How do you tell someone is beautiful? Well, different people rate beauty differently but there are a few things that nearly everyone uses to decide who’s attractive. For instance, nice-looking eyes, pointed-nose, clear-skin, and fuller lips are standards many cultures find most appealing. Interestingly, a proper chiseled out face and high cheekbones are also cherished universally.

This is why we get to see people go under the knife to raise their cheekbones and make it more prominent – who wouldn’t want to have a face that looks like those of Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington, Venessa Paradis, or even Lauren Bacall? We have also seen people use makeup to create this effect.

Anyway, if you have been wondering why high cheekbones are considered attractive, the answer is not farfetched. According to science, the following are the reasons.

Why High Cheekbones Are Considered Attractive

1. High Cheekbones tells a lot about your genetics and childhood

According to research, most people assume that how fleshy or bony your cheeks look determines the kind of partner you will marry and have children with, which goes to show the facial structures of your future generation. They feel people with symmetric faces are likely to marry people looking like them and will have children with high cheekbones whereas people with excess skin on their cheeks are likely to get descendants with similar traits since they get to marry people like them. For this reason, a lot of people consider the feature quite attractive and go after people with it.

But then, while the physical features of a person basically depend on the person’s gene passed on by parents, this conclusion didn’t factor in other conditions like where a person with fleshy cheeks marries somebody with really pronounced high cheekbones. Thus this may not be agreeable considering that most people don’t fall in love just by the way a person’s cheekbones appear.

Another interesting reason why people consider cheekbones highly attractive is that there’s a belief that cheekbones give a hint on a person’s childhood and the goodness of the environment they grew up. This means that many subconsciously believe that people with high cheekbones had a cooler childhood than people with fleshy cheeks, hence value it a lot.

2. They Indicate Sexual Maturity

High Cheekbones
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Many men use cheekbones to determine if a woman is sexually mature or ready. They also use it to know if a woman is grown enough to start having kids since fuller cheeks suggest innocence and adolescence while the development of cheekbones implies sharpness and experience without appearing unfriendly. This is why this feature is found attractive among people who are in the dating age.

But it is not just about women. Men too start having these features with a testosterone boosts that leads to puberty. In essence, most children of all genders don’t have cheekbones since they have a lot to do with maturity.

3. Cheekbones Determine How Reliable A person Can Be

According to a study carried out by a New York University in 2014, most people unconsciously link high cheekbones to trustworthiness. The study was done using different photos of people with high and low cheekbones. Ultimately, it was found that the human brain subconsciously assumes that people with high cheekbones are more trustworthy than those without such features.

Another study from the University of York carried out around the same period reached a similar conclusion. After researchers sorted photos of random people and questioned subjects to score 1000 faces for personal characters or traits such as trustworthiness and dominance; it was discovered that most subjects chose people with high cheekbones as trustworthy people.

4. It Makes You Appear Bold

Usually, when we imagine faces with high cheekbones, bold women with high intellectual ability comes to mind, no doubt. So while women with low cheekbones will have to struggle to make an impression, the high cheekbone attribute silently speaks about one’s strength and boldness.

5. It Is Easily Photographed

It may sound surprising but well-structured cheekbones deliver unique majestic impression for a picture-perfect result. This is probably why brands that see such trait as a thing of beauty frequent such women on runways, covers of magazines, and other modeling projects.

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6. High Cheekbones Slows Aging 

It has been observed that people with high cheekbones tend to have firmer skin than those without it. This can make aging slower in persons with these traits and quicker in those who lack them.