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It’s a changed world and sexuality is no longer what it used to be, or what we thought it was all about – heterosexuality. Apparently, the human need for sexual expression and experience cannot be restricted as a thing to happen between persons of opposite gender.

Why not? Homosexuality isn’t a fairy tale, people are finding romantic and sexual attractions in individuals of their own gender. While the world is still struggling with embracing the idea of allowing the gays and lesbians have their party freely, many are yet/unwilling to realize that there’s more to the human sexual behavior other than being straight, gay, or even bisexual (attraction to both male and females).

For Instance, there are those who identify as pansexual, queer, asexual, and whatnots. Asexuality is quite broad as you will find under it such persons regarded as graysexual, semi-sexual, and demisexual. While graysexual are typically people who only get to feel sexual and romantic attraction once in a while, and semi-sexuals are those who are sexually attracted to people but lack the desire to act on it, demisexual is more like the half-sibling of the two. Learn more about what it means to be a demisexual below.

What Does It Mean To Be Demisexual?

Several explanations have been given over the years for the human sexual culture and orientation. To a large extent, it has been difficult to pinpoint the reasons behind an enduring pattern of sexual attraction in a person. Even the scientific explanations given are at best speculations which have consistently strived to find a concrete link between a complex interplay of environmental influences, biological factors like genetics and hormones to sexual orientation.

As several studies are still being conducted to establish the relationship between biology and sexual orientation, the mental attributes associated with sexual preferences and what determines the human sexual nature, we can hardly tell why demisexuals are who they are. What we know is that they are regarded as asexuals and are only sexually attracted to people they have developed an emotional connection with.

Belonging to the category of people who are asexually oriented, one would not be entirely wrong to assert that demisexuals lack or have little interest in expressing themselves sexually. But then, that’s only half of the truth. Irrespective of the fact that these guys largely do not experience sexual attraction, they can develop what is regarded as a secondary sexual attraction but the chances of this happening are very slim and, they must first have an emotional connection if they must explore their sexual feelings.

In all, demisexuals are most likely to find themselves attracted to a few persons throughout their lifetime and sex is not a big deal for them, they can do without it. They don’t know a thing about being attracted to people sexually because of such persons physical attributes and outward qualities, the attraction is solely inspired by an emotional bond.

As far as we can tell, the term was generated to reckon that the complexity of sexuality includes people who are partially sexual and asexual. It is, however, imperative to note that this does not in any way imply that demisexuals are half sexual beings or sexually incomplete. That would be a wrong way to look at it. Also, people do not consciously aspire demisexuality, it is an innate sexual nature as they do not choose to avoid sexual attractions but are sort of wired to not feel it until when they are emotionally connected to someone.

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What Does Demisexual Flag Look Like?

The Demisexual Flag
The Demisexual Flag

From the foregoing, one can deduce that demisexuality has not fared well in the campaigns to spread sexuality awareness and acceptance. The orientation is often misrepresented or outrightly ignored. As such, it is not surprising that many do not know what the demisexual flag looks like and what its colors represent. Well, as shown below, the flag is very much like that of the asexual.

The Asexual Flag

The Meaning of The Colors

While it is widely believed that the purple color represents the community of people that fall under this sexual orientation, it is said that white stands for sexuality, the gray color for gray sexuality, and black for asexuality.