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Healthy eating has become a trending topic globally today. It is easier to eat fast foods and other unhealthy snacks in hotels but more and more people are coming out preferring to prepare their own nutritious and healthy meals at home due to the associated benefits. Sometimes, it could get confusing knowing the best healthy food to prepare but following up well reputable bloggers is a sure way to eating and cooking healthy meals. These bloggers openly share their recipes so that you can experience a delicious and healthy diet which reboots and refreshes your entire menu. Below is a list of 25 blogs that you need to follow so as to know the right options when it comes to nutrition.

Best Healthy Eating Blogs

You can learn a lot from these healthy eating blogs and bloggers who are devoted to finding recipes and using healthy diets to cook and eat their way to a wholesome lifestyle

1. 100 days of real food.

This is a food blog run by Lisa Leake. She presents several resourceful materials to newbies in slicing out processed food. She posts frequently about twice a week. You will be sure to find some helpful nuggets here if you are a food veteran.

2. My new roots.

Started in October 2017 by Sarah Britton, My new roots is a destination for anyone who experiments regularly in the kitchen. Sarah offers a lot of advice to vegetarians. Being a holistic nutrition philosopher, she shares more on the benefits of plant-based eating than any other topic.

3. Deliciously Ella.

When Ella Mills was diagnosed with Tachycardia Syndrome, she realized the benefits of healthy eating. Ella began taking control over her diet life after the devastating negative effects the syndrome had left to. Ever since she has become passionate and openly enthusiastic about healthy eating and shares a lot concerning it on her blog.

4. Sprouted Kitchen

The idea of “fresh ingredients are always the best” dominates every article on this blog. Sarah Forte focuses on alternatives to natural sugar, whole grain meals, and healthy fats. In each article, she encourages her audience to always consider fresh fruit that boosts individual health and body immunity.

5. The healthy apple

This blog is more than an ordinary food blog. Most of the articles feature various ways of detoxifying the human body, boosting immunity and fighting inflammation. I believe this information is essential apart from eating for health reasons.

6. The minimalist baker

Dana will teach you how to make the most out of the few ingredients you have in the kitchen. Her preparations contain 10 or fewer ingredients making it convenient for everyone to try out.

7. Cookie and Kate

Kate has a passion for preparing healthy foods which she shares with most companies. In her blog, she documents all her activities during food preparation and menu planning.

8. The year in food

Kimberley offers newbies with the perfect model to discovering creative cooking on their own. If you were wondering how to prepare that breakfast in a slightly different way than the usual, well, you need to check out her blog.

9. 101 cookbooks

Heidi has perfectly sorted out her collection of cookbooks and presents only the best recipes in her articles to her audience. She focuses all her efforts on nutritious natural foods that promote healthier living.

10. The Lean Green Bean

Lindsay Lavington is a Columbus based dietitian. She projects her articles in a manner that affects both balance and simplicity in life. The meals suggested by Lindsay are both lean and free of fats.

11. Domesticate Me!

Serena Wolf has massive experience in promoting healthy living. She has worked as a culinary instructor, private chef, and developer of several recipes. Blogging has now become her passion; she offers exciting content on clean eating recipes.

12. Whole heartedly healthy

Laura is motivated by her love for food, body and life. This motivation enables her to accomplish great tasks in creatively presenting healthy recipes which carefully advises on how to live a healthier life.

13. Picky Eater blog

Anjali has a burning inspiration to get her husband into eating healthy food. She focuses on familiar recipes adopting a way to make them even healthier for everyday life.

14. Food heaven made easy

Jessy and Wendy are friends who will help you incorporate healthy and delicious food into your daily diet dose. Their blog features podcasts, recipes and other resources that aid in sustaining a healthy meal.

15. Jerry’s kitchen

All the way from Philadelphia, Jerry offers you a simple menu for each home setting. From meat-filled options to vegan meals, Jerry directs you on various recipes that will surely get your life in shape.

16. Hemsley and Hemsley

This blog focuses on foods that will make your skin look radiant, your bones strong and your hair shiny. There is no better makeover that healthy eating will do than enhancing your appearance and if you are feeling adventurous, this is where to get started.

17. Kalyn’s kitchen

Loaded with diet friendly and vegetarian recipes, Kalyn directs you for the most perfect and healthiest recipes available globally.

18. Golubka kitchen

Anya is a food blogger, mom and a cookbook author who believes that the healthiest foods are the tastiest. Throughout her articles, you will not help but notice her tasty and most elegant recipes.

19. Oven Love

With three children, Natalie focuses all her articles on healthy eating for kids. Her recipes are for multiple specialty diets that are sugar-free. No matter your preference, you are likely to find something yummy on her blog.

20. Lexi’s Kitchen

Lexi’s blog offers daily free recipes and additional free meal plans that have exclusively been picked from the cookbook: Lexi’s clean Kitchen. This blog helps you to refine your focus over your specific dietary considerations.

21. The full helping

Gina is one strong lady; after having struggled with both health and balance, she emerges out to showcase the significant linking between hard work and good eating. Her blog is regularly updated and you will never lack something interesting to read.

22. The kitchen Shed

This UK based blog focuses more on clean eating. Charlie has filed up the blog with a comprehensive list of articles on meal plans and the perfect eating shopping list. It will take you deliberate effort to exhaust all her content which is regularly updated.

23. Olives for dinner

On her blog, Erin shares widely about her love for vegan cooking. Her blog comprises majorly of recipes for vegans and great insights on the pathway to happy living. Most of her articles focus more on desserts, appetizers, and breakfast.

24. fANNEtastic food

Anne is a registered dietitian within Washington. In her blog, she enjoys sharing on healthy lives that are free of calories. Her masters in Public health has given her wide expertise in offering fitness tips on health.

25. Green Kitchen stories

This blog is the best destination for you if you are ready to embrace the simplest ways in eating and preparing meals. David and Louise focus on vegetarian foods that are prepared together with natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits.

Well, this wraps up our list of top 25 blogs to follow this year for your healthy food preferences. We do hope that you found genuine help in the list of favorite blogs you would wish to bookmark on your next quest for healthy recipes this year and we hope that you will have a happier life subscribing to the suggestions offered on those blogs.

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