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Kate Spade was an iconic fashion designer and businesswoman from America. She was famous for being the brain behind the fashion company, Kate Spade New York. Women from different parts of the world were confident to rock her products which gained acceptance for their sleekness and accessibility. Sadly, the successes that Kate enjoyed didn’t stop her from taking her life; check out her story in details.

Kate’s Bio

Kate was born on December 24, 1962, in Kansas City, Missouri. Her birth name was Katherine Noe Brosnahan but she was popularly called Kate Spade which she chose after her marriage. She was of mixed origin but mostly of Irish descent. The designer was well schooled. She attended St. Teresa’s Academy for her high school education and proceeded to the University of Kansas. But she couldn’t finish at the school as she later transferred to Arizona State University where she obtained a degree in journalism in 1985.

Kate wanted to be a TV producer. She was inspired by some TV characters one of whom was Holly Hunter’s character in the 1987 film, Broadcast News. Despite this, her intense enthusiasm for fashion made her find a new goal which was fashion designing.

With her newfound purpose, Kate decided to gain some experience thereof. Thus, she started working with the fashion magazine, Mademoiselle, in the ’90s and her services were rendered in the company’s accessories department.

Considering her outstanding sense of creativity, she was promoted to senior fashion editor and Head of Accessories. However, she left the company in 1991 after noticing that the fashion market couldn’t offer stylish and quality handbags. Immediately she left the company, Kate and her husband Andy, whom she met in the 80s, co-founded their own line of handbags.

Their products quickly found a niche in the market for its affordability and stylishness. As time went on, the company expanded into other product lines with the couple launching a men’s brand named Jack Spade.

Soon after, Kate sold some percentage of her stake in the business and in 2006, she sold the rest of it for over $100 million. 10 years after this, she and her partner ushered in a new handbag brand, Frances Valentine.

Kate Spade Daughter, Husband, Brother, and Family

Not much is known about Kate Spade’s family but it was found that she was raised in a normal home. Her parents, June Mullen and Earl Brosnahan owned a road-construction company. It is said that her father died heartbroken at age 89 after Kate’s suicide.

Not much is also known about her siblings but after her death, two of her siblings showed up. Their names are Reta Saffo, her elder sister, and brother Earl Brosnahan. Kate also gained a brother-in-law after she got married to her husband Andy Spade. Yeah, we’re talking about David Spade – the famous actor and comedian.

Kate Spade
Kate Spade and husband Andy Spade: image source

Kate Spade was married to Andy Spade, a native of Scottsdale, Arizona. They began dating in the 80s and lived together in Pheonix. In 1994, they made their relationship official by legalizing it. Over a decade later (in 2005), they had their daughter Frances Beatrix Spade.

Kate and Andy started living apart 10 months before she passed but based on Andy’s statement, they had no plans to divorce. Even though they were living apart, they went on vacations together.

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Suicidal Death

The world was taken aback by the sudden passing of the iconic designer whose death came on June 5, 2018. Her body was discovered in the bedroom of their Park Avenue apartment in New York City by the family’s housekeeper.

She apparently took her life, leaving a note addressed to her daughter. Her husband Andy revealed that she had been suffering from anxiety accompanied by serious bouts of depression for about six years. He added that the late designer had been regularly seeing a doctor and taking medication prior to her death. The tragic incident brought the world’s attention to mental health issues.

This led Kate Spade New York to donate $1 million to support suicide prevention and mental health awareness; this was done as a tribute to her. The family also asked that rather than bringing them flowers, that donations be made to the American Society or Kansas City animal shelter for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.