Top 25 Creative Blogs You Should Be Reading

Creative blogs are blogs written by writers who like to use their imagination to make the best out of their readers. These blogs offer a different way to handle life on a daily basis, they are usually in the form of life hack ideas, creative ways to decorate a home, handmade items, etc. It offers a different approach to lead life. Creative blogs are based on the general topics like lifestyle, photography, art and crafts, graphic designing etc and today, we are listing the top 25 creative blogs of 2017 that inspire people to lead life in better way. The writers of these creative blogs make, sew, hack and innovate new things every day.

Best Creative Books to Read

1) Fine Little Day

It is one of the most famous blogs for crafts, the ideas are creative and the main purpose is to attract readers to the creative and inventive crafting ideas. This creative blog by Elisabeth Dunker has the most impressive creative craft ideas. The blogs mostly deals with decorative DIY ideas, book reviews, interior decoration ideas etc.

2) C.R.A.F.T

This creative blog, C.R.A.F.T is an abbreviation for Creating Really Awesome Fun Things, this blog is a visual delight and helps the subscribers to learn how to make new things on their own. The blogger shares personal life experiences with the followers to try it themselves and make their life more creative.

3) Plenty of Colours

Plenty of colours is website that appreciated and celebrates the joy of colours, as the name of the website suggests, the site is very colourful and filled with joy. The bloggers want to share their enthusiasm for colours with other people who are also fond of colours and appreciate different shades.

4) A beautiful Mess

This blog is a must read and is run by two sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. They cover everything starting from creative food recipes to making jewelleries. They are experts in trying different hairstyles, and other crafting ideas. It is a delight for readers who like to keep it clean and stylish while remaining inventive.

5) Hooked

This blog is a street art blog which was founded in the year 2005, the idea behind the blog was to showcase the street art from London and beyond. It is a eye candy for the bloggers. The blog shows the best of street art and the creative designs that people have used to beautify the ordinary looking streets. They also include beautifully captured pictures of the studios visited while they travel to different places to capture street beauty.

6) Oh Happy Day

This blog is a paradise for people who love DIYs and crafting. They have an exciting range of party ideas, back to school ideas, interior designing idea and travelling hacks. They share the insights on these topics to help the readers learn new tricks and life hacks. The travel section includes ideas on how to pack for a certain place during a particular season.

7) Grafik

Grafik is creative blog for the graphic designers to learn and get inspired by the different and refreshing designs that they have laid down for all the graphic designers out there. They have a collection of projects on numerous topics.

8) Design Clever

It is a Creative blog for new but talented designers. They get an opportunity to showcase their work to the large number of followers on the blog. The main aim was to share with people the different designs and allow others to learn and be inspired by it.

9) Petapixel

This creative photography blog shares with the followers the unique and awesome photographs. The blog is a must for readers who are interested in photography, they share tutorials for different camera angles and photography hacks.

10) FlakPhoto

The fantastic visual culture of this blog offers the best of photography from all over the world. It is a beautifully designed website filled with all the information on photography.

11) First Round Review

Offers new trendy and a powerful way to shape technology based knowledge for better. They believe in sharing the useful information with people who have very less access to technological information.

12) The New Yorker

The most famous and adored creative blog is the New Yorker. It shares with its readers the most amazing information on books, lifestyle, culture, business and technology, shares videos on different topics and humour based articles. Subscribers just love it!

13) Harper’s Magazine

Being one of the oldest magazines in America it has a unique approach to life. They share information about culture, society, politics and environment for the subscribers to read from.

14) TedX

The reason it made its way to the Top 25 Creative Blog is the vast range of courses that it offers the readers to choose from and learn something new anytime from anywhere.

15) Treehouse

This creative blog has the most amazing courses for the subscribers to learn, like HTML, CSS, app development. This helps the readers to learn such skills and imply them to their lives.

16) Coursera

With this unique name and exciting courses the blog is a reader’s delight and helps its subscribers take up courses from the best of universities all over world and reputed organisation.

17) 12hrs

The creative travel blogs gives information about things to do, if you had 12 hours to spend in a place. Beautifully explains list of things that you can eat and do in 12 hours.

18) Tiny Buddha

This blog shares wisdom for live and posts on how to be happy and healthy.

19) What Should I Read Next?

A blog for the people who love to read, they can read reviews and feedbacks from real readers. The reader can select based on others opinion what they could read next.

20) The Travelling Light

It has a list of amazing and undiscovered places to visit in the world, to enjoy and appreciate the gift of mother Earth.

21) Copybloggers

This blog helps content developers and marketers to learn about the market trends to enhance their business.

22) How Stuff Works

As the name explains the content of the blog, they explain how everything in the world works from animals to humans to machines to culture.

23) TasteKid

This blog assists the reader in picking up new shows, music, books, and movies for the purpose of entertainment.

24) Duolingo

Duolingo lets its reader learn a new language like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish etc.

25) Instructables

This creative website helps DIY lovers learn new ideas. These include food recipes, handmade crafting ideas etc.

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Alexander Brown
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