How To Take Out Butterfly Locs In 3 Easy Methods

Butterfly locs can be removed depending on the installation method. Generally, the process involves separating your real hair from the loc, including cutting the butterfly locs, pulling your braided hair out from the loc, and by untwisting the butterfly locs from the root.

Butterfly Locs are one of the trendy hairstyles that are super easy to take out. The hairstyle, similar to Distressed Locs and Faux Locs, features curly loops that give them a unique look. It is ideal for anyone who wants their natural hair tucked away to promote growth and prevent damage.

Butterfly Locs hairstyle changes over time and doesn’t require much fuss to make it work. Likewise, it does not take much to remove it, whether you choose the short or long style. Here is how to take it out without cutting or losing much of your hair.

How To Take Down Butterfly Locs

There are so many ways to take out Butterfly Locs. However, the following three methods are super easy to follow and will help you remove the Locs effortlessly.

Method 1: By Cutting Butterfly Locs

One of the easiest ways to remove your Butterfly Locs is to cut the Locs from the base. After cutting the locs from the base, follow the steps below to finish removing them:

  • Pull the wrapping hair out until it gets tangled and you can no longer pull it out.
  • Next, hold the wrapping hair and start untwisting the loc using your hair from the tangled part.
  • Then, slide and pull the wrapping hair from the root

Note: Ensure you gently remove the old build-up of the hair at the base after taking down your braids before combing to avoid hair loss.

Method 2: By Pulling Your Braided hair out From the Loc

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to remove Butterfly Locs. However, it can be achieved with the use of scissors. To pull your braided hair from the Loc, do the following:

  • Hold a loc at the base
  • Look for your braided hair and pull it out from the loc
  • Using a pair of scissors, cut the loc and pull out the little that is left

Note: This method is best if you have colored braids. It would help you quickly identify your natural hair.

Method 3: By Untwisting the Butterfly Locs from the Root

This third method of removing Butterfly Locs is also very easy to follow. It also requires that you have a pair of scissors. To remove your Locs by pulling it from the root, do the following:

  • Gently pull the Butterfly Locs starting from the roots
  • After that, you can be able to see the braided section of your hair. Try untwisting it in the opposite direction until you can no longer untwist it.
  • With the pair of scissors, cut out the Locs, and pull out the braids

Note: Ensure you gently pull the remaining Locs from the hair build-up after taking down your braids before combing to avoid or minimize hair loss.

How Long Should You Keep Your Butterfly Locs in?

Like every other type of hair, Butterfly Locs don’t last forever. However, it takes longer to get on, especially if you aren’t crocheting it. Considering that it takes that long to get on, it is only natural that you’d expect them to last longer than the easier hairstyles.

Butterfly Locs can last for four to six weeks when properly maintained, especially if you won’t be washing the hair while it’s still on. However, some believe the hair can last much longer, but it is not the healthiest choice for your hair. With proper care, the Locs can last six to eight weeks and still look beautiful as they did in the first month.

Therefore, how long Butterfly Locs lasts depends on whoever is carrying the hair and the level of maintenance. But it will be very interesting to learn that you can keep your Butterfly Locs for a long time while enjoying them in different styles.

How to Maintain Butterfly Locs to Keep Them Looking Fresh

To make your Butterfly Locs last for a long time and still look fresh, you would need to wash the Locs at least once or twice a week, like your natural hair. By so doing, you’d get rid of any dirt that might affect your natural hair growing underneath. After washing the hair, ensure you allow it to dry properly to avoid itching and bacteria entering your hair.

However, to stimulate your hair growth, endeavor to apply a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair moist. Keeping it moisturized means you have to be applying the conditioner regularly. Hence, you need to make hydrating products your go-to choice as they need to penetrate the hair extensions and moisturize your roots and hair strands.

Finally, it is imperative that you keep your Locs for six weeks at most unless you are ready to invest more in hydrating products to ensure they are well-maintained. It is advisable to keep your hair healthy to avoid suffering from splits ends, dry hair, or frizzy hair when you finally loosen them. Also, consider re-wrapping some of the Locs and using edge control on new growth.

Quick Facts About Butterfly Locs

  1. What are butterfly locs? Butterfly locs are a popular hairstyle featuring wing-like features throughout the shaft of the loc. They are similar to faux locs and distressed locs but have a unique boho style.
  2. How are butterfly locs installed? They can be installed with the wrap and braid method, as well as the crochet method. Installation usually takes anywhere from 4-8 hours to complete.
  3. How long should butterfly locs be kept in? It is recommended that you leave butterfly locs in for about 4-6 weeks. Extending the hairstyle beyond this timeframe can lead to damage and tangling of the hair.
  4. How can I remove butterfly locs? Butterfly locs can be removed in various ways depending on how the locs were installed. Generally, the process involves separating your real hair from the loc, including cutting the butterfly locs, pulling your braided hair out from the loc, or untwisting the butterfly locs from the root. These processes should be done slowly and carefully to avoid damage.
  5. Are butterfly locs easy to remove? Yes, the removal process for butterfly locs can be simple if the correct methods are used. It’s important to be patient and careful during this process.
  6. How long does it take to remove butterfly locs? The removal process should not take more than one to three hours depending on the method of removala and also provided they were installed correctly.
  7. Is it painful to remove butterfly locs? Butterfly locs are typically not painful to remove. They are installed using tensionless methods and serve as a protective hairstyle, so they generally don’t cause discomfort when removed correctly.
  8. Can I remove butterfly locs myself? Yes, you can remove butterfly locs yourself. Just ensure you have a spray bottle or oil to help loosen the dreads and relieve any tension.
  9. What is the best way to care for butterfly locs? Proper care of butterfly locs involves focusing on the scalp since the hairstyle doesn’t allow for complete access to your full head of hair. Improper care can lead to buildup and bacteria in the hair, making the removal process more difficult.
  10. Do butterfly locs damage the hair? Butterfly locs can cause damage if they’re left in longer than the recommended period. It is advised not to keep them for more than eight weeks to avoid damaging your hair and scalp.
  11. How long do butterfly locs last? Butterfly locs can last between four and six weeks before the natural roots begin to lock, and the style becomes frizzy. The lifespan of this hairstyle largely depends on how well you maintain it.
  12. Do you need to dip butterfly locs in hot water? No, there’s no need to dip butterfly locs in hot water. Dry strands are more manageable than wet strands.
  13. Do butterfly locs pull your hair out? No, butterfly locs do not pull your hair out as long as they are removed properly. It’s important to be patient and careful during removal to avoid damage to your natural hair.
  14. How can I minimize hair loss when removing butterfly locs? To minimize hair loss or breakage, gently pull apart old buildup on the hair after removing your braids before combing it downwards.
  15. Should I cleanse and condition my hair after removing butterfly locs? Yes, cleaning and conditioning your hair after removing butterfly locs is important to remove any buildup and restore your hair’s health.
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