Josh Duggar

Some people gain fame even when they never seek for one and a notable example is Josh Duggar otherwise known as Joshua James Duggar. The activist never visioned himself a TV personality while growing up and ironically started with sales of used cars; a job that offered him no chance to reveal himself.

But his family show won him a short-lived success in the TV, making him one of the faces people would probably recognize at first glance.

While his appearance on his family TV show which aired on Discovery Health: titled 19 Kids and Counting, may have widened Josh’s appetite to remain relevant on TV, this appetite was killed just before it was developed due to the countless molestation scandals that marred his career. Let’s take a look at his journey, wife, kids, net worth and the sex scandals that have got the media talking over the years.

Josh Duggar Bio, Age

Josh was born on March 3, 1988, to a licensed realtor James Robert and Michelle Annette Duggar. He is the first child of the couple’s nineteen children. He had his childhood in his birthplace Tonitown in Arkansas in a conservative Christian home. He was educated at home instead of being sent to a school. He didn’t get to obtain college education but at age 16, he passed Arkansas state test for a general equivalency diploma.

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Early Acting Experience Before The Dawn Of Scandal

Josh Duggar’s name was popularized from the mid-2000s following a mind-blowing appearance in the reality show 19 kids and counting”. The show chronicled the real life of his family and once showed him as the groom who made an honest revelation about saving his first kiss with his bride till their wedding night. Their wedding preparation, planning ceremony and reception were also aired on the show. It also showed the birth of their first four children as well as the time of their pregnancies and ultrasounds.

Sadly, Josh didn’t get to fully reap from the gain of his efforts in the show due to the several molestation scandals that got the show cancelled after seven years – just when it started flourishing.

Apart from starring in his family reality TV show, Duggar also got active in conservative politics. He has worked as a part-time political consultant in 2007 and also took part in former Governor Mike Huckabee’s presidential primary campaign. Other top politicians that he has campaigned for include Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania’s Republican presidential candidate and Republican Senate candidates in Virginia, Kansas, and Mississippi. He has also served as an executive director of FRC Action, an organization sponsored by Family Research Council.  Duggar is also known as an anti-gay activist for speaking strongly against abortion, divorce and gay marriage.

Scandal, Where is He now?

Josh Duggar
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In 2015, Josh Duggar enthralled the world’s attention in a bad way when a police report surfaced revealing his multiple sexual misconducts against five underage girls in his teen. The depressing part was that all five female victims were his siblings. The abuse happened between 2002 and 2003 (in his 14 and 15 years).

According to the report filed by his father Jim Bob Duggar, Josh  Duggar had touched the breasts and genital areas of the said girls in different instances while they were asleep. And on some occasions, the girls were awake. Initially, the family melted some disciplinary actions against him. However, in 2003 after his parents learned of more victims and incidents involving a much younger sibling who didn’t quite understand what had happened to her, the couple decided to get church elders involved in the matter.

Jim Bob reported to the police that he had enrolled Duggar in some redeeming program that includes counselling and physical labour in regards to his church leadership advice. Duggar was sent out for three months to work for a family friend who was renovating his apartment. By the time he got back, his father reported to a family friend named Jim Hutchen, who worked in the state police. By law, Hutchen was expected to report to Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline which he never did, allowing Josh to go scot-free.

Between 2005 and 2006 when the family show gained public attention and Oprah invited the family to appear on Oprah Winfrey show, an unnamed person revealed to Oprah’s team about’s Josh sexual misconduct in the past. Consequently, their appearance on the show was cancelled without much emphasis on the reason for the cancellation.

In 2015, Josh’s past came hunting him again which made him publicly admit and apologize for his past wrongdoing. While some people including his two sisters who were also abused supported him stating that he was revictimized for his past action, this affected his TV career and forced him to give up his FRC job.

However, another strong accusation breezed into his marriage, claiming that he was cheating on his wife and watching pornography. Once again, Josh admitted to being a hypocrite and not practising what he preaches. He further admitted to watching pornography and cheating on his wife.

But it didn’t end there. Another sexual assault accusation by pornographic actress Danica Dillon followed with a lawsuit asking $500,000 in damages from Josh Duggar for abusing her physically and emotionally during a consensual sex. She later dropped the suit for unknown reasons. In the face of these many accusations and confessions, Anna Duggar his wife has treated the media with her unusual character of silence, pampering her family with more love. She continues to love Josh and his entire family.

Wife – Anna Duggar and Children

Josh married while in the spotlight in 2008. Wondering who the lucky woman is? Well then, her name is Anna Keller. She was born on June 23, 1988, and raised in a large Christian conservation home just like Josh. She is the fifth child of her parents eight children. She was also homeschooled before receiving an online Christian college program.

The couple fell irrevocably in love after they met in homeschooling convention in 2006, and since then their friendship flourished in grand passion.

It was revealed in their family show that Josh became the pinnacle of her love the moment he agreed to her relationship terms which included no physical contact until engagement and no time alone as lovers until marriage. On Anna’s 20th birthday that is two years into their affair, Josh proposed and she didn’t hesitate to say yes.  They wedded at Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hillard, Florida. The couple decided to leave the number of children they would have to God. Now, they have five children and live happily in Springdale, Arkansas.

Net Worth 

While his parents are worth $3.5 million which they basically earned from their family show, nobody is sure of what Josh had earned from the show. He is said to worth about $200,000 which means his car business still brings in some good income for him.