How Did Chrisean Rock Lose Her Tooth?

[‘[In a dramatic turn of events in 2020, Chrisean Rock suffered a tooth loss during a heated confrontation with Jaidyn Alexis, who shares a child with Blueface, her occasional boyfriend. The incident unfolded when an argument escalated into a physical altercation, during which Chrisean, clad in socks, lost her footing and tragically collided with a small statue. This unfortunate accident resulted in severe facial trauma, leading to the dislodgement of one of her teeth. Following the unsettling event, Blueface reportedly provided financial assistance for the necessary dental repairs.

The whole fight went down during Blueface’s reality TV series, Blue Girls Club, but it wasn’t enough to dampen Rock’s affections for Blueface. She and the rapper went on to date on and off for two years before apparently breaking off things in 2023. This latest breakup comes amidst Rock revealing that she is pregnant and Blueface denying paternity.

What Happened To Chrisean Rock’s Tooth?

Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth in a fight with Jaidyn Alexis in 2020. The fight took place on Blue Girls Club, a reality TV show that was filmed at the house of rapper Blueface in 2020 but aired in 2021. The show basically features more than a dozen girls competing for the affection of Blueface.

Chrisean Rock was one of the contestants, while Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s baby mama, happened to visit him at the house. Rock, who had been very clear about how strong her love for Blueface was, eventually got into a physical fight with Alexis. It was in the midst of the fisticuffs that Chrisean Rock lost her teeth.

How Did Chrisean Rock’s Tooth Get Missing?

Chrisean Rock’s tooth got missing following a fight in 2020. Prior to that time, the 24 reality TV star, rapper, and former athlete had her complete dentition, as a peep at her old pictures would reveal. She, however, lost her tooth in a fight with Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s baby mama, whom she perhaps saw as a love rival.

Losing a tooth must have been a painful experience for Rock, but it has not stopped her from getting physical on occasion. In May 2022, she got into a fight with Blueface’s family and allegedly hit his mom, Karlissa Saffol.

Saffol later came online to show her bruise and stated that she would never forgive Rock. She also asked her son not to bring her around the family again. Rock meanwhile insisted that she had been pushed to the wall and had no choice but to do what she did.

Barely three months later, news reports had it that Chrisean Rock punched Blueface while they were at a bar in August 2022 in Arizona. Blueface, however, claimed that nothing of such happened and that Rock was only arrested for trespass.

Which of Chrisean Rock’s Tooth is Missing?

The part of Chrisean Rock’s teeth that was knocked out is her right central incisor. The missing tooth didn’t actually make her look bad. It rather looked like she was gap-toothed, and so she proudly rocked the look for nearly two years. She shared pictures of her gorgeous smile on social media. She also showed off that same smile during red carpet-outings.

However, in June 2022, Chrisean Rock decided to get a solution for her missing tooth. She initially got a detachable dental implant which she could put in and remove whenever she wanted. As a pointer to her chicky side, she even had the face of her then-boyfriend Blueface engraved on the tooth.

Fast forward to April 2023, Chrisean Rock sought for a more permanent solution to her missing tooth. She consulted extensively with cosmetic dentist Dr. Trevor J. Thomas of Dentists at Studio City, who had previously attended to celebrities such as Migos, Chief Keef, and Michael Blackson. She underwent a surgical procedure that permanently replaced her missing tooth.

The whole procedure was quick and painless, and in the aftermath, Chrisean Rock announced that she and Dr. Trevor J. Thomas would collaborate to provide a free mouth makeover for one lucky mom in honor of the impending Mother’s Day. Rock was inspired to take that step seeing as her smile was now back and her gap-toothed days permanently over.


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