Leap Day William
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Every 29 February, which comes once in four years, Leap Day William brings the same joy that Santa Claus brings when he presents children with candy they have always wanted and this leaves them genuinely happy. The character is known to bring the joy of leap day with his gifts.

Leap Day Willam shares so much in common with Santa Clause. You know how “The Santa Clause” makes the day of children by giving them amazing gifts which make them believe in Santa? It is like that for Leap Day William. But unlike Santa Claus whose history dates back to hundred years ago and was introduced by a monk named St. Nicolas, Leap Day William has a unique founding father and is gaining worldwild acceptance. How does he operate? William usually comes out of underwater known as Mariana Trench where he stays until leap day comes in four years to give gifts particularly candies to little children who wear blue and yellow standing in front of their houses while pretending to cry. For those who aren’t wearing blue and yellow, William makes fun of them. Therefore on leap day, feel free to scream, “Poke your eyes, pull your hair, you forgot what clothes to wear,” and poke and pull at someone who is wearing blue and yellow.  The whole idea is to encourage people to enjoy the extra day and to make optimum use of it.

But who is Leap Day Willam and why is the character William and not Sam? Below are some facts to know about the character.

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Here are Facts You Need To Know About Leap Day William

Leap Day William
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It is one of the best fictional holidays and just like Festivus, Leap Day William is one of the most amazing fictional holiday traditions that the world is beginning to get excited about. While the story behind the myth which is the major part of a leap year celebration has different confusing aspects revolving around Santa Claus and sea monster stories, it basically started from the shooting of an episode of the American comedy series 30 titled “Leap day”.

According to Robert Carlock who co-created the show, the idea came during the shooting of the show. The portrayal featured Jim Carrey as Dave “Leap Day” Williams. Andie MacDowell also starred as his wife. So you are right to say the whole myth literally came out of 30 Rock.

Directed by Steve Buscemi, the TV show Leap Day” is the ninth episode of season six of 30 Rock and the 112th episode of the series when all the episodes are put into account. It first aired on February 23, 2012, and got nice reviews for its creative script and the outstanding performance of guest stars. More interestingly, most of Carrey’s roles was unscripted which makes it funnier. In the show, all other characters had to find out in their own way how to spend the extra day. For example, Liz made up her mind to say yes to the proposal of her friend from college who became a billionaire. He has been crushing on her since college days and offered a whopping $20million to take her virginity. However, it was a fight that Liz couldn’t win since there were many hot women who learned of his desperation and landed before she could go on with it.

What Does He Wear?

Leap Day William usually appear in a blue suit and a wide-brimmed hat. And surprisingly, his suit always stays dry even though he lives underwater, precisely the Mariana Trench, and only shows up on the leap day that is February 29. Just maybe he dries them before stepping out into the outside world. We can’t assert why chooses blue and yellow colors with a pivoted Twin-style mustache.

Does Leap Day William Exist For Real?

Leap day William exist to always remind us that we needn’t give up on chance. It is an encouragement to follow or pursue your dream. The idea is probably celebrating the fact that they were lucky enough to see another leap year and since it comes once in a while, you can get away with whatever you do on that day. In other words, you can binge on food on leap day and still not get fat, so enjoy your future leap days.