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If there was a star who brought uniqueness on screen it would be Kerry Washington. The actress is undeniably the practical definition of female power in Hollywood. Since joining the film fold in 1994, she has excelled as an actress, dedicated activist, and producer. The star has always killed it onscreen and her success in all the aspects of her engagements has won her more control and respect within the film circle over the years. Not to mention the many award nominations.

As an actress, some of the most profound films she has done include Mr & Mrs. Smith, I Think I Love My Wife, Save The Last dance, Little Man, Fantastic Four, amongst others. For TV works, Kerry gained enormous fans for her role in hit TV shows Scandal, Confirmation, Law & Order and others.

As a producer, the star of the sensation show Scandal has produced remarkable female-led projects like Confirmation, an HBO film. And as an activist, Kerry is using her influence to empower other women. Apart from ensuring that women are involved in the filmmaking both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, she supports LGBT rights,  female cancer programs and other charitable courses that improve the lives of women.

Early Life (Age)

Kerry Washington was born January 31, 1977, to Valerie and Earl Washington. She was a pupil in the Spence School in Manhattan when she was 11 and 12 years. She finished high school in 1994 and got offers from Dartmouth College and Yale University but for personal reasons, she turned the two offers down. Later on, she joined George Washington University. In 1998 she graduated with a double major in sociology and anthropology. The talented actress also studied at Michael Howard Studios in New York City.

After years of attending dance classes while pursuing her educational dreams, Kerry moved to Los Angeles to start her TV journey. The young starlet made her first onscreen appearance in 1994 in the ABC telefilm Magical Make-Over and has since defied odds in the industry. Currently, she has starred in countless films as well as numerous TV shows. She is also a three-time Emmy and two-time Golden Globe nominee for her outstanding performances. Washington is also known as the first African-American woman to be the main star of a network drama in nearly 40 years when Scandal premiered in 2012.

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Kerry Washington comes from a well-read home and was well read too as the only child of her parents. Her mom, Valerie is an educational consultant and a professor while her dad, Earl Washington is a real estate negotiator. The actor and activist is of mixed race background since Earl is African American descent and his family moved from South Carolina to Brooklyn. On the other hand, Valerie is from Jamaica, but her family is partly English, Scottish and Native American that descended from African slaves in the Caribbean. She is related to the U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell from her mother’s side.

Husband, Divorce Kids

Kerry Washington
Kerry and husband

Kerry Washington has a successful career and apparently a successful marriage as well. But that’s not to say it has been all rosy for the stunning actress. She has had troubled past affairs with her engagement to David Moscow shattering after 3 years. Now, Kerry is married to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, son to Nigerian Igbo parents based in Los Angeles, Califonia.

She and Nnamdi met on Broadway in 2009 when Kerry Washington starred in a play titled Race and the NFL was among the audience in attendance. The athlete who was in the company of a friend fell instantly in love on meeting Kerry. They got together and developed an amazing relationship over the years. In 2013, they decided to tie the knot in a surprising event that took place in Hailey Idaho. There were rumors in 2016 that they were splitting but it appears that the two who keep things about their union private are still very much in love. They now have two children Isabelle Amarachi born in 2014 and a son Caleb Kelechi who was born in 2016. The star’s husband is an American and was born in Louisiana. However, both his parents are from Nigeria which tells us why the couple chose their children’s middle names.