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Lindsay Mills is best known as the girlfriend of former National Security Agency subcontractor – Edward Snowden, who gained notoriety for whistleblowing top secret information on NSA surveillance activities in 2013.

After leaking top secrets, Edward was charged by the US government for violations of the Espionage Acts of 1917 and stealing government property, leading him to flee the country and find asylum in Moscow, Russia where he has been living till date. One of the people Edward left behind was his long-term girlfriend Lindsay Mills who went from obscurity to fame as a result of her relationship with him.

Who is Lindsay Mills?

Lindsay Mills was born on the 20th of February, 1985. Growing up, she attended Laurel High School in Laurel, Maryland. She later studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she graduated from in 2007.

Prior to Snowden’s infamy for being a whistleblower, Lindsay was already a mini-celebrity herself. She is a photographer, performance artist, pole dancer, acrobat, blogger and has quite a number of followers on social media.

In 2012, Edward Snowden was offered a job in Hawaii as a Systems Analyst for the NSA’s Threat Operations Center by Booz Allen Hamilton, an information technology consulting firm. This meant Lindsay had to relocate with her boyfriend to Oahu, Hawaii.

While living there, Lindsay joined the History of Pole group at the Honolulu Fringe Festival, a small local group of acrobats that performed in a local bar. She also worked as an acrobatic dancer for Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe.

Lindsay Mills also had a blog where she expressed her thoughts (both political and personal) and chronicled her travel adventures. Sadly, in 2017, it was reported that her blog was mysteriously pulled down. Edward did not inform her of his intention to leak information because he wanted to protect her and her family. When she heard of what he had done, she made sure to clear the air of her non-involvement in his whistleblowing plans through a post on her blog.

She remained in the United States but still travels to Moscow, Russia to visit him. Her social media is filled with pictures of her and Edward, this proves that the couple are still very much together. It also shows how extensively she travels to Russia to visit her boyfriend.

Where Is She Now?

Lindsay Mills was seen publicly for the first time at the 2015 Academy Awards alongside Laura Poitras, the filmmaker and Glenn Greenwald, the journalist. She was seen up on the stage when Citizenfour, a documentary about her boyfriend, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

Since then, there hasn’t been much information on Lindsay Mills except what she provides on social media.

Who Is Lindsay Mills’ Boyfriend, Edward Snowden?

Lindsay Mills
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As previously mentioned, Edward Snowden is best known as the American whistleblower who fled to Russia after leaking top-secret information about NSA surveillance activities in June 2013.

He was born on the 21st of June, 1983 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. His mother was a clerk at the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland while his father was a coast guard officer. His parents got divorced in 2001 and his father relocated to Pennsylvania and got remarried.

Edward never finished high school, opting to get his GED instead. He then enrolled at Anne Arundel Community College; although, he never formally received his undergraduate degree.

In May 2004, he joined the American Army Special Forces training as an Army Reserve Officer but was discharged in September 2004 after breaking two of his legs.

He then got a job as a security guard at the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Study of Language, which was actually a research centre sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA). He worked there for less than a year before landing a job in information technology at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2006.

Eventually, he left the CIA to begin a new career as a private tech contractor. He first worked with the tech firm, Dell, as a subcontractor which allowed him to travel to places like Japan and Hawaii. Edward later resigned and joined Booz Allen Hamilton, and we all know how that went.

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Though his life was uprooted and tossed upside down, Lindsay Mills has remained by his side, visiting him regularly in Moscow. Their relationship seems to still be going strong with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.