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With a highly successful career that spanned over 17 years, Emily Blunt deserves to be called a superstar. The British star who first won the world’s attention at age 20 when she starred next to Natalie Press in the romance My Summer of Love in 2004 has since making it to the top remained that tall, physically gratifying woman that kills every role she plays. But who would have imagined that greatness runs in her family? Well, let’s take a look at the journey of the London-native thus far.

Emily Blunt Bio, Age

Blunt is the daughter of Joanna and Barrister Oliver Simon Peter Blunt, QC. She was welcomed into the family as Emily Olivia Leah Blunt on 23rd of February 1993. Emily attended Ibstock Place School in Roehampton, London. Later on, she joined a private sixth form college named Hurtwood House in Dorking Surrey. It was in this performing arts school that her interest in acting became more significant. Luckily, she was noticed and signed by an agent. By 2001 she took her first leap into the acting scene, appearing in the stage production The Royal Family.

In 2003, she made her TV debut in the show Boudica and a role as Queen Catherin Howard in the TV miniseries Henry III followed that same year. The next year, she got her mainstream start and fortunately, her big global break came with a 2004 role in the film My Summer of Love. In 2006, she strengthened her international fame with a role in Gideon’s Daughter as well as in The Devil Wears Prada. The two films won her a Golden Globe Award for Supporting Actress award and a nomination for a British of Film and Television Arts award for Best actress in a supporting role, individually. With these award recognitions, Emily Blunt instantly became a film sensation and as expected attracted the attention of big filmmakers. Starting from 2009, Blunt started taking up leading roles becoming one of the top earners in the fold and hasn’t stopped thereafter. Some of her works are Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, The Girl on the Train, A Quiet Place and more. 

Sister/ Family 

Emily Blunt is from a relatively small but famous brood in Britain. She is the second of her three siblings that include Felicity, Susannah, and Sebastian. Emily is not the only famous person in her family. She was actually born into fame that ran from her paternal grandfather Peter Blunt, a famous British Army Officer, and business. He was honored with George Medal for putting his own life at risk to save one of his drivers. One of his sons Crispin Blunt who is Emily Blunt’s uncle also ripped from his fame. He is a well-known British politician and has served as a Member of Parliment among other significant roles. He gained wide respect after he opened up about his sexual orientation in 2010, leaving his wife with whom he has two children a son and a daughter.

Also, Emily’s mother was an actress even though she might have not have gathered as much fame as her daughter. She also taught in a school. The star’s sister Felicity didn’t toe in her path. Rather, she decided to manage other celebrity’s writing talents as a literary agent. This exposed her to meet her husband Stanley Tucci, the Emmy award-winning actor, producer, writer and film director. Today, their marriage has earned her more prominence than she previously had.

Emily’s brother, Sebastian is equally famous. He is an actor known for his roles in Together (2018) and Two Skeleton (2013). The siblings had played together in Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

Husband, Kids

Emily Blunt
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Like many famous stars in Blunt’s class, the actress has had a fair share of relationship controversies and breakdowns that probably come with fame. While she has had a lot of failed affairs in the past, a notable one was with Michael Bubble. Her relationship with the Canadian singer started in 2005 after they met backstage at the Australian television Logie Awards in Melbourne. Their love was strong and they lived together in Canada. However, in the midst of what could be described as a loving, stress-free and pretty admirable relationship, the two decided to part ways in 2008.

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That same year, Blunt moved on with actor John Krasinski. Their relationship was considered thrilling when John proposed to her in 2009. The following year, they got married in a romantic event that took place in Italy. Now nothing seems to be missing as the pair now have two daughters (Hazel born in 2014 and Violet born in 2016) who share in their happiness.

Net Worth

Emily is not a versatile star. We mean she basically acts opposite of some stars who have expanded their endeavors to include singing, producing, directing and more. But a good fortune makes the best reward for someone who has invested enough to make that single talent she has continuously thrilling. Therefore, it is not shocking that she has amassed a large amount of money higher than some multi-talented stars. Her net worth is estimated at $16 million.


Emily is not extremely tall but she is not height challenged either. She stands at a height of is 5ft7 inches which makes her taller than many stars like Janet Jackson and Zooey Deschanel in comparison.