun extension for shorter hair
  • Comb the hair out or use curling agents to create curls
  • Make bangs in front while having your bun behind
  • Try having the bun at the front part of your head, side, or mid
  • Make double, triple, or more buns

16. Frohawk

Hawks are trendy and can easily have a little girl standout. There are many ways to make this hairstyle using natural or permed hair, or extension as the case may be. In addition, a little girl must not have long hair before experimenting with this hairstyle.

How to style

  • Make an afro puff mohawk with a ponytail
  • Braid the midsection of the hair and park the sides
  • Make a knotted bun mohawk
  • Use child-friendly hair accessories

17. Afro

Sometimes, a little black girl’s hair needs a break from pins, bands, ribbons, and protective braids. In this case, you may start to wonder how best to style her hair. This is where having an afro comes in. Instead of packing or braiding any section of the hair, the natural hair is combed out to stand as a large puff.

Here are the best ways to style a little black girl’s afro

  • Moisturize hair and spritz hair before styling
  • Comb hair to form an all back fro
  • Style it with a center or side part
  • Use edge control to lay edges of the hair
  • Use curl activator to have a different definition of hair

Cute Girls Hairstyles For Mixed Girls

18. Bantu Knots/Tiny Buns Cute Girls Hairstyles

This hairstyle has its origin in Southern Africa. At present, both children and adults have experimented with the style over the course of time. Bantu knots are created by cutting the hair in many sections and twisting until it forms a knot that seems like a stack of rolls.

In addition, the hairstyle can be used to protect the hair from breakage and can be used to create curls that can last long.

Ways to make clean and beautiful Bantu knots

  • Divide hair in form of boxes
  • Each box should be twisted till it becomes rolled knots
  • Allow the hair to dry and if you intend to form curls, loose the hair neatly

19. Twist Out

This is created by making a two-strand twist with the hair and losing it to create waves. However, it can also be made out of flat twists.

Best ways to make a twist out for mixed girls

  • Neatly detangle hair
  • Apply products that easily define curls
  • Make a flat or full twist
  • Dry hair, lose the twist, and style it in different ways

20. Finger Curls For Mixed Girls

Of the many ways to make curls or coils for little girls is the option of using the fingers to make create them. Optionally, the curls can be made with a pin comb. One advantage of the finger curls is protecting the hair over constant combing through the period that a girl has the style.

21. Pigtails

A great hairstyle that lets only the back of different sides of the hair. This would create a ponytail-like kind of style. Nonetheless, the pigtail can be made in a variety of ways such as packing the hair in different sides of the head or by creating twists or braids at the tail.

Best ways to Make pigtail

  • Divide hair in the number of sections you want
  • Each section should be gathered with a ribbon or band
  • Each section can have a large braid or more

22. Frontal & Twisted Ponytail

Little girls can wear ponytails in different ways. For this type, the front area of this hairstyle is usually braided while the other parts are gathered to form a pony. However, this pony is twisted in a 2-strand style.

Fun ways to style frontal & twisted ponytail

  • Make a large braid in the middle of the head
  • Gather the other hair into a ponytail
  • Twist the pony
  • Decorate hair with hair rings and ribbons
  • Lay hair edges with edge control

23. Doughnut Bun With Cornrow

This is one great style to expose the major features of a girl’s face. The hair is gathered in a particular position of the head with a band and a doughnut is formed. doughnut bun is not selective of the type of hair a girl has. Rather, the texture and length can play an important role in the size of the bun that one intends to achieve.

What styling the doughnut bun entails

  • Neatly brush hair and gather it in the best position
  • Use a hair doughnut bun maker to achieve an attractive bun
  • Alternatively, you can use the flip hair in a rolling form to create the bun
  • For shorter hair, a doughnut hair extension can be clipped into the hair

24. Flat Twist Cute Girls Hairstyles

Most hair for black and mixed girls can easily be styled in a flat twist. This is mostly substituted for the 3-strand twist and has an advantage that includes easy to make, simple to lose, and can also be turned into a beautiful twist-out wave. In addition, it serves as a great way to protect girls’ hair.

Some styles to create from a flat twist

  • Make a flat twist that ends in a ponytail
  • Make zigzag parts
  • Flat-twisted low puff

25. Complete Twist

There are many ways of twisting when it comes to girls’ hairstyles. While others may choose the passion twists, others prefer others such as rope twists, Marley twists, and stretched loose twists among others. Whatever the type of twist you choose to make for cute little girls of black or mixed origin, it is definite that the beauty is sure added and hair will be well protected.

Important ways to style a complete twist

  • Completely remove tangles from hair
  • Make any size of a 2-strand twist
  • Use golden cuffs to accessorize hair
  • Rock hair for a while and lose it to give you a twist out style

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

26. Halo/Crown Cornrows

Instead of having many cornrows as one of the beautiful girls’ hairstyles, one can opt for a more unique and trending look with one large cornrow that forms a crown with a halo effect. Apart from its beauty, it’s easy and cheap to make.

Best ways to make a halo cornrow

  • The basic ways to make the halo cornrow is by using one’s hair alone or by adding an extension
  • Have your hair products ready and generously apply
  • Separate hair to fall around the head like a crown
  • Braid hair in a round form to create a crown
  • Add hair accessories to girls such as butterfly pins and colorful hair cuffs

27. Two Claps With Beads

As the name implies, this girls’ hairstyle has a look of hands clapping. Although only one clap can be made, a more stylish one is having 2 claps that also have beads to add to their beauty.

Way to make 2 claps hairstyle

  • Divide hair from the front to back into 2 parts
  • Each of the parts should also be divided into 2
  • Each section should be braided until the claps are formed
  • Use beads to decorate hair

28. Lemonade Braids

Originally known as side braids, this hairstyle in recent times is inspired by the music act, Beyonce, and the name is derived from her 2016 album Lemonade. The hairstyle is braided to sweep to one side – either the left or right. Even though adults commonly use it, little girls are also not left out in terms of making their crowns carry the lemonade braids.

How best to achieve a beautiful lemonade braid

  • Prepare hair for braids
  • Remove hair to create bangs
  • Create a horizontal part starting from the nape
  • Braid the parted sections and repeat till you reach the forehead area
  • Brad the bangs
  • You can choose to make hair with or without an extension
  • Add hair accessories for girls

29. Needle and Yarn Cornrows

This looks like a more detailed cornrow. Nonetheless, instead of having the 3-strand braid, the needle and yarn are the major tools to create one of the beautiful trending girls’ hairstyles. Making the hairstyle takes the form of sewing and can easily be done at home by anyone.

Ways to make needle and yarn braid

  • Wash hair and prepare for braiding
  • Have in mind the size and shape you want the hair to look like
  • Divide the hair into parts
  • Sew each part using a needle and any color of yarn
  • Add hair cuffs or rings for beauty

30. Box Braid With Curls

One of the girls’ hairstyles that never go out of fashion is the box braid. It has proven to be a go-to hairstyle for everyday activities as well as events such as weddings, picnics, and other parties among others. At the tips of each box braid, a curl can be added for more definition and beauty.

Best ways to style box braid with curls

  • Box braids can be made with knots or knotless
  • Choose to make it with a girl’s hair or with an extension
  • Make large or small-sized curls such as kinky curls, braid out curls, straw curls, spiral or ringlets among others
  • Always pack the hair in different directions

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle For Your Girl

There are many things to put in mind when choosing hairstyles that flatter the face of a girl at any time. Here are what to put into consideration before starting a journey to choosing the best girls’ hairstyles.

Face Shape for Cute Girls Hairstyles

The face of a girl may not seem important when choosing a hairstyle. However, there are hairstyles that do better on a particular type of face and may not necessarily expose the complete beauty of another.

Types of face shapes and some hairstyles for them

  • Round and square face: Fishtail braid, pigtails, Side flat cornrows
  • Long, Oval, and Diamond face: rubber band criss-cross braid, slip-back hairstyle, Loose curls, hairstyles with light bangs, waterfall,
  • Heart face: High ponytail, side-swept hairstyles
  • All faces: Buns, pull through braid, Afro bun, lemonade, ringlet curls

Hair Texture and Length

Before you think of making just any beautiful hairstyle for your girl, you may want to consider what the texture of her hair is, as well as length. For instance, girls with long hair do not need the help of extension to create styles such as the fishtail or long zipper braid.

Types of hair and some great girls’ hairstyles to try

  • Type 1 (straight hair): waterfall hairstyles, frozen-inspired hairstyle, and pull-through braid, halo braid
  • Type 2 (Wavy hair): similar hairstyle with type 1
  • Type 3 (Curly hair): Finger curls, pigtails, complete twists, twist-out
  • Type 4 (Coily hair): Afro bun, afro, halo braid, fro-hawk, poodle-puff, and needle and yarn braid

How To Do Cute Girls Hairstyles that are Easy to Style

There are girls’ hairstyles that one can easily make at home while the touch of a professional stylist is needed in some cases. Some styles such as afro and afro buns for black girls, ponytails for straight hair, and curls for mixed girls are some easy hairstyles to try at home.

Before trying any hairstyle, however, there are basic steps to take to fast and smooth hair styling. Some ways include:

  • Washing of hair with healthy shampoo and conditioner
  • Combing of hair to remove frizz and tangles
  • Use hair products that are great for the style you want, eg. use curling custard or activator to get curls and edge control to lay frontal
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