Jim Nabors
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Jim Nabors was a gift none of us actually deserved. If you don’t know him for his role as the friendly bumpkin Gomer Pyle in two TV shows of the 1960s, then you probably know him for his musical achievements.

The late actor made his singing debut on the national TV when he guest-starred on The Danny Kaye Show in 1964. And to the many who knew him only for his role as Gomer, his booming operatic baritone voice was incredibly remarkable. He consistently sang Back Home Again in Indiana at the Indianapolis 500 auto race, first in 1972 and most recently in 2014. Sadly, death took him away but his footprints in the entertainment sphere are still very visible.

Although most people know him for his multi-talents and entertaining skills, what they don’t really know about him was his sexual orientation. Anyway, we have gathered answers to most of the frequently asked questions about the entertainer below.

Who Was Jim Nabors? 

You wouldn’t search hard to find that Nabors was born in Sylacauga, Alabama, on the 12th of June 1930. He was raised alongside his two older siblings in his birthplace where he lived with his parents, Fred Nabors and Mavis Pearl. His father was a police officer. After graduation from the University of Alabama, he did a few small works before starting out TV performances in 1954. His active years in the entertainment sphere ended in 2014 but while it lasted, he achieved so much. He made dozens of albums, show tunes, Christmas carols, gospel, and sacred music. He also recorded ballads, country songs, and performed regularly in Las Vegas showrooms and in concerts. The star also played in movies such as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), Stroker Ace (1983) and Cannonball Run II (1984).

Other shows he played notable roles in include The Andy Griffith Show, Sonny & Cher, The Tonight Show, The Muppet Show, The Leslie Uggams Show, The Lost Saucer, among others.

Net Worth

As a famous performer, Jim was always booked for shows, gigs, and all kinds of entertainment jobs. This made the 6 ft star Hollywood’s favorite and an A-lister. His net worth was estimated at $15 million and this includes a large plantation he owned in Honolulu, Hawai.

Was Jim Nabors Gay, Who Was His Husband?

Jim Nabors
Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader: image source

Nabor was married to Stan Cadwallader whom he dated for 38 years. They wedded in 2013, a month after same-sex marriage was legalized in Washington. The duo spent over 40 years together.

Their love kicked off in 1970 when Cadwallader worked as a fireman in Honolulu. Before their wedding, Nabor was not open about his sexuality but it was not entirely a secret to the public. He was bold enough to take his lover to some of his shows.

There were rumors in the past that Nabors was married to Rock Hudson in the early 1970s. This was shortly before his love with Cadwallader began. At that time, same-sex marriage was not legal in any state of the United State. But then, they were no strings between the two, at least that was what they made the public believe.

Hudson said the story began when one of the jokes of some homosexuals who usually coin funny message as an invitation to their yearly party went wrong. According to him, the group based in Huntington Beach called its members to come party with Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors during their wedding. The message added that Hudon would become Rock Pyle instead of Nabors (the surname of Nabor’s most known character Gomer Pyle). The rumor began when some people didn’t get the joke and at that time, Narbor was not open about his sexual orientation. Hudson on the other hand never admitted to being gay despite the general impression people have about him in that regards.

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His Death

Nabors died at age 87 in his Honolulu, Hawaii, home in 2017. According to his partner Stan Cadwallader, Nabors’s health deteriorated for a year and his immune system had been suppressed since he underwent a liver transplant in 1994. Nabor revealed details about the surgery in the past. According to him, he had contracted Hepatitis B in India several years before the liver transplant. It was noted that he caught the virus when he cut himself with a contaminated straight razor which he bought there.