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If there was only one person who shares the same idea as US president Donald Trump on his immigration policy, it would be Kirstjen Nielsen. Nicknamed “Nurse Ratched” by Trump supporters, Kirstjen appears to be a key loyalist of the president’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy and as with most members of Trump’s administration, she continues to make headlines for unfavorable reasons.

But as an attorney and national security expert serving as United State Secretary of Homeland security, it might be hard to get her to give up on her belief. So, whatever image the press tries to make of her, she seems unbothered as long as she gets the work done. Her no-nonsense and strict attitude makes the work seem even more effortless. Let’s take a look at her childhood, private life, and more.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Biography

Kirstjen is the oldest daughter of United States Army doctors Phyllis Michele Nielsen and James McHenry Nielsen. She was born on May 14, 1972, in Colorado but grew up in Clearwater, Florida where James worked as an ophthalmologist. She is of both Danish and Italian ancestry. Kirstjen has two siblings; a sister Ashley and a brother, Fletcher who is a musician.

Kirstjen is well read and that, of course, explains why she has held several top government positions. She attended the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. She was awarded her Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law and also majored in Japenese Studies at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.


Nielsen may be known as a controversial figure but her career has blossomed over the years. Although she is widely known as one of the supporters of Trump’s policies before she took up that very stand, she worked in the administration of President George W Bush as special assistant to the president and senior director for prevention, preparedness and response at the Homeland Security Council as well as running the Transporation Security Administration’s offices of legislative policy and government affairs. She has also worked with John Kelly as his deputy chief of staff in 2017.

Other top positions she has held include, volunteer at Trump for America, Inc. Colonia, New Jersey, and president at Sunesis Consulting, LLC Alexandria, Virginia LLC. She was also an advisory board member for Global Resilience Summit, a senior fellow at George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia University/College Center for Cyber and Homeland, among others.

It was her wealth of experience and expertise that got her nominated in October 2017 to replace Acting Secretary Elaine Duke as the new United States Secretary of Homeland Security. Her nomination was confirmed by Senate in November 2017 and she was sworn in December 2017.

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Husband and Family, Is Kirstjen Nielsen Married?

Kirstjen comes from a supportive close-knit family. Even though her parents divorced when she was in college, the separation didn’t entirely ruin the bond they’ve always shared as a family. The family’s closeness became well-defined to all when Kirstjen was nominated to be Homeland Security secretary. She appeared before Congress in the company of her family members including her dad, her brother, sister, and other relatives. Many curious eyes wondered why her mother wasn’t present at the event but that was because she died in 2011.

Chad Wolf and Kirstjen Nielsen: image source

Following Nielsen’s nomination to the United  States Secretary of Homeland, many Americans searched her details online to know about the outspoken lawyer’s private life. They were extremely disappointed when all they could see were news about her nomination and her career achievements. Most people wanted to find out if she was married and how much she was worth. Well, if you’re one of those people, Kirstjen Nielsen is not married and she doesn’t have a husband or children.

In 2018 when she attended a state dinner in the company of a man named Chad Wolf, many Trump supporters were excited that she had finally found love. This led to waves of speculations that suggested Chad was her date. However, it was later found that he’s Kirstjen Nielsen’s acting chief of staff. From the look of things, he isn’t her boyfriend and she seems to more concerned about providing maximum security to the nation than finding a partner.