Things To Talk About With Your Crush and What To Say

How to talk to your crush especially the stuff to talk about is one of the main hindrances of establishing a relationship with someone you really admire. There are a number of topics to talk about with your crush and being aware of these things will easily set you up for success.

The time it takes to find the perfect opportunity to talk to your crush can seem like an eternity but the right moment will always present itself; when it does, it is important to come across as a confident person, at least to some extent. Even if you’re shy, you must know that if you don’t make a move, someone else might be a step ahead of you.

For people who are socially awkward, the idea of talking to your crush and making a good impression is like asking for a cold day in hell. The belief that your desire to be accepted is threatened can easily make you appear desperate. This makes it difficult to win the admiration of your crush. Thankfully, there are tips that have proven to be useful in this regard.

How To Talk To Your Crush


First of all, you have to be nice to your crush as it is the easiest way to create the opportunity for talking to them. Be pleasant to him or her and the people close to them. If you must tease them, be sure they know it is a joke.

Also, do not show you are jealous when your crush is talking with someone else. You are yet to become his or her partner, so you have no right to care about what goes on in his or her personal life. Pretend it doesn’t bother you, otherwise, you can lose your chance before you even get to express how you feel.

Be Yourself and Know Your Limit

Do not pretend when you speak to your crush; let your personality shine through your words. You might be exactly the kind of person he/she is looking for and pretending to be who you are not would reduce the chances of becoming partners. To be yourself, refrain from lying or embellishing yourself or whatever you say when speaking. If you do, there is a great chance the person will eventually learn the truth and it is bound to diminish their good opinion of you.

Being yourself doesn’t include portraying nasty behavior. Refrain from things like cursing excessively or commenting on every topic. Just keep the conversation innocent, clean, but entertaining in a positive way.

Once the acquaintance is established, try not to overdo it; play it cool and create a mutual interest instead of being all over him or her. If you refrain from giving too much of your attention, you can create a chance for him or her to reciprocate.

What To Talk About With Your Crush

When the opportunity presents itself to strike up a conversation, don’t hesitate to do so. You can kick this off with some compliments or by asking a question. And, it doesn’t have to be a long discussion.

Nonetheless, you have to be prepared in case the conversation gets deep. People who keep up with events around and beyond them don’t struggle to converse; so to have an interesting topic to talk about, expand your knowledge by reading books and insightful articles.

Just to help you set the ball rolling, here are some questions you can ask your crush to strike up a conversation.

  • What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen someone share on social media?
  • What year would you describe as the best in your life?
  • How do you stay calm when you are pissed?
  • Do you believe in ghosts, aliens, or life after death?
  • Would you rather be incredibly happy or very intelligent?

For any question you ask, make sure you are prepared to contribute an interesting angle to the conversation that would ensue. Also, don’t push the conversation, if he or she is dismissive, let them be. You can always try another day.

Topics To Talk About With Your Crush: Telling Them How You Feel


If you have successfully established a good rapport with your crush and can tell they are comfortable around you, then the time is right to tell them how you feel. In doing this, endeavor to be sincere and clear about how you feel; don’t get too emotional or passionate about it.

Also, remember to look them in the eye all the while so they’ll know how serious you are. And, don’t forget to smile. The following are examples of what to say:

  • Hey, I have something important to tell you…(pause for a few seconds). I really like you a lot…I was hoping we can go out sometime?
  • You are always on my mind…I feel lucky around you, let’s catch a movie?
  • I think you are a delightful person and I’ll enjoy being around you, can we get together?
  • Talking to you is very easy for me and I’m fond of you, let’s spend more time together?
  • I like everything about you, inwards and outwards, can we be together?

Does My Crush Like Me?

How to Know If Your Crush Likes You

While the foregoing are useful tips on how to man up and go for what you want without fear of being ridiculed, you should know that it is very possible your crush likes you. If that’s the case, it’d be easier to express your feelings to him or her. But then, how do you tell your crush likes you?

There are some nonverbal signs that can help one know if someone likes them. For instance, only someone who fancies or finds you interesting can stand having a long conversation with you. Below are other ways to know:

  • If he/she steals glances at you and shows interest in knowing more about you;
  • They notice insignificant details about you or know things that you never told him/her;
  • The person is always eager to assist you and always around you;
  • Compliments you every chance he or she gets;
  • Emulates your slang and body language;
  • If he or she is unusually shy or nervous around you;
  • Laughs at your joke and tell his or her friends about you.

How To Talk To Your Crush Without Words


Crushing on someone can be very frustrating when you suspect your advance may be rejected. Even though knowing that your crush likes you can give you all the inspiration you need to talk to the person and express your feelings, you can still communicate with him or her in certain non-verbal ways if you don’t want to initiate the move with words.

All you have to do is drop hints about your intentions. But then, you will have to wait and hope they get the message and act on it.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

You can regard this as the first connection between you and your crush, even if you’re shy. If possible, a short courtesy like “Hello”, “Hi”, “Bye”, can make a lot of difference in getting that person to notice or acknowledge you.

It has often been said that there is nothing more powerful than a genuine, acknowledging smile and eye contact.

Engage Them in Something

Working on a project and venture together is another way of connecting with them. This would create the avenue for you and your crush to talk. When you do, ask them for help, support, or idea about something you think they might also be interested in doing. This is bound to bring both of you closer if you have a common course.


Use Text Messages

Social media has made befriending people you like so much easier. You don’t have to do much here, all that is required is for you to text or chat them up, then take the hint from their reply.

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Joanne Lawrence
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