Hayden Panettiere
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When it comes to talent, Hayden Panettiere is super gifted. She is known as a voice actress, singer, activist and model. More importantly, she is doing great in all she does. Sure, she might not be the best singer considering she gained international fame through her acting performance in Heros but she is setting notable records in that circle as well. At least one of her albums won her a Grammy Award nomination and is still achieving more.

Hayden Panettiere Bio, Age

Hayden parents Lesley R. Vogel and Alan Panettiere welcomed her on August 21, 1989. She spent a little part of her childhood in Palisades in New York with her only sibling Jansen Panettiere who is also an actor. She is from an Italian, English and German background.

Panettiere went to South Orangetown Middle School in New York after which she was home-schooled by a private tutor from grade nine to the completion of high school. This was to be able to combine acting with her education. In the early 1990s, Hayden’s mother was a soap opera actress, so it’s not hard to understand why she followed her mother’s footstep, debuting in a soap opera. Her first Tv show was in One Life to Live. In a short time, she gained prominence but her breakthrough came when she starred in Heros (2006).

Today, her filmography has grown quite long and her TV appearances seem countless. Also, she does more than acting, expanding her engagements to include video game voicing, modeling, and singing. Her album Bug of Life won her a Grammy Award nomination in 1999.


Hayden isn’t the only person in her family who is in the showbiz. As it stands, it is only her dad who isn’t in the industry. He is a captain in a fire department. But her mother, Lesley Vogel is a retired actress and producer. She is known for playing a famous soap opera Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015), Loving (1983) and The Cove (2009). Also, her brother, Jason Panettiere is an actor. He is famous for his role in Ice Age: The Melt Down, The Perfect Game and Martial Arts Kid.

Husband, Daughter

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko (image source)

Hayden Panettiere is not the kind of celebrity that you will link with many men. She has never been married but has been known with only one man ( her longtime boyfriend) until lately. His name is Wladimir Klitschko whom she met in 2009 at a mutual friend’s book launch party. Shortly after meeting for the first time, they started dating. At that time, Klitschko was the world heavyweight boxing champion. She even cheered him up at the ringside in 2011 during his knockout victory over Samuel Peter.

Their relationship appeared tremendously smooth and Panettiere fans expected them to walk down the aisle. However, months after his epic boxing victory in 2011, they separated with both citing long-distance nature of their affair as the reason for the sad split. They went on to promise fans that they would remain good friends. In 2013, that is two years later, Panettiere revealed that she and Klitschko had rekindled their relationship. Upon receiving the news that the lovers had become an item again, fans let out a sigh of relief. Once again, it didn’t seem like a stormy affair and in 2013, it was announced that she was engaged to the boxer. The following year, she had their daughter, Kaya. Surprisingly speculations started spreading in 2016 after she was spotted without her engagement ring. Quite unlike her, she shut down the rumors, writing on her twitter that a missing ring doesn’t necessarily mean a broken engagement. Well, as you may have known, this soothed nerves of her anxious fans.

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Unfortunately, life happened and the couple split again after nine years together. While their split came to the public’s notice in 2018, it is not certain when or why they parted ways this time around. Currently, the sweet actress has allegedly found a new man named Brian Hickerson. There is no much story about them or their affair, particularly because Hayden is extremely private and hardly comments on her love life.

Measurement, Height

Panettiere is quite petite. She stands at a height of 5 ft 2 inches though regarded as 5ft 1. She weighs 53kg which paints a perfect picture of a woman who has an average build. Her body measurements (ie bust, hips, and waist) are 32, 24 and 34 inches independently. She wears 32 B cups. To sustain her body build, she practices yoga and takes low-calorie food. As a matter of fact, she converted to a vegan to ensure she eats healthy.