Is Kevin Costner’s Left Ear Missing, and Is It Surgery or Cancer?

Kevin Costner’s left ear is not missing, though there have been speculations about a part of his ear missing and the actor having cancer and undergoing surgery. 

Rumors about Kevin Costner’s left ear started making the rounds after many people noticed that a part of it was missing during his appearance on the 2021 episodes of the neo-Western drama TV series Yellowstone. This left his fans wondering what could happen to the legendary actor’s ear.

As concerned fans began to ask questions on various social platforms, answers began to fly and among them was that he had ear surgery due to cancer. Although we cannot confirm the accuracy of the various explanations given as the reason for Kevin’s missing left ear at the moment, we must say he seems to be in good health.

Fans Noticed A Part of Kevin Costner’s Left Ear Was Missing in 2021

The fourth season of the cowboy TV series Yellowstone started airing on November 7, 2021, and Kevin Costner, one of the main characters, continued playing the role of John Dutton. However, fans noticed something was different about him- a part of his left ear was missing.

Some viewers and fans took to the social media platform, Twitter, to express their observations, which gave rise to a series of questions about whether the actor was in good health. Among the concerned fans was Joe Hutzal, who tweeted the question below in December 2021:

Responding to Joe’s tweet, several people said they noticed the same thing. Betty J Nestico posted pictures of Kevin at the Field of Dreams game baseball game in December 2021, which clearly shows that a part of his left ear was truly cut out. See it below:

However, while it was apparent that something was wrong with Kevin’s ear as of late 2021, as proven by the photos above, the same ear appeared to be perfect when the actor was seen at the 2022 Oscars, which held on March 27, 2022, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

But on a closer look, as observed by a Twitter user who goes by Shay, it was obvious that Kevin Costner had the missing part of his ear covered with something like a prosthetic or some sort of patch.

Kevin’s ear deformation came as a surprise to people because it appeared suddenly. Nobody ever noticed it before 2021, and it did not look like it began slowly until it became noticeable. Besides, none of his photos online shows that it had been there.

Did Kevin Costner Have Ear Surgery?

With everyone craving for an answer as to what happened to Kevin Costner’s left ear and none coming from anywhere, not even Kevin himself, rumor mongers took advantage of the opportunity to invent different theories to explain what could have happened.

While some people believe that Kevin underwent ear surgery for an unknown reason, others believe that he had ear cancer, which led to the removal of a part of his ear through surgery. Some others also believe that he probably got involved in an accident that resulted in the missing portion of his ear and the changes in his teeth.

As of now, none of the above speculations have been proven to be true, so they remain nothing but rumors.

Does Kevin Costner Have Cancer?

Following speculations that he has ear cancer, which led to his surgery, many of Kevin’s fans began to wonder if he suffers from the life-threatening disease. But as far as we know, there is no proof that he has either cancer. However, we are hopeful that the actor will decide to address it in the media one of these days.

Kevin Costner’s Reaction To The Rumors About His Missing Left Ear

Despite the speculations making the rounds about Kevin Costner’s left ear and questions about his current health condition, the actor has chosen not to address them. While we keep hoping that he changes his mind and clears the air, we would like to believe that he is in good health and does not have ear cancer.

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