17 Guides And Useful Resources On Choosing The Best Gifts For Women

Whether it’s your wife or girlfriend, female cousin, your sister, daughter, mother, your female neighbour, a crush or your co-worker, there is always a reason to celebrate the women in your life. Given how much of a fantastic idea gift giving is during such moments of celebration, we wouldn’t be fair not to share what we know about it.

For help impressing the women in your life on any occasion with your gift, we’ve gathered some clear, incisive and comprehensible gift guides and resources. Keep scrolling through to see them below.

Choosing The Best Gifts For The Women In Your Life

Understand The Reason For The Season (Occasion)

Throughout history, humans have proven to love gifts and understanding the occasion for which you are giving the gift in the first place matters a whole lot. For birthdays or Christmas, gifts like precious shiny things can serve as both birthday and Christmas presents. There are also a range of fun items to get like a cookbook – if she is a big cooking fan, a gift card, a movie you can see together, watches, an eyelet bag. However, whatever you decide to buy can be uncreative if you don’t spice up the packaging.

Instead of just handing it over in a regular wrapping paper, think out of the box. It might be hiding the present on a scavenger hunt so they take some time to find it. Again, you could hide a secret message in a Twilight book that points her to a gift instead of simply sending her a gift card.

You can also knit her present into a massive stuffed shark so she has to perform some form of surgery to unveil it. Once you understand the occasion and take seriously the joy of unwrapping presents, you can never be wrong with your present. Sometimes you may need to package them in bits such as including tiny wrapped items since quantity may mean quality for some recipients.

Find Out What Excites Her The Most

This may be tough especially since the person may have gotten every aspect of her favorite stuff already. But it is not impossible to figure out. Start with their interest or hobby, swimming, reading, writing, sewing, cycling, hiking etc. With that in mind, you can get a swimsuit, Pendleton Somerby electric bike, Lumie Bodyclock Luxe, Rains mini backpack, Blundstone 62 – chisel toe ankle boots depending on your findings. You can also get them to talk about their wishlist since you needn’t get them something they will find useless after unpackaging the wrap.

Give An Experience She Won’t Forget In A Hurry

For instance, she loves Ellen Degeneres and has read her books, just take her to one of her shows. It could come as a mystery guide that could take her to her favourite restaurant to have her favourite meal. Also, you could sign her up to language classes she’s been longing to participate in or other experiences. A third Space spa treatment can also make for an ultimate experience. Or a visit to the Shard for Michelin-recommended dining and bubbles.

Use The Past To Make A Proper Choice On The Basis Of Present Trend

She may have lost something very dear to her in the past and hasn’t been able to replace it. It could be a painting of her childhood, a favorite toy or something else. Just help them go back their childhood memory lane in a contemporary way.

Become A Polite Stalker

Most people drop their wishlist on some websites like Amazon or reddit marketplace and it would be special knowing you uncovered what they actually needed without asking. So if everything else doesn’t work, this will work. You can also check their social media histories to see what they shared and commented on.

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Try Striking a Good Cord

If you’ve got a crazy friend, you need to make the gift exude fun. For instance, you can add raw potatoes to the gift package of a friend who is passionate about potatoes and share crazy memories of potatoes with you.  Think of the crazy memories you share with her and try making a bit more fun by introducing a touch of it in the gift package. It will definitely strike a good cord.

Be Charitable With Your Gift

If you think your friend has everything she needs, you can try being charitable with some novelty they love. There are many out there who are in lack, just buy what they really love and donate to the cause. Think bird and donate to the animal rescue if she is passionate about them. You could also donate to organizations helping drug addicts recover, or organizations fighting for women reproductive rights or whatever cause that matters to her.

You Can Be A Nature Hero And Make The Gift A Donation

You are not going to send them a baby Zebra and they are not expecting an elephant to show up on their doorstep, but for a certain amount of donation, an endangered wild animal will be saved from environmental destructions, illegal poaching and more. This can impress her especially if she is a real animal lover. Additionally, the wildlife management could send a full adoption kit with a certificate of adoption, an expensive pet, a calendar and more to her which makes it all the more special.

Communicate Through The Gift

When you give a gift, what you are actually doing is speaking through them, so don’t think about it as the exchange of physical object rather as communication. If she always wears a silk scarf, you could get one for her. This will make her know you like the look of it on her.

Assign An Amount and Don’t Exceed It

Always have a budget in mind when considering gift options, so you don’t go too high or too low. Remember that a gift is a gift and as such you don’t have to spend everything you have in the bank to get the recipient to appreciate it. The reason matters more than the price but that is not to say you should set aside money that is too little. Just surf the web to get great deals but don’t think of going to the dollar store. Things you will see there are way cheaper but may not leave a good impression.

It Mustn’t Always Be A Gift 

If you have many women to gift or can’t afford to buy something nice based on your budget, don’t feel pressured about it. A heartfelt holiday card can go a long way toward serving the purpose of a gift. But it won’t be very special if you simply buy and sign your name on it. We recommend making one yourself. All you need to get this done are some papers, stickers, markers and several other things. Spice it up with photos of you and the person you are giving the card and it will be good to go.

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Resources For Choosing The Right Gift For The Woman Of Your Life

We have gathered some resources that will help you get the best gift ideas for the woman you love:

  • Notonthehighstreet.com: This offers original gift ideas for all occasions
  • FindGift.com: This offers a quick and easy wizard with a nice interface which makes choosing gifts quite fun.
  • Gifts.com: this is a huge database of gifts for everyone and for different occasions. You can check gifts by the recipient’s interest, gender, occasion, and personality.
  • Prezzybox: Offers you unique gift ideas for different occasions. You can also choose a gift based on the recipient’s personality and gender
  • Findmeagift: This is another platform that helps you choose unique personalized gifts that are affordable.
  • Firebox: This works for people who have unique imaginations and want to be creative with their gifts.

Creative Gift Packaging And Decoration

Like we said early, nothing will be special about a gift if the packaging is wrong. But with these few resources, you can never go wrong with packaging. 

  • FTD.com: Takes gift packaging to a new height
  • Harryanddavid.com  Gives you the chance to decorate your gifts with stunning gift baskets, floral decor, nice towers etc
  • Nashvillewraps.com: This offers a wide range of gift wrapping options; gift boxes, paper bags, plastic bags, tissue paper, ribbon and bows, candy boxes.
  • Thepresneterfiner: This relieves you of the hard job of packaging without compromising results.
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