List of Happy Words for Spreading Joy and Positivity in your Messages

When someone sends happy words in your direction, it elicits a feeling of joy from you, and you suddenly have a positive outlook on things. Happiness is an essential feeling for every human being due to the good it does to the system. As hard as things can get, we must always have a positive outlook, which can be achieved by engaging in happy and cheerful activities.

Even when talking, use words with happy intentions. By doing this, you are helping to spread joy and positivity. Doing this to a select number of people means they can also influence others, so, the joy continues to spread. Happiness is a universal currency and we ought to spend it wisely and selflessly.

Some Examples of Happy Words to Incorporate in your Messages

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When trying to spread happiness and positivity, ensure your choice of words reflects this feeling. According to research, words can transform our realities. By holding or speaking a positive word, you stimulate frontal lobe activity. The longer you hold on to these positive words, the more it transforms the rest of your brain. If you are looking for examples of happy words, check the ones below:

Interesting Celebrate Fresh
Comfortable Welcome Useful
Gentle Dearest Music
Winning Enjoy Congratulations
Weekend Friendship Christmas
Victory Rich Loving
Beautiful Delicious


Other Ways of Spreading Positivity and Happiness

As humans are generally predisposed to happiness, spreading joy or positivity is not a complicated or hard task. It also does not have to cost money or anything valuable. The simplest actions can sometimes spread the wildest happiness. In case you are wondering how you can spread positivity and happiness, try out the following:

Offer a Genuine Compliment

Offering someone a heartfelt compliment can turn their day from a bad one to a good one. It could be a comment about their clothes, hair, shoes, or even just the way they smell. You never know what people are going through and what they are suffering from. Offering a positive comment about them can do wonders for their confidence and fill them with happiness and positivity. Compliment a friend, family member, colleague, or stranger today!

Be a Great Listener

Naturally, human beings are predisposed to listening just to respond instead of listening to understand and provide support. To spread positivity and happiness, we need to learn to practice the latter even better. Learning to absorb what someone is saying can go a long way towards making them feel better about themselves and their issues. Sometimes, people just want to rant and confide in you. Be that great listener, offer a willing ear, and watch them become happier.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude has a tremendous effect on you and your brain. Saying thank you with utmost sincerity is another simple way of spreading joy and happiness not only to the person you are saying thank you to but also to yourself according to Havard Health Publishing. Expressing gratitude for any activity or service you receive fills the doer with positivity and willingness to do even more. Learn to say thank you to your waiter, bus driver, friend, parents, and any other person you come across.

Spread Happiness and Positivity

Write a Cute Note

Even as adults, people want to be recipients of charming things. It fills them with happiness and positivity. Writing cute notes to your friends and hiding them in secret places is one way to spread joy. The message could be about how wonderful they are, talking about something positive about them, encouraging words, or just a simple thank you. It communicates how much they are worth, and it spreads happiness.

Volunteer to Help Out

All over the world, some people, whether they are in our community, town, city, country, or somewhere in the world, need help. Recognizing this and volunteering to help is a very selfless way of spreading joy. Helping that older woman cross the road, assisting that person with their heavy grocery bags, holding the elevator door, volunteering at the homeless shelter, or traveling across the world to help victims of natural disasters can go a long way in changing lives. These are all different levels of helping out and spreading joy and happiness.

Rewarding Reasons for Spreading Happiness and Positivity

The saying that it is better to give than to receive is not just some biblical verse, it has been proven to be effective and rewarding. Giving and spreading joy to those around us has a positive impact on our well-being and happiness. Recent studies confirm that spreading happiness and positivity to others triggers the same part of our brain as food and intimacy with a lover. It is hugely rewarding, knowing you are the reason for someone’s smile and laughter.

Asides from the personal reward it generates, the following are reasons why we should spread happiness and positivity:

It decreases stress levels

Spreading happiness and positivity helps to reduce the stress we feel about negative events and outcomes. Laughing has similar effects to an antidepressant. It releases neurotransmitter serotonin, the same brain chemical affected by the most common types of antidepressant.

It increases productivity

A happy and positive person is an individual with a high level of productivity. Having a positive demeanor means you are more energetic and willing to work more.

People become healthier when they are happy

Happy people are generally healthier. When you spread happiness to people, they have fewer health issues. Happiness reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood pressure, enables one to sleep better, eat better, and even maintain regular body weight.

How to Stay Positive

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It can be hard to stay positive in a world where a lot of negatives occur. Aside from what we read in the news, our brain is also hard-wired to look for and focus more on threats and negativity. It takes a conscious and continuous effort to have a positive mindset. It is a daily commitment that requires dedication. If you are struggling to remain positive and feeling overwhelmed, check out the different ways you can stay positive below:

1. Always look for the positive angle in a negative situation

One of the most important ways to remain positive is to look for the positive angle in any negative situation intentionally. Looking for positives can help you build encouragement and the will to continue trying rather than give up and call it quits.

2. Ensure you live in a positive environment

Cultivate a positive environment and space for yourself. Be deliberate about the places you stay and the people you hang out with. Decide to avoid unnecessary negative people as their outlook and demeanor can affect you and put you in rot. Seek out people with optimistic mindsets and perspectives. Let it rub off on you.

3. Don’t overreact

When things happen, do not overreact. Overreacting can build up false expectations, which can breed disappointment or cause negativity to set in. When you achieve victories, celebrate them but do not overreact. When failure occurs, refocus the energy and seek how to be better. Do not overreact by thinking the worst has happened. Having control over your reaction and being measured is an effective way to remain positive.

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Joanne Lawrence
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