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Many desire to be or remain fit but they lack motivation and that somehow stops them from staying or getting in better shape. With many fitness bloggers available online, it is actually quite challenging to identify the right fitness blogs for you. Just like a good fitness blog can get you on the right track in a less time, a bad one may confuse to a level when you would just consider giving up. The following are the top 25 fitness blogs this year which will definitely help you with your fitness agenda. These fitness blogs share their best tips on staying fit and healthy throughout the year.

Best Fitness Blogs

Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness

This is a blog created by Steve Kamb. This blog is very motivational and useful as. It speaks about important diets and exercises. Steve Kamb used to be skinny and with dedication and hard work he is now a very healthy and fit person.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking team is an ideal fitness destination that comprises of a passionate and experienced team who will help you in creating, disseminating and obtaining timely, high-quality, and relevant content that will further help you with body/mind wellness programs.

Faya Nilsson: “Fitness on Toast”

Founded by Faya Nilsson, this blog is very useful. This blog shares unusual and healthy recipes that offer valuable nutritional tips. This blog will help you curate the ‘Fitness Fashion’ looks. All the contents are innovative and inspirational contents.

Zoë Harcombe

Zoë Harcombe is a public speaker, researcher, author, and blogger. She speaks and writes mainly on topics related to health and diet. This blog speaks interesting and useful tips and information on health and diet as well. You will find useful guidelines on diet and health in this blog.

Laura Fountain: “Lazy Girl Running”

This blog is created by Laura Fountain who is a coach of UK Athletics as well as the author of the two very popular books, called “Tricurious” and “The Lazy Runner”. This blog talks about running, its benefits, and how it is helpful in losing weight and de-stressing.

Mark Sisson: “Mark’s Daily Apple”

This blog is created by Mark Sisson and he is a sixty-three-year-old man. He created this blog to actually empower people with knowledge and motivation.

Jenn Mitchell: Comeback Momma

This is a blog about lifestyle, travel, family & healthy living. The blog is created by Jenn Mitchell, who is a real life mom, household CEO, and a wife. This blog is mainly created to motivate and inspire mothers to lead a healthy and happy life.

Cathe Friedrich

This blog created by Cathe Friedrich is mainly about exercises and workouts that will help women stay in shape and fit. This blog also offers video downloads and live classes.


The NikkiFitness is a blog that will help you in toning up, working on the glutes & abs, and toning up. This blog offers video downloads as well that has toning exercises, plyometric cardio-intervals, and yoga stretches.

Dorothy Beal: Mile Posts

This blog is actually a running blog that shares the features and benefits of running and how it helps in improving health.

Carla Birnberg

Carla Birnberg is a blog that talks about being healthy through motherhood, intuitive eating, laughing, and getting & staying active.

Adam Bornstein: Born Fitness

The creator of this blog is Adam Bornstein, who is no less than any celebrity. He is an author as well as a renowned fitness trainer. His blog talks about health and staying fit.

Neghar Fonooni: Eat Lift & Be Happy

This blog is created by Neghar Fonooni, who is a renowned coach and writer. This blog will help women in staying healthy and fit.

Nia Shanks: “Lift like A Girl”

Nia Shanks is a writer and coach. Through this blog, she shares interesting and helpful fitness and health information.

Jessi Kneeland: Remodel Fitness

This blog created by Jessi Kneeland contains many interesting and informative articles on lifestyle and health. This blog can also work as a motivational blog that will help you gain confidence.

Tony Gentilcore

This is a blog created by the renowned coach and fitness personality Tony Gentilcore. This blog contains interesting and informative articles on health and fitness. This blog has many interesting and useful exercise tips.

“Fit Bottomed Girls”

This blog talks and discusses various health and fitness facts. The blog also contains articles on fitness and health. The articles are very informative and helpful.

Mark Bittman

This blog is created by a very renowned author, Mark Bittman. This blog talks mainly about health and healthy diet. This blog will help one understand and identify the right food habits.

MBG (Mind Body Green)

mind body green or MBG is actually a lifestyle and fitness media brand that is will help you in living your best kind of life; physically, mentally, spiritually, environmentally, and emotionally.

Katie: Wellness Mama

This blog is actually an online source for natural remedies, healthy recipes, organization tips, and DIY beauty products for families and moms.

“Daily Cup of Yoga”

This blog gives tools, tips, and wisdom on technology, fitness, and yoga. This blog mainly talks about yoga and its benefits.

Yoni Freedhoff: Weighty Matters

This blog is created by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. This blog talks mainly about the obesity medicine and its take on weight loss, health & life.

Lauren Fleshman: “Ask Lauren Fleshman”

This blog is created by the former NCAA Athlete, Lauren Fleshman. The blog also talks about many useful tips of staying fit and healthy. This blog offers healthy tips on fitness as well as answers fitness questions submitted by the users.

Bredna: Sugar Free Mom

The Sugar Free Mom blog will help you in preparing tasty, healthy, and sugar-free dishes. This blog is actually very helpful for those who are diabetic. This blog will them eat without compromising on the taste.

Sarah: Bumfuzzled Jane

This lifestyle blog will help you live a healthy, fit, and loved life. This blog will also give you motivation and help you stay healthy and fit.

These top 25 fitness blogs are useful, highly motivational and explore topics related to health and lifestyle that will certainly help you with the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

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