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Erin Murphy and her twin sister Diana may not be one of the most known Hollywood twins like Mary Olsen and her twin Ashley Olsen but they made a mark on TV in the early 60s. The TV star came to prominence as Tabitha Stephens in the TV sitcom Bewitched.

Though her sister lost interest in acting, Erin has remained unwavering. She has since worked as a casting director, fashion stylist, makeup artist, and more. The star continues to garner great attention for her works and her career is apparently set for more heights.

Erin Murphy Bio

Erin Margaret was born Erin Margaret Murphy on June 17, 1964, to her parents, Stephanie and Dan. Her birthplace was in Encino, California, USA. She attended El Toro High School and furthered in San Diego (CA) State University for two years. Not much is known about her childhood and her upbringing but it is known that she has a twin sister named Diane Murphy who was born five minutes ahead of her.

After appearing in the 103 episodes of Bewitched, Murphy’s adulthood started with an appearance on the television show 50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up. She went on to host for big media organizations such as TVLand, FOX Reality Channel, E! and The actress has also worked as an infomercial host on Ab Shark for Thane, SomaTrac Inversion Table, among others. Additionally, she has been an on-air moderator for Allergan Medical and is currently the Disney’s Parentpedia host.

Apart from TV hosting, Erin has made numerous TV appearances including being a celebrity judge on Danny Bonaduce’s contest for upcoming actors titled I Know My Kid’s a Star. More to that, Erin has appeared on 90+ commercials, among them is a detergent commercial with Ronald Reagan.

Beyond being a consistent TV star, Erin is also a businesswoman, a philanthropist, motivational speaker, and a writer. While her writing covers fashion, beauty, and luxury topics, she is outspoken about autism since one of her sons suffers from the disorder. As a philanthropist, Erin plays a significant role in raising money for charitable purposes. She also donates items to charity auctions.

When it comes to business, Erin owns a company that deals in hand knit alpaca wear. The company known as Erin Murphy Knits was launched in 2012 to offer unique hats, scarves, baby sets, rugs, and felted soap.

Her Twin Sister, Siblings, and Parents

The name of her mom is Stephanie and that of her father is Dan. The two parents agreed to allow Erin and her twin sister get signed to a talent agency which became the beginning of Erin’s journey in the entertainment industry. Stephanie was a teacher but had to give up her job at some point to raise her kids. Her dad’s job is not known and there is no information about her other siblings.

Erin’s twin sister is Diane Murphy. She is widely known for playing in Bewitched, The Linkletter (1963), and ABC Afterschool Specials (1972). She and her sister got a spot in the TV sitcom Bewitched in 1966 and due to child labor law, the sisters shared the role of Tabitha Stephens in the show’s first season. This was possible because they have similar physical appearance and stature when they were much younger.

However, as the twin aged, they appeared less identical and this resulted in Diane appearing less in the show while Erin continued alone. Diane’s interest in acting diminished as she grew older. She only continued to make slight appearances unlike her sister Erin who has stayed active in TV ever since.

Spouse and Children

Erin has walked down the aisle three times thus far. She married Terry Rogers on November 4, 1984. Their marriage produced two children, Jason Rogers and Grant Rogers born in 1985 and 1988 respectively. In 1989, the couple seemingly fell out of love and went their separate ways.

She began dating Eric Eden and in 1993, she once again exchanged vows of marriage. However, just like her first marriage, the union ended 7 years later (1998) after one kid named Clark Eden was born in 1995.

Erin Murphy and her husband Darren Dunckel: image source

The failure of her marriage with Eric didn’t discourage her from giving love another chance. She immediately got married to her next lover Darren Dunckel the same year. It appears Darren is exactly what she has been searching for as her union with him has been the longest of the affairs she has had. The two who are still married share three kids; Carson Dunckel, Dylan Dunkel, and Parker Dunckel.

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Body Measurement 

Erin Murphy is a pretty woman with a killer body even after six children. She might not be quite tall since she stands at a height of 5 ft 5 inches but she has got a body that makes up for her height. She weighs only 54 kg (199 lb) and her body measures 35-25-35 inches.