How The World is Reacting To Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain

While there had been serious talks about Lana Del Rey’s weight over the years, with some saying she has Anorexia, the COVID-19 pandemic era escalated it all. During the period, the singer appeared to have gained more weight, which has set the internet abuzz with many fans and haters body shaming her on various social media platforms and tabloids.

The body-shaming controversy began after the Daily Mail revealed the singer’s photograph leaving 7/11 on July 29, 2020. She wore sunglasses, white sneakers, a nose mask, a cap, a polo shirt, and denim shorts complemented by a brown purse. As a result, many of Lana’s fans were shocked to see her gain so much weight within a short time. And this has kept the internet abuzz to date.

How Much Weight Has Lana Del Rey Gained?

According to different online sources, Lana Del Rey’s weight at the moment is 63kg. However, judging by her recent photos, she is obviously heavier than that. The singer, who was known to be weighing about 55kg as of 2020, is said to have gained a massive 34kg.

If what we know her previous weight to be is correct, then it will be safe to conclude that she now weighs not less than 80kg.

Lana Del Rey

During the pandemic, Lana gained a lot of weight, thus by the time the Covid-19 crisis was over, she appeared thicker than she used to be. It happened that during the lockdown, she wasn’t working out, and that contributed to her weight gain, which created much buzz on social media. She added more pounds to her lower body, including her stomach and thighs.

After her paparazzi photo was posted online by the Daily Mail, many people slammed the singer in the comment section, calling her “linebacker,” “shape like a fridge,” “Lana Del Porkchop,” “cover up those thighs,” etc. All the comments were aimed at body-shaming Lana Del Rey.

Perhaps, many saw it as a purpose to abuse a woman who was minding her business, but it appeared to be something more, like cyber-bullying. Even though the majority of the comments were against her, some of her fans also came out to defend her. Among them was a Reddit user, u/miaisobella, who introduced a twist to the conversation as she revealed that Lana used to be anorexic and as such, her weight gain was a good thing.

Was Lana Del Rey Anorexic?

Although Lana hasn’t confirmed or refuted the claims, the songstress has hinted at being anorexic in one of her songs. For clarity, Anorexia is an eating disorder that is characterized by an obsession with weight and what one eats. It causes distorted body image, with the fear of being overweight.

When Lana Del Rey’s photo hit the internet, many of her fans saw her weight gain as a welcomed development as the singer was previously skinny and looked unhealthy. In the first line of her unreleased song, ‘Boarding School’, she said, ‘I’m a fan of the pro-ana nation, I use the pills to halt the f-food cravings,’ which hinted to fans that the singer was struggling with an eating disorder and drug addiction.

Fans’ Reaction to Internet Trolls and Lana’s Body-Shaming Controversy

With the ongoing assault on Lana, the singer was seriously disappointed. However, many of her loyal fans started hitting back at trolls. They further created the #WeLoveYouLana hashtag on Twitter to support their favorite music star. One of the fans tweeted, “It’s not your turn to judge Lana and teach her to be a woman. Lana haters listen to Love by Lana more times, she will teach you guys how to love and treat people nicely.”

Some other of her fans on Twitter tweeted:

Other die-hard fans of Lana Del Rey threatened to block the accounts of her haters. For instance, in a now-deleted tweet, a hardcore Lana fan tweeted, “If you body shame Lana, you will be blocked from this account, thank you. The same goes for the artists. It’s not funny and it never was.”

Lana Del Rey received massive support from fans worldwide, as many tweeted about how they loved the singer. The effect became so huge that a troll, who labeled the singer a racist, ended up deleting their account on the bird app.

While the singer witnessed a massive body shaming from her haters, it is interesting to know that it’s not the first time she has been attacked on Twitter. Previously in 2018, when Lana criticized Kanye West, she was attacked by rapper Azealia Banks, which led to the rise of another trending Twitter hashtag.

It’s quite sad that celebrities will have to get used to the constant media exposure in this era of social media. On a lighter note, stars like Lana Del Rey already got massive and loyal fans who are ready to stand by them when trolls attack.

Lana Del Rey is No Stranger to Controversies

Lana Del Rey is known for her dreamy music and old-Hollywood glamour. However, before her body-shaming controversy erupted, she had made news headlines severally for different reasons, from glamourizing abuse to making racist statements, among others.

The singer received serious backlash for name-dropping and tearing down other artists, especially women of color, but repeatedly doubled down and insisted she is no racist. A few months later, she was also lambasted for wearing a less effective mesh face mask, which the Insider duly covered.

Lana also unveiled her new album cover later in 2020, thus defending the photo’s diversity, saying, “My best friends are rappers; my boyfriends have been rappers.” After receiving several criticisms for her many controversial statements, the singer had recently unveiled plans to delete her social media accounts, leaving everyone to wonder why she wanted to leave the social media space.

Lana Del Rey Deactivated Her Social Media Accounts in 2021

We all know Lana has had an awkward relationship with social media, especially for all the recent trolls and backlash she has received from haters. In September 2021, Lana Del Rey disclosed her plans to deactivate her social media accounts to give more attention to her personal life and other endeavors.

According to RollingStone, she said in a now-deleted three-minute video, “I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we are going to be deactivating our social media accounts, my social media accounts.”

She continued: “This is because I have other interests and jobs that I’m doing that require privacy and transparency. I’m still very present and love what I do. I’m absolutely out here for the music and I’m going, just going on some different endeavors,” she added.

The songstress later deactivated her accounts on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She also revealed she would spend time working on her poetry books and spoken word LPs.


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