Judy Moncada
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Lawbreakers flourish on loyalty, but when they play down on this fact and try to mess things up, it usually cost them either their life or their freedom. This is where the story of the Colombian criminal who rose to the rank of one of most merciless drug cartels named Pablo Escabor began. He was a successful leader of a deadly drug group until he decided to shoot himself on the leg by murdering two of his closest friends and threatening their families. Annoyed and depressed by the many threats, the families involved wore their armor guards and decided to save themselves. Other gangs in Medellin Cartel followed suit and came against Pablo. While some sought revenge, others wanted to be free from Pablo’s dictatorship and wickedness. But none of these people wanted revenge more than Judy Moncada whose husband was brutally killed by Pablo and Don Berna. Here is everything you need to know about Judy Moncada and her determination to hunt down Pablo.

Who Is Judy Moncada?

Judy Moncada is one of the most known badass characters that has ever appeared on TV. Just in case you don’t know her, she is an important character on the famous Netflix show Narcos and even though the film is based on the true-life story of the Moncada family, Judy is a fictitious character.

Facts To Know About Judy. 


Juddy played a mean boss in the show. She was the brain that created a breakaway group that collaborated with Los Pepes and the Cali Cartel who fought relentlessly after Escobar, a notorious drug lord in Columbia killed her husband Kiko. She was a big threat to the Medellin cartel and fought a good fight in the film.

She Is Fearless

Judy displayed her fearlessness following the murder of her husband Kiko while he was jailed by Pablo Escobar. She cleaned up her tears, strapped her designer glasses and took over the front line of the fight through a vigilante group to hunt down Pablo Escobar.

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She Is A Fictional Character

Kiko Moncada is a fictional character who represented the real-life widow of Kiko Moncada known as Dolly Moncada. Dolly was also motivated by the urge to retaliate but ended up assisting US in war against drugs, cooperating with drug enforcement administration (DEA). She was interrogated by DEA at the Washington DC where she provided useful information about the operations of Escobar’s operation. Her unabating character became a great value when she convinced Escobar’s former associated Carlos Lehder to cooperate with the law so as to receive reduced prison terms. While IRL, Judy were not a real character, the vigilante group Los Pepes was and it was named after Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar or people who have been murdered by the deadly drug lord. It was formed by real-life Don Berna, Fidel Castano (a drug lord and paramilitary) and his brother Carlos in the 90’s. However, the group was dissolved in 1993.

The Cali cartel led by several formidable people including, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, Jose Santacruz-Londono, Helmer Herrera (Pacho, an openly gay man played by Alberto Ammann) and Gilberto’s brother Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela funded Los Pepes during its active operations.

Judy Might Witness A Comeback On The Show

The season 2 of the Netflix series, Narcos focused on the breakaway of former Escobar’s former loyal team and the creation of a dangerous alliance between Escobar’s numerous enemies such as the Colombian government, parts of Medellin Cartel who got fed up of its operations, enemies in Cali Cartel, and a right-wing death squad whose boss were two brothers Fidel and Carlos Castano.

The end saw Judy Monacada pushed into a plane and taken to an unknown location. This has led to many questioning if Judy will be back in future seasons. Currently, the producers are yet to give their words on this issue, but from the look of things, there is overwhelming proof that everybody might return unless they’re dead.

Brief History of Cristina Umuna Who Successfully Played Judy Moncada.

Cristina may not be the most known star in the US but her prominence in Colombia is one to count on. She was born on December 24, 1974, as Ibague Tolima. Her acting career started when she was only nine. She moved to Colombia’s capital Bogota to participate in short literature and theatre workshop. Her ambitiousness to be an actress won her a scholarship in the production company Televisa. She successfully embarked on the program which lasted from 1993 to 1995, and has since been everywhere on TV shows, theatre works and features films.

She is known for playing Blanca in “EL Rey” (The King) and Lorenza in “Todos Quieren Con Marilyn (Everyone Wants Marilyn). The actress is, however, best known for playing Judy Moncada in the show, Narcos. Her outstanding performance in the film could be as a result of her personal experience as a teenager in the 80’s and 90’s during Escobar reign. The role won her several awards and nominations including best villain.