Did Andrew Tate Go to College and Does He Have a University Degree?

Andrew Tate does not have a university degree because he did not attend any university, but he did attend a school in Luton where he completed the sixth-form college. Tate is a businessman, social media personality, and former professional kickboxer famous for his controversial opinions about the traditional education system. He currently runs a paid course at Hustlers University.

Tate has an extensive online following through various social media platforms, where he openly shares his belief that formal education is a scam. He has been accused of actively fuelling the shocking growth of misogyny in schools with his controversial ideas. Andrew Tate believed he attended the school of life where he learned how to become a millionaire and better prepare for adulthood.

Andrew Tate’s Education

Andrew Tate’s education has been a very hot topic of debate that led to questions about whether young people should be encouraged to get a college education or a university degree. His unpopular opinion has seen him banned from several social media platforms, with many thinking he did not get any formal education which is far from the truth.

After he was born on December 1, 1986, in Washington, D.C., he spent part of his early childhood with both parents in Chicago, Illinois, and Goshen, Indiana. However, he would later relocate with his mother to England, where he had his early primary education.

What College Did Andrew Tate Go To?

Tate attended primary school and high school. He completed the sixth-form college at Lutton Sixth Form College at his mother’s insistence. Right after he graduated, he went into training to become a kickboxer. During his amateur years, he worked in T.V. advertising to support himself.

Barely four years later, after his boxing career had become a success, he switched to other career efforts on tv. This was where his disdain for formal education first came to light. With this also came questions about whether he had a university degree.

Does Andrew Tate Have a University Degree?

Andrew Tate does not have a university degree because he decided to pursue his boxing career right after completing sixth-form college, the U.K. equivalent of the American High School. He got accepted into the Free University in Ascol, U.K., but did not proceed with the studies because he was required to write a personal statement as one of the entry requirements.

His mother tried to convince him to reconsider his decision at the time, but he insisted that not going to the university was the best thing that happened to him. He prides himself on attending the “University of Life” and becoming a millionaire early because he had a four-year headstart. According to Andrew Tate’s life philosophy, the university system is a scam and has only survived this long because it is socially acceptable.

The Basis of Andrew Tate’s Take on University Education 

To further explain why he believes the university education system is a waste of time, Andrew Tate based his argument on the fact that the system does not teach its students how to make money. He demonstrates this by pointing out that college professors cannot afford expensive cars, so how can they teach students to make money if they can’t make the same for themselves?

Andrew Tate

In light of the above, Tate runs Hustlers University, an online program he advocates in place of formal University education. On its website, Husters University promises anyone who takes the course financial freedom and the knowledge to make money in different fields, including; CryptoStocks, Freelancing, Copywriting, E-commerce, Amazon FBA, and Affiliate Programs.

Hustlers University has received a lot of backlash over the years, with many saying Andrew Tate is recycling and selling knowledge that can be found free online. Some say it is a pyramid scheme, and as such, anyone who patronizes it should be very careful not to be a recipient of Andrew Tate’s toxic masculinity ideas.


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