Is Gabriel Iglesias Married? Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias has never been married and does not have a wife. He has also not unveiled any girlfriend since splitting from his long-term partner, Claudia Valdez.

Iglesias and Valdez dated for several years, during which they built a wonderful family life for themselves and Frankie, Valdez’s son from a previous relationship. Iglesias doted on his stepson a lot, and many thought that his romance with Valdez would go the long haul. They sadly split in 2017, and since then, he has been focusing on his career as well as his physical and mental well-being.

Is Gabriel Iglesias Married or Divorced?

Seeing as he is presently 47 years old, many people often wonder whether Gabriel Iglesias is married or perhaps was previously married and is now divorced. The answer to these two queries is that Gabriel Iglesias has never been married nor divorced in all his years.

He was previously in a long-term relationship, but he and the lady never made it down the aisle. The reason for this is not known as Iglesias is someone that likes to shield his private life no matter that they can sometimes form the material for his jokes.

It could be that the famous comic doesn’t believe in traditional societal standards, and so didn’t see the need to tie the knot. It could also be that the perfect time never came. Whatever it was, Gabriel Iglesias has never been married, not to talk of divorcing.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias’ Girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias does not have a girlfriend, to the best of public knowledge. Following his split from Claudia Valdez, he has been single. He has not spoken about any lady love in his life, and a perusal of his social media pages also does not turn anything tangible in that regard.

Back in 2020, the comic revealed that he was now focusing on himself, his career, his kid, and his dogs, and it seems nothing has changed in that regard. Of course, he may have dated over the years, but it does not seem anything tangible has come out of it.

Then again, given how he fiercely protected what he had with Claudia, it is possible that Gabriel Iglesias has found love again but has chosen to seal his lips.

Gabriel Iglesias Was Previously in a Relationship With Claudia Valdez 

As earlier pointed out, Gabriel Iglesias was previously in a long-term relationship with a lady named Claudia Valdez. In fact, the romance lasted for so long that it outlived some marriages.

Iglesias’ ex-girlfriend remains a mystery. Asides from her obvious Latina heritage, nothing more is known about her, including her date of birth or place of birth. Her occupation is also not known, and this is due to the fact that she never sought to take advantage of her ex’s fame to gain a share in the spotlight. She rather preferred living a normal life, and Iglesias respected her wishes.

Gabriel Iglesias married
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They  Were Together For Over a Decade Before Breaking Up

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez commenced their relationship in the mid-2000s. At the time that they met, Valdez was a single mom, while Iglesias was a struggling comic. This made for some tough circumstances, but they fell in love with each other. They clung to each other as the years passed by and helped each other deal with whatever challenges life threw at them.

The story of exactly how the couple met is not known, but by 2006, when Iglesias was a contestant on the reality TV show Last Comic Standing, they were already talking to each other. In fact, he smuggled a phone into the show, obviously against the rules, so that he could keep in touch with Claudia and other loved ones.

The phone was eventually discovered, and he was booted off the show. He didn’t sweat it much, though. The fact that the romance with Claudia stood the test of time meant that he got lucky.

Gabriel Iglesias’ relationship with Claudia Valdez lasted for over a decade. During this period, they made their home in Los Angeles and supported each other in various career exploits. They also built a happy family life for themselves.

Seeing the years that Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez spent as a couple, many assumed that they would one day tie the knot. This never materialized, though, as they broke up in 2017 after more than 10 years together.

Why Did Gabriel Iglesias Separate from His Girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez’s separation happened much in the same manner as their relationship, quiet and private. There was no drama, name callings, or back and forth. In fact, it was nearly three years later that Iglesias addressed the split in an interview, making revelations as to why it happened.

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez separated as a result of the toll that the former’s career took on him. Iglesias’ success meant more work, more time on the road, and more shows. While all this was good, it affected his physical and mental well-being, and things came to a head in 2017 when he struggled with depression.

This put a strain on his relationship with Valdez, and they called it quits. The erstwhile couple remains on good terms, though.

Does Gabriel Iglesias Have Kids?

Gabriel Iglesias has a stepson named Frankie (b. 1998). Frankie is Claudia’s son from an earlier relationship, and Iglesias wholeheartedly accepted the boy as his stepson and helped raises him.

He showered a lot of love on him and often brought him along whenever he was out for one of his shows. They often dressed in the same manner, and people even assumed that Frankie, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Iglesias, was his biological son.

Iglesias continues to play a fatherly role in Frankie’s life despite the fact that he and Claudia have broken up. He apologized to the young man for missing important moments because he was busy with his career. Frankie has also been gracious enough to forgive him.

FAQs About Gabriel Iglesias 

Did Gabriel Iglesias Get Married?

Gabriel Iglesias did not get married and has never been married. A quick online search will reveal a registration in his and Claudia’s name on the popular wedding website known as The Knot, but it is obviously a fake signup that was done by some random internet user.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias’s Ex-girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias’ ex-girlfriend is Claudia Valdez. Valdez was born in the 70s and was a single mom when she and the comic began dating. Claudia loves living a private life. Even an Instagram account that appears to be hers is set to private, making it difficult to gain an insight into her life.

Does Gabriel Iglesias Have a New Girlfriend

Gabriel Iglesias does not have a new girlfriend since his relationship with Claudia ended. To the best of public knowledge, he has remained single, and nothing of importance has happened in his love life.


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