Gus the Bus Backwards TikTok Challenge: What Is It Really About?

Gus the Bus Backwards is among the trending TikTok Challenge in recent times. Although Gus the Bus Backwards is centered on school bus safety, it has had different variations in other aspects of life.

Gus the Bus talks to students through a hidden voice, giving safety tips to kindergarten and 1st-grade students. It was introduced by Blueford Elementary School in Greensboro. The voice usually comes from a driver, hidden from the student’s view in the orange school bus with a tinge of neon color, which rides to protect students from road accidents.

Since the bus made its debut, it has quickly become a challenge on TikTok with the hashtag #gusthebus. Other schools in California have also joined the challenge because it has proven beneficial to students. But how did this challenge come to be?

How Did Gus the Bus Backwards TikTok Challenge Start?

Gus the Bus Backwards Challenge was introduced by Blueford Elementary School in Greensboro. Greenboro is one of the three school systems that have Gus, which was acquired by the PTA Council, and when children visit, the League members serve as volunteers.

Gus the Bus is a newly painted orange and neon-pink school 1975 bus with big red lips on the grill put together by John Aull of Blueford Elementary’s transportation department. The bus was designed using a tape deck, microphones, and speakers. With the help of Billie, the unknown Ninja turtle, Gus could provide safety tips to 1st grade and kindergarten students.

In the challenge, Gus the Bus calls students by their names while giving safety tips. For instance, he says, John, Can you take two giant steps backward? That’s how far you should stand from the side of the road. This is a safe place where you can wait for the bus.

What’s more? The bus also sings as if it’s by magic. Besides calling students by their names, it also sings the chorus of Happy Birthday for anyone, boy or girl, who is celebrating their birthday. Since the Gus the Bus Challenge started on TikTok, it has spurred many other variations on the App, as people have adopted Gus’ pattern creatively in different ways.

How to do the Gus the Bus Backwards Challenge

Gus the Bus Backwards Challenge is very interesting and fairly easy for anyone who wants to start the challenge. The challenge is a step-by-step guide geared toward imparting safe road habits in children. However, it is important to note that you must not have a bus to be able to perform this challenge because you can be the Gus speaking from the Bus.

For example, if you see a child standing too near to the street or road, you might be the Gus in the Bus that would say, “Youngster’s name/title,” can you step two big steps backward?

Playing Gus, you can also answer the questions raised by scholars and call them by their names. Additionally, Gus the Bus also sings happy birthday if a birthday celebrant is on the bus. When you have done all these, you can record it and upload it on TikTok to join the challenge. Hopefully, yours might go viral in no time.

What are the Benefits of Gus the Bus Backwards TikTok Challenge?

According to reports, Gus the Bus Backwards Challenge has proven very effective. It attracts lots of attention from small children, especially those who are just beginning to learn. It helps to keep them focused, as Gus in the Bus not only talks about safety but also does other things like giving birthday wishes and singing Happy Birthday to students on their birthday.

While the challenge was first introduced by Blueford Elementary School in Greensboro, other schools are following in the same line, reviewing the new safety system to apply it in their school. Generally, experts believe Gus the Bus Backwards challenge would significantly reduce the rate of bus accidents among small children.

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